Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Same scenario, different time zone

Pics taken during Raya 1982 @ 9 years old (Can you see my head behind Abg Lan, peeping out from the car?

When I was 6
MOM : Makan! Makan ! kalau tak makan nanti lambat besar (while chasing after me around the house, forcing me to eat)
Now at 36!
HUBBY: Woit! Hujan pun sudah berhenti lar.. tak habis2 makan lagi?

When I was 6
MOM : Cepat mandi! Nak masuk waktu maghrib nih..
Now at 36
BIBIK d MAID : Adik tak mandi petang yer (alamak!)

When I was 6
MOM : Baca buku, nanti cepat pandai
Now at 36
HUBBY : Stop reading lar wei, your kids are turning the house upside down

When I was 6
MOM : Makan nasi sampai habis..kalau tak nanti ayam mati (?)
Now at 36
ORANG2: Oit! Jangan la makan bagi habis, ingat la orang belakang..

When I was 6
MOM : Tu la tak mau makan pasai tu badan kurus
Now at 36
ORANG2 : Makan kuat tapi tak gemuk2!(*malu*)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Just a little reminder that "September" is just round the corner (jika dipanjangkan umur, InshaAllah. What's special in Sept? I'am sure looking forward to this:-
-Ramadhan (hope another record breaking puasa this year) & Raya!!!
-write off another hutang (big one!)
-Birthdays (mak & bapak, nieces, nephews)
-and finally oooooh! ooooh!..... *wink*wink* (Hi babe: You look good in your Ed Hardy~bodek sikit)

Kata Permata Hati

Ustaz Asri Quote:-
Sesuatu yang baik, belum tentu benar. Sesuatu yang benar, belum tentu baik. Sesuatu yang bagus, belum tentu berharga. Sesuatu yang berharga/berguna, belum tentu bagus.
Fikiran yang terbuka dan mulut yang tertutup merupakan suatu kombinasi kebahagiaan.
Semakin banyak Anda berbicara tentang diri sendiri, semakin banyak pula kemungkinan untuk Anda berbohong. Jika Anda tidak bisa menjadi orang pandai, jadilah orang yang baik.

Note: Let us pray that we are included in the 'orang yang baik' circle, or at least working hard to be one. Al-fatihah untuk mereka yang telah pergi InsyaAllah semoga hari-hari mendatang kita akan jadi insan yang lebih BAIK. Amin

Another passing

I had an 'overwhelming' *sebak* on the 13th August…sebak for few reasons.. one of them, in grief upon hearing the passing of Ustaz Asri, the lead singer of the famous nasyid Rabbani. 8 years ago, while conceiving Haziq, I admire Ustaz Aqil sooooo… much that I own a collection of his CD’s . However after his official transformation to a commercial singing ustaz, I have turned to Ustaz Asri. (Still in disbelief of his demise) I am a fan of the series of dzikir in Astro Oasis channel which also aired Ustaz Asri. (He also contributed his poem in this channel-hope they will continue to aired this)

Snippets from Ustaz Asri's blog:-
Aku adalah pengejar syurga akhirat, bagiku dunia ini adalah tempat mempersiapkan segala sesuatu untuk meraih syurga akhirat; aku yakin bahawa syurga akhirat tidak akan pernah dapat aku raih kecuali aku boleh menikmati syurga dunia terlebih dahulu. Maka rumah dan keluargaku adalah syurga dunia paling indah buatku. Tempat kerja syurga dunia harianku. Tetangga, masyarakat,dan bangsa adalah syurga duniaku yang lebih luas. Ke manapun dan sampai bila-bila pun syurgaku selalu bersamaku

August also mark the anniversary date of me covering my head (tudung). I pray that I will be a more faithful and proper hijab wearer despite the many obstacles that I had gone thru (tapi apalah sangat this obstacle banding dengan Aiesha di Germany). Family & friends: doakan saya yer..
Honestly, I do feel out-of-place at times i.e when hangin out with fashionista fren, cousins, hubby's colleague? but hubby re-assured me that I look fine with my ‘comot’ tudung.
To my friend Haryati, June & Hezi, congratulations dear on your new look. To Nonoi; I salute you for being more proper than this makcik. To Kak Niza & Aida; you started to wear tudung much later than I do but more proper & attractive tudung wearer (I admire your effort in the tudung business…, dakwah jugak tu!)

P/s: I may be blogging LESS after this; one of the reason, because I have met up with boss yesterday & informed him that I don’t have work to do and secondly due to the revised proxy limitation settings that will be applied to office internet access.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

While they were sleeping

I received an email from a friend last week (Thank you Nur Afizah!), honestly, it is the type that I would usually scan briefly before hitting “delete”. But this message, started with a simple question that caught my attention. “Have you ever watched your parents while they were asleep?”

