Monday, September 18, 2006

Bahasa Melayu

As a person raised in full "lingua franca", hard for me to imagine having a child who refuse to talk in "bahasa ibunda" (err.. I mean BM). My worry is towards people perception, some even think that I force him to speak english. I reminisce the moment in pasar malam where I actually had to pinch his back, constantly reminded him to talk in Malay to the man selling ayam percik or the mak cik yong tau fu.

I had this neighbour who only speaks nothing but English to their children, as a result the language their good at beside English is Indon (influenced by the bibik). The kids at the lorong will laugh when the children says things like " mau pulang" or "enggak mau". I also have cousin who force the son to speak in english regardless to whom the kid is having conversation to. Too good to be truth, I have nothing against those who were originally brought up with "english" sorrounding this but it sound so unnatural to some people! macam fake ajer bunyinye esp yg mak bapak paksa.

What I dont understand is, when we went to our relatives house in Spore, Haziq will speak Malay! (when I thought that was the ONLY moment I need him to communicate in English) I admit that mine is not as good as most of my friends. I remember my mouth was wide open upon hearing friend's conversation (to name few; Harrie, Zel, Normi etc) during my school days. Not only my grammar was poor, my vocabulary is worse..let alone the pronuonciation. Pheww!!But I was lucky, befriended to them is what encourage me to improve my English.

Last week Haziq corrected me when I've mistaken an otter to a beaver (he recognize them by the tail). The truth, Otter is the only word I knew beside "memerang".
Errgghh.. lega that I let this out. Nak cakap dengan Haziq banyak kali pun dia kecik lagi & buat tak paham, he scores 90 in his English..Bahasa Malaysia? tak payah cakap la....buat malu je. Nasib baik ustaz ngaji tu bule cakap English.

To Haziq, English people pun makan nasi sayang.... (ibu da tak larat asyik2 kena masak spaghetti)

Thursday, September 14, 2006


It was a such wonderful moment, Haziq put his hands on my tummy and whispered

"Good morning adik, assalammualaikum...please be a boy adik, please.."

Yes, it is another blessing..
I am pregnant.


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