Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another closure...

(This was written in mid Dec 2010 tapi lupa nak post!)

It is less than 2 weeks before the new calendar year begins.. And it is time for me to start making an assessment of my 2010 KPIs.

Rough Moment
  • 2010 wasn't an easy year .. had my high & low (but thank you Allah swt..syukur I finally made it~and it is time to compensate what was missed during the tough time).
  • There is a saying in Malay "..kami mencari2 sinar matahari, rupanya Tuhan merancang yang lebih baik..di beriNya pelangi.." Yup, not only my prayers were answered but it was more that what I expected.
  • Ok, Ok.. lessons learnt & I have a big responsibility ahead..have to be accountable to the commitment that I have made (Nurul/Tina: I think you know what I mean..) but I believe Allah swt always there with me.

Good Times
  • The annual outbound trip,checked! Dubai & Kuwait were the highlights of 2010!! Enjoyed the trip alhamdulillah (though some damage done to wallet, hihi..)
  • Umrah was materialised for mak, bapak, abang & family, abang Lan & family.. Yes, I dreamt of Ka'abah and I will be setting my foot if Allah destined me to.
  • The favourite destination, checked twice!! Yes, it's Penang..I made it, 2 kali! Char Kuey Teow, mee udang & pasemboq tetap di hati..
  • Langkawi in 6 star resort was unplanned..(Thank you Dato'!, my kids enjoyed the 5 star service & the suite)
  • Cuti melawat Singapore oso twice lar... Universal Studio which was never part of the plan tapi for kid's sake pi jugak! Findings: Hard Rock Hotel service in Bali far better than the one in this island's HRH.

Happy Times

  • Kid's 3 in 1 birthday party alhamdulillah materialised..
  • Kitchen cabinet fixed/extended (thanks darl!)
  • Mom's AMD procedure done..(terima kasih abang & Kak Tie)
  • Ada sebijik LV in the closet!!!(but it does not come from my pocket!-so kira resolution utk tidak membazir for branded item still stands!
  • There were many, many little to-do list in 2010 got checked..terima kasih Tuhan..


  • After much consideration on opportunities that landed on my door, upon few signs..I finally left the bank for a better offer. It was the 2nd best actually but I think it was a wise decision. Syukur, so far I love my new job & my new sorroundings.. I miss my team in PMS, though.
  • Other half return to a more syariah compliant environment..syukur for the blessings in disguise.

Moving forward

  • Saya ingin jadi orang yang baik..(I seek your guidance ya Allah)
  • Saya berjanji akan menjaga/menunaikan solat di awal waktu
  • Saya berjanji akan menuju ke arah kebaikan..(should cover all aspecs, in life & hereafter, insyaAllah)
  • Saya akan ke tabung haji untuk mendaftar haji for the whole family.
  • Saya berjanji akan sentiasa bersyukur atas nikmat Tuhan...

Lighter moment

  • Less unnecessary update in fb..hihihi.. Dah takmo update yg merapu rapu dah. No need to post whereabout i.e check in @ Pavvy? . But I do appreciate whenever people meng'amin'kan whenever I post a prayer/wish i my status.
  • Saya teringin nak cantik! Haih.. tercabar in new place coz sorrounded with people who really concern about their appreance. (first step: cantikkan hati dulu la..)
  • Saya berjanji to read the pile of books that I have planning to read..(no more books for my birthday please..

Selamat Tahun Baru kalendar omputih peeps! See you next year!


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