Coincidentally, a week before that mak also ask me similar to that..”..pernah tengok bapak waktu dia tidur? Kurus kan da tak macam dulu? Nampak sangat da tua..”. It’s easy to watch bapak sleep cause he at time takes nap in between his daily routine of picking up his grandchildren from school but mak hardly sleep during the day (nite? I'd normally dozed off before her).

I like to watch my children while they are asleep. It’s like a therapy to me..very calming, very soothing, peaceful.., cuddly , sweet smelling & all of it but I don’t really watch my parents while they were sleeping… be it mak, the woman who takes care of my (& my children!) daily needs, constantly nagging (scolding?) for the name of love; or bapak; the man who works to ensure that his children get the best education and protect his grandchildren from being scold by their parents :)
Nazurah at 2 months ~safe & sound

Have you ever watch your fathers’ body that is once big (‘fleshy’ would be more suitable for bapak) but now the big is withered and weaker, grey hair covering his head…or how about our mother whose soft hands that used to cuddle us when we were a baby…now it is dry & rough bearing evidence that she faced just for us.

Oohh..they have aged! and they are ageing just as much as I am ageing. Like the writer said “ I suppose that I have always subconsciously thought that my parents would always be with me, never growing old..”

I am sharing this with you, especially those who still have their parents to remind our self to appreciate what we have now. (To my other half; honey, I do enjoy every snoring moment while you were sleeping… he he he)

Doa for parents

Allahummagfir lii dzunubi wali-waalidayya warham humma, kamaa rabbayaani shag-hiiraa

O Lord, forgive me and my parents. O Lord, show mercy on them as they have nourished me when I was young.

Maksudnya : Ya Allah! Ampunilah bagiku segala dosaku dan juga dosa dua ibu bapaku dan kasihanilah mereka keduanya sebagaimana mereka memelihara dan mendidikku di masa kecil.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

In a nut shell

I could die watching the clock ticking (yang teramat lembab!) till it’s 5.45pm. Update: So far things are still in order.. Systems performing well. I need something to kill time!! Bengong la aku dok makan gaji buta hari-hari kat opis nih.

Where to start?

There’s 4 death cases yesterday, most of them came up with a statement “..ingatkan demam biasa..”. So I pray hard that the fever that we all are having is purely ordinary fever.

Rock Kapak Konsert?
Yes, this mother of three went to the concert at Bukit Kiara with other half for head bangin’. Thru out the concert, I only knew 2 songs and keep on saying “woi! Aku tak tau nyanyi lagu ni!”. And oh yes, I still have the energy to stand thru out the concert like old time sake.
OOhhhh.. this has been haunting me day & nite. I still owe MARA about RM3K for the computer loan during uni days. They have been very nice to let me re-shedule the installment & even said something like this to hubby “ Encik hutang sikit pun sangat prihatin nak bayar, graduate yang pergi oversea hutang beratus ribu tak ambik berat langsung”. (Mine was converted to 100% scholarship.Thank you MARA!). Aper2 pun hutang mesti dibayar… (err, sorry to uncle Ithnin despite having to receive the statement to date-da anak 3 pun tak abis lagi).
I was taking my wudu’ when a friend from behind cynically said "woi! Cepat la, solat lambat2, waktu dzohor da nak habis ni, ambik wudu lembab2 lak”. Everyone was looking at me & we laughed. To think of it, she has a point…So from now on (insyaAllah) I will avoid "sandwiching" the 2 prayers (dzuhur & Asar), be it at home or in the office.
Or shall I put it overbudget? Yup, partly contributed by my lil' girl who broke her nenek’s glasses (cost me RM500!), the many simultaneous quit & assessment rent, Indah water and the b-u-d-u-h paid TV who increased the sports channel by RM12 (that has to be multiplied by 2 for me!). My phone went kaput-send for repair (duit gak tuh).

I still think of sambal tempoyak and siput sedut @ rebung in Bangsar (yummy). No more Tony Romas, had enuff buffalos’ ribs (remember who had to pay RM600 at the restaurant? Hint!hint)!, Chilli’s fajitas-checked..Ikea’s meatballs? Loving it!! Laksa & rojak (I miss Penang!), Cendol also sudah. Must have before puasa :- coca steamboat, Kampachi @ Park Royal,
What a craze?(One was asking ; ada cake in the oven eh? Gila! Hazim is only 5 months!)
Slowly trying to adapt & love the place (except that we hardly go back). Number of break-ins also increase especially at our lane..Nah! this is the guy captured by CCTV (muka pecah rumah eeh?) Wonder what has he done with hubby's Tag collection :(.

Still miss my old pearl grass…cant wait for the upcoming renovation schedule after raya.
Hubby said no!no!no!.. H1N1 is unstoppable. The last thing to do is to visit the country with ba-alif-ba-ya as their makanan ruji (No HK!).

