Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hijra..A new beginning..alhamdulillah

It was finally materialize..very brief!
Tendered my resignation, served 2 weeks and today is my 4th week at the new place. Honestly, it wasn't easy leaving the 13+ years norm...(but I was telling myself that I should have done it sooner!)..but the signs was very clear & I practically ready to roar!

The final 2 weeks was filled with farewell luncheon and dinner. Amongst the one that I enjoyed most is with Fiza, Bernard & Rozita. It was a sure one helluva catching up for old time sake.

I know I may struggle in the beginning, but my du'a to Allah "..permudahkan urusanku ya Allah"

Hence..in this little corner that I owned..I would like to thank every single one that has assist me in developing my career..to prepare me in adjusting to ANY circumstances and who leave a special place in my heart:-

Thank you to my advisor RO, ZAA & Abg Adi..
My team!! Nuruliman, Latina, Saber & Rizaidi..for being the best team that I have ever had.. for always being my brother & sister
Also my breakfast buddies..Ruzaini, Khairol, Adib & Erwan..
my leng chai & lenglui..AG, Kuan, Moh, Ivy, Li Peng, Sook Khim
My kakak..Hanizah & Nor Amizah..who have always helped me in any way
and my adik2 Asni, mimi & shida..
my new team at 8th & 9th floor (you know who you are!) for the sweet & short memories..
and every single one that has helped me in my day to day in the organization..!
Terima kasih semua (macam speech menang award pulak!)
and I do hope you'd forgive me should there is any hardship that I have cause during my service..(maaf byk2!)
You guys have help me thru high & low.
May your kindness be rewarded by the almighty..

To mak & bapak..for your prayers
To my brothers..for your support
To my children..for your love
and escpecially for my other half..for always being there believing in me

Thank you for another blessings ya Allah
and especially for answering my prayers..
Accept my hijra Ya Allah
For the betterment in life of people that I love & hereafter..insyaAllah.

Salam Maal HIjrah semua.
May Allah swt bless our years ahead. InsyaAllah.


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