Monday, November 23, 2015

We miss you terribly

I am the most horrible daughter in law that one can get
But I still respect you

I can never beat your cooking
But I do lit the stove every now and then

I can never forget when your result came out
We did not share with anyone
Your son's world turned upside down
And I can only offer him my support and my prayer

It was such an awkward moment when you request for me to bathe you
Little that I know that the next bath was when you where lying breathlessly

I remember that last look
The look in your eyes when I told you I had to go back to the office
You can no longer talk but you smiled and waived me goodbye
The last goodbye as I was the last family member to see you alive

I hope I leave you nothing except good memories
And I wouldn't want to remember anything except your kindness
Took me a while and I am only able to write these after more than 3 months of your passing
And we still talk about you, keep you in our prayers.. everyday without failed

I can no longer write ma...
it just hurts to acknowledge the fact that you have gone to a better place

Al-Fatihah buat mama
12 August 2015

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