Opportunity knocks.. About time to move on. The used-to-be boss PA (you know who) is not in talking term. Rule is simple, if you cant make use of em, leave em.
Count down for abang Lan’s departure (ooh mak, jangan lah nangis). I hardly think of this, simply because I know nothing can stop them from leaving & dont think I am mentally prepared for this. Tapi heartbroken to hear mak weeping/crying after reciting Quran every morning..*sebak*
Which mode?
Have turn my pekak/silent mode again.

Still hate the &%*@ Israelis who denied the Palestinian right to a homeland, labelled Palestinians as terrorists, massive attacks on Gaza , left the Palestinians helpless , incarcerated thousands of Palestinians in Israeli jails, and many, many more assaults and provocations. Screw them!!
One karaoke session is due. Had a great outing with them last week (Miss u girls!)

*argh*… this never failed to uplift my spirit…love my babies (bapak babies too). Never failed to amazed me.. my chubby son, my notty dotty & my bam-bam baby…I lurrvvv you.

Alhamdulillah, syukur pada Allah for all the blessing.
p/s : Hubby & I still have the thought of the 6 month old baby that we met at Gleneagles. Hope he is going to be OK..

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


A recent demise that involves many big names :- Michael Jackson, Yasmin Ahmad and the non stop article written about them has inspired me to write this. In relates to this, a friend fb status read “ what will happen to my children when I’m gone?” , got me thinking for a while. What will happen to me, my love ones & my children when it is due? I would normally have this feeling when the EDD (expected delivery date) is near…or while Im left alone in the labor room.

The passing may be less painful and short for some (Subhanallah) , and for some can be in coma or bedridden for months.
(I pray that I don’t have to be a burden to others during my sickness, )

Who will take care of me if I’m incapable to take care of myself?
Who will carry me to the bathroom if my legs can no longer support me?
Who will read to me when my vision has gone impaired?
Who will feed me when my hands are too weak to lift?
Who will holler at me if my ears can no longer hear?

Another thing that inspires me to write this:,
I was carrying & trying to soothe Hazim at Gleneagles in one quiet corner (he has a very high fever) when I bump into a 6 month baby (who reminds me of Mariam..). He was brought by his aunt to GIMC to get a second opinion.. After a short chat with the aunt & nanny, I excuse myself & found myself standing facing the wall..~simply because I don’t want other people to see my teary eyes. Yes, I was almost in tears because I know I can never be as tough as them…(Sara & Iffil : Thank you for having Mariam)

I am very lucky to have my hubby & family around me whenever my health is not at its best (sakit selalu-tu la, banyak dosa tuh!). It’s good to know that everytime I'm in labor (thru out all of them!) hubby always return to the room & said “ your abang2 is also waiting outside”. I know my children will be taken care of if I’m not around, InsyaAllah

“Allah yang lebih mengetahui apa yang terbaik buat hambaNya…” I would like to seek an apology in advance from all..(Semoga ALlah swt mengampunkan dosa2 kita. InsyaAllah..Amin.)

Pics from http://www.fajaril.net/blog/ A blog written by a father on his son's passing. Very emotional, article & gambar2 yg sangat2 menyentuh emosi.

British Overseas Citizen (BOC)

Did you come across this in last week’s newspaper? This is about a group of Malaysian (or shall I call it ex-Malaysian?) who renounced their Malaysian nationality and claimed that they had acquired BOC status by virtue of being born in the two former British colonies before 1983 following an amendment to the British Nationality Act, which created a residual BOC category. Most of the BOCs are from Penang and Malacca who had been misled into giving up their Malaysian citizenship, but now find themselves stateless as they are not entitled to British nationality.

What caught my attention was our Foreign Minister, Datuk Anifah statement “… renouncing their Malaysian citizenship did not mean they were “less patriotic” — as they could have been trying to find better jobs and better living condition for themselves and their children”

I dare not say anything or have my one cent worth of advise publicly.. (Probably if I were in their shoe I’d do the same? Better jobs? Better living condition? At THIS moment, anything that involves distance apart a truly, No, No! But who knows I may have different mindset 2-3 years from now? By the way, Bibik2 Indonesia’s is totally a different case. Like Anifah said, despite Britain having more to offer, those who come home and see the durian trees would say — “thank God that I’m a Malaysian.”

When the government of the little Emperor down south (the aka kiasu land) offers us the PR, it went directly to the dustbin..still remember my other half said something like "..Giler aper dia org ni?!)

Apa-apa pun, we back in Malaysia are progressing ahead to support for 1Malaysia.. yup, I truly support anything that relates to unity as long as it does not require my involvement in the political world. Malaysia Boleh & Takbir!!!

Hope that this BOC issue will end as a win-win situation..and especially tanpa menjejaskan nama Malaysia.
and ooh, they have their own blog too:-


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