Monday, November 23, 2009

Fast Track

Have you been on a driver-less PUTRA or STAR LRT in Kuala Lumpur recently? (For those who knows me, I have stopped using them for a while after this ONE nasty incident 7 years ago..)jeng, jeng, jeng!
Anyway, that’s beside the point..just wanna share few tips:-

1. ”Kak Nana, psst! psst! Tak boleh rebut2..sekarang kena que lar”.. Whispered one of my colleagues from behind when I have this muka tak malu acting sebijik macam student matrik rebut bas Sala during unidays in UUM, Sintok.
I was surprised that EVERYONE adhered to this one rule..
semua orang beratur dengan tertib untuk menaiki LRT semasa waktu puncak (peak hours). Caya lah..!

2. If you are going down the escalator to reach the station, make sure you stand on the left..(but if in London underground it would be on the right). This is to give way to the impatient passenger (like me!) or people who in a hurry to manually walk/run down despite the automated moving staircase.. This too, amazed me.. ! majority able to comprehend to the signboard that says “
Sila berdiri di sebelah kiri anda untuk memberi laluan kepada penumpang lain”

3. Another tips in LRT; ALWAYS, ALWAYS give your seat to the needy (preggies, senior citizen, disable people, toddler). So far during peak hour, most passengers obeyed to this request. However,
kadang2 terasa nak ketuk kepala mat-mat atau minah-minah yang tidak reti bahasa walaupun ada orang yang LEBIH memerlukan tempat duduk itu (sangka baik: minah & mat itu sendiri tak larat?).

4. NEVER fight or argue with your girlfriend/boyfriend in LRT.. (This includes using handphone) You may become the main attraction in the already pack (macam tin sardine) train.. Believe me, though others may look like they ignored the situation, those 2 ears can hear everything! “You sayang kat dia atau I, baik you cakap cepat..kalau tak jangan jumpa I lagi” shout one lady with one hand pinching the guy..(damn! I have reached my destination before the drama ends..)

5. BEWARE! of “peraba”.(sex maniac?) & pick pockets!!! they are everywhere.. find a place where you are less ‘exposed’.
Contohnya (refer pic):- bersandar ke dinding sambil memeluk knapsack laptop di bahagian hadapan anda...

6. Have Touch n go, will travel! It is better to use one (if you have any, else top up your MyKad) rather than having to que for tickets.. (thanks to alin milo for this great tips)

7. Unlike busses, LRT reach it’s destination fast.. focus on announcement of each stop, ensure that you are on the RIGHT train or you may end up like this one girl who took STAR to go to Ampang but ends up in Bukit Jalil (sapa tu? Sapa tu?)

9. Don’t sleep, litter, or luvvy duvvy with your partner…for God’s SWT sake,
ini adalah kenderaan awam! Jadilah penumpang yang bersopan.

10. Lastly kindly ignore the ‘penumpang jakun’ (like me!) who eagerly wanted to stand at the front of the driver-less train. (Syok hokay dapat tgk depan!)
According to a friend, you can easily spot the first timer or non-frequent passenger,.. ye ke?

Malaysia Boleh!

p/s: Jangan main-main, saya naik LRT rasanye lebey dari 5 kali tahun ini tau

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hiatus mode

Blog collecting webcob.. Blogging put on hold!

Systems going live,
Many proposals to be written,
budget submission dateline,
kids just recovered from exam fever,
another reunion is due,
other half starting outbound trip again (nak ikut!),
Passport renewal,
Qurban lembu,
2010 holiday plan..
Kiddies need more attention,

California or Davos? U decide babe....

Pics: Gambar penyejuk hati with Swiss mountain background..*hint hint*
Cuti susah nak approve ni...


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