Monday, December 28, 2009

Another closure

I am welcoming the new hijrah (Alhamdulillah, panjang umur..) and welcoming the 2010 with a new spirit. Some people blog when something BIG happen to them.. Well, same here. Some of the BIG event throughout the year can be concluded as such:-

  1. The year begins with my auntie's demise. Her loss felt till to date, especially when mak still visits her graveyard constantly. Al-fatihah to Allayarhamah Hairiyah...

  2. I am officially a mother of THREE!!!!! Hazim’s arrival in March was truly another moment in life.

  3. We no longer an Ampang resident! Setiawangsa is the place now, I'm adjusting to the new home slowly..

  4. I now value & appreciate every single cents in hand since ALL credit cards has been terminated (big achievement nih!).

  5. NO branded procurement…(errr.. may be because of item (3) above?) but many showered with many freebies, among them are Blackberry, iPod touch, iPod shuffle, Mont Blanc ..(bestnye kalau bule tukar jadi duit!)

  6. A year with full of reunions!! CBNers, UUM… I am so very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful people, wonderful friends.

  7. A one successful trip to remember! specifically the redang trip with cousins & brothers.. (& first time leaving one of my kids (Hazim) behind :(

  8. Other half leaving the tiger for another big opportunity (Alhamdulillah).. terasa tempias kali ni.

  9. I am officially out of the department and now with new lappy, new desktop, new team, same CIO!! This is one big career changed after 12 years…..but I am missing my old team painfully.

  10. This december also mark another record. We are still keeping the same cars.. ini biggest achievement jugak.. it has been 4 years now, a record! Congrats hubby kerana tidak melunaskan hobi menukar kenderaan anda tahun ini. (My ‘No’ to the sport rim still stands yer..)

  11. One of big bro move to middle east.. really feel his absence and the mode of communication is via skype, fb & emails..shared his big achievement of becoming a ‘haj’ but missing his presence dearly.

Praise to the Almighty for this years’ achievement, Alhamdulillah syukur.. those are the significant ones, there are also little things that blessed our life.

Apa azam baru? No,…I don’t have any..I am still carrying the same old piece of paper that I have with me for the past 15 years. Cuma dengan harapan doa untuk kesejahteraan, keselamatan, kebahagiaan saudara islam dunia & akhirat. I just want to be better! Nana nak jadi orang baik :0

My apologies again to those facing hardship upon reading my blog. It is unintentionally done.. it was probably coming unconsciously from my heart, not from my mind. Please do not berserk. Forgive me.

Terima kasih TUHAN swt, for blessing me with this wonderful LIFE and for keep bringing JOY to my life. Syukur.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Twilight Zone

"I cannot believe I am actually watching this"
"Buduh nye pompuan ni, so selfish!"
"OMG people actually paid to watch this?"
"Lembab nyer citer nih..."

Above are among the statement by my other half while watching the latest vampire box office, New Moon..Kesian dia (and other audience sorround him, hi hi hi... )

All in all,
1. it is such a heavy love story drama (tiada unsur lawak langsung!), sesuai for lovebirds (like me!)
2. Oooooh, I do enjoy watching Jacob's six packs *drool* ;p
3. Agreed with other half, Bella tu memang selfish, she is so feeling-less (tak senyum, tak nangis, tak gelak?)
4. The ayat-ayat cinta script sangat sesuai for mat2 jiwa,casanova or 'ladies' man to further improvise their 'mengayat' skill.

Note: Hubby dearie, put aside the movie, I had a wonderful evening with you despite my runny nose. I am already looking forward to the next monthly date with you :-)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

School Holiday Part 1

Boy1: Pets name?
Mom: Gary

Boy1:Favourite pastime?
Mom: Jellyfish hunting

Mom:Krusty Krab

Mom:Goofy Goober (singing "I'm a goofy goober yeah..")

Mom: Patrick

Boy: Cooks? Instrument?
Mom:Crabby Patty, spatula

Boy1: Favourite word?
Mom: Darn it! B-o-r-i-n-g...

Boy1: Rival aka Orang jahat? Mr Krab's dotty? Krusty Krab cashier?
Mom: Plankton, Pearl, Squidward..

Man: sudah la tuh... This is not Bikini Bottom.


"..Muhammad Haziq?..Cikgu salah murid kot" was our disbelief statement (underestimate anak sendiri?)

Congrats anak ibu.. hope you like the 'reward' from ayah. Hadiah tu kira 2 in 1 lar yer (sekolah kebangsaan + sekolah agama)

The 5th Pillar

Performing haj is one BIG checklist for most muslims. Alhamdulillah, my brother in middle east almost completing his haj in Mekah while I was writing this.

I have a very mixed feelings upon receiving his text on Friday morning before he left for the holy land. Syahdu & sangat sayu……
The long-hour family skype-ing session a day before his departure causing teary moment to us back home.
Praying for his safety and haji mabrur.. InsyaAllah. For those who knows Abang Lan, he is known as a kind hearted person…(so does my 2 orang lagi abang tuh!) please forgive my brother if he has any wrong doings, maaf zahir & batin and halalkan makan minum..Supaya amalan ibadatnya diterima Allah & may Allah swt bless us all. Amin.

Most of my family & friends have witness kaabah with their very own eyes, alhamdulillah. I am praying hard for my turn..and the same goes to you readers too (kalau da pegi, hope for the 2nd, 3rd or fourth time, may be?), insyaAllah.

One way communication (skill?)

Couldn't find a better way to pass this message to other half.. (but I know you do drop by once in a while babe) :-

Dear hubby,
1. An apology for the over limit data utilisation in my per-data-usage hp bill$$ (mati haku! Lepaih u upgrade plan I nanti, Ok la bang)
2. If you wonder, I still cannot decide between BB and 3Gs (can I have both of them like you?) and I am aware that the expiry offer date is almost ending.
3. Sorry that I broke your 'cari makan' shade & you know I can't afford to replace it...(it wasn't me! your dotty yang terduduk atas tu masa I pinjam-refer below pix moments before it was broken)
4. Err... what was the Marc Jacobs, Tods and Hermes conversation all about just now?(acah jer..)
5. You might want to re-consider the 21 hours flight..(you think our kids will behave thruout the journey?)
6. Why you always buy something for yourself on your birthday? Buy something for me oso lar..(Anyway, hope you like the little gift)
7. And I will still say 'NO' to your proposal on the sport rim which almost equivalent to my one year bonus (though I don't have to contribute a single cents)
8. Yes dear, the CV has been submitted ;p (Wonder why you never ask..dulu dok asyik tanya)
9. Whatttt?!! You really think I'm pregnant? Alamak!...kesian Hazim. (Note: Fakta ini masih belum dapat disahkan thing for sure, budak Hazim tu comel sgt!!)
Tu dia!!... lepas dah semua yang terbuku di hati.. He he he...


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