Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sometimes (ulangan..)

Sometimes Allah breaks our spirit to save our soul.

HE breaks our heart to makes us whole.

HE sends us pain so we can be stronger.

HE sends us failure to makes us humbler.

HE sends us illness so we can take care of ourselves.

Sometimes, ALLAH takes everything away from us so we can learn the value of everything


Give me strength...Come to my assistance, oh Ya Allah!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


"I wonder how does it taste when those smoke going thru my lungs, my air way passage and I simply l0ve the way those ladies holding the rokok,...ada style lar"...
then other half spit it out "isk.. merepek you ni!"

This curiousity growing stronger.. could it be associated with my latest coffee addiction? Yup, I started drinking coffee recently (few months actually). It all started when vendors & consultant keep bringing starbucks in meetings & workshops (I consume but I swear I have never buy any of that pro israelis brand!)..For someone who usually drinks cammomile tea at dome & sunrise orange at coffee bean, this is a BIG change!

I find coffee somehow stimulates the brain to be more alert, more enegertic. I no longer feel sleepy during back to back meeting marathon & I always feel 'full' (less passion for food & kurang makan?) I'm still exploring whther this is just a mindset or its actually the caffeine that doing it's thing.

I managed to find an alternative to this though.. finally found a'healthier' coffee that suits my taste (with extra feminine supplement lagi!)

..back to the topic...

"I'd propose that if you are still thinking of smoking (and style), you need to wear something that goes with it..something low cut on top & something tight & short at the bottom..then stilettoes to make your posture curvy.. barulah ada style!!!.. rambut bagi karat pastu .."
before he could add further I cut in by saying "isk... merepek lar you ni!"

Note: Tiada kena mengena dengan sesiapa.. (even if you smoke, you are still my friend..just wish that you know how serious it can cause your health)

riddle diddle do

Haziq : Ibu, dalam banyak2 pokok, pokok ape yang orang takut?
Ibu : pokok berani? (*dalam hati* here comes the silly willy riddle again)
Haziq : pokok tumbang lar....

Haziq : Ibu, kalau monyet naik motor, orang naik aper?
Ibu : Basikal?
Haziq : Isk, orang naik hairan la.. monyet mana naik motor

Ibu : Ok, ok..ibu punya turn lak..dalam ramai2 ibu, ibu sapa paling cun?
Haziq :Ibu Haziq lar !!!!! Dah la cun pastu Ibu masak lamb grill & spaghetti paling best in the whole wide world..
Ibu : *malu*

Haziq : Ha..my turn, what do you call ears in Arabic?
Ibu : eerrrrr.....

Thursday, May 06, 2010

You can mess with me, BUT don't mess with my momma!!

*Hope the above title caught reader's attention.. *
This is significantly in conjunction with the Mother's day in Sunday, May 7
(Yes Haziq, the date changed every year because it will be celebrated on 2nd Sunday of May..hence no specific date)

To my children,
I am so very sorry for haven't been involve with you lovely kids 24x7
But rest assured that my love is beyond that
..and not a single breath that I took without a thought of you in my mind
I love you with every single fibre of my being
And I thank Allah swt the Almighty for blessing me with such a wonderful kids like you

To Haziq, thank you for your doa for both ibu & ayah after solat (nak nangis ibu dengar Haziq doa untuk kami :) nanti ajar adik2, Ok?
and thank you for leading the nite prayers for the family
To Nazurah & Hazim; I love you bam bam!
For my mother,
Terima kasih mak for raising me & my 3 other cool brothers
(I think you deserve more than what I can afford to write)
I may not shower you with money & gold
I know you dont even know the existense of this blog
but I thank you for your every prayers that made me who I am today
and I am sorry for every tear drops that I cause you (maafkan Nana mak..)

For mak my mother in law,
Thank you mama for accepting me in your life, your family
Thank you for giving birth to the father of my children
and thank you for every prayers for us
and frgive me to if I ever cause grieveness in your life (minta maaf ma..)

To me,
I may not be the best-est mother of all. I may not perform my duty as a mother as I should be..but I know I am the greatest mother that Haziq, Nazurah & Hazim can have. No one can replace this position..

Selamat Hari Ibu semua...
Remember, a mom have the strength to raise 10 orang anak..tapi seorang anak belum mampu menjaga seorang ibu.. think about it!

Encik Nazri: Thank you for the mothers day gift *ngeeee...* By the way, I'm halfway through reading the book in the pics.. yet to finish the remaining half dozen of books that you bought for me..(tak ada masa la bang).. Next in line would be the Robin Sharma's (err,... aper kata beli buku citer lak, bule?) Yup, I'm still aiming at least a book in a month :)


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