Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Count down....

I'm in my 36 weeks and delivery can took place anytime after 37th. My MRI result came back today & according to doctor I am capable for normal delivery this time (Haziq's was via emergency C-section).

Am I afraid?
Of course I do, for people who carry many sins like me have a reason to be scared.
I still remember when the doctor was saying that I am categorized under people who are capable to bear the pain (based on the contraction graph & the long hour labor pain)
& I also remember not even a tear drops during the PPH-post partum hearmorrage (or "tumpah darah" in Malay).

But things are different now, I have my children to think of.
I keep telling my hubby that should something happen to me, he may re-marry,
BUT I know, no one can replace being the best mother to my children & love them as much as I do.

Since I am busy travelling around and at the same time tied up with office work. This may be my last posting before giving birth.

Kindly forgive me, mintak ampun dan maaf and please pray for my safe delivery.

Happy Birthday to ME!!

My hubby took me to lunch date at Equotorial's Japanese restaurant on my birhtday . Later that night I took my family for dinner at Cozy Corner(almost 30 of them, including in-laws). I had to cancelled the Concorde Shah Alam plan coz I was too tired to travel.. but I was happy coz everyone was there.
My birthday wish?
For my family to be happy and in the best of health (and weatlh).
You see, it's no longer about me that matters,. it's about others.

Birthday present?
After getting a brand new car in 2005, a handphone & Ferragamo in 2006 and being pregnant in 2007, I guess there's nothing more that I wanted. I am happy with the way things are.

Happy Birthday to me again.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Lego Bionicle

Haziq's new interest is the Lego Bionicle figurine, . (Note to my nephew Iqmal: try not to promote things that involved money to Haziq, this thing is costly dear.. and yes memang Auntie Nana work in bank but those are other people's money sayang)

Currently pending "Toa Napuru" to complete the collection. Other Haziq's collectiobles item; bionicle innaka teeth (refer pix), games, wallet, books & t-shirt. Second photo, one of the many many Bionicle pics found in our digital camera (taken by Haziq) , no wonder the memory is full ...



2/4/04 Friday
11.00am: Off to Lenga, Pagoh Johor
6.00pm: Left Pagoh to Jitra, Kedah

3/4/04 Saturday
2.00am: Check in Hosba Village
12.00pm: Depart for Penang
2.00pm:Check in

4/3/04 Sunday
11.00 am: Check out
2.00pm:Arrive in KL
8.00pm: Uncle Lan's birthday makan2

Pangkor Pics

p/s: Redang is still breath taking...


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