Thursday, July 27, 2006

Single Child Syndrome-SCS

Haziq told me about not-so-nice story from school. I am getting worried about the situation. The main reason I sent him for pre-school at 5 years is because I want him to socialize and mingle with other kids. (Having had to leave him in school was tough enough for me... )

Apparently not only he is loaded with his schoolwork at home, the spelling and the semester exam is enough to stress a 5 year old kid. (I should have agreed with Nazri that it is too early for him)

The story is like this, Haziq has an allergy and will vomit easily. On Tuesday, he vomitted in his classroom "I was on my way to the toilet ibu but tak sempat", he explained. Guess what the teacher did? He was sent to the principal office and was lectured by Mrs Wong that should he puke again in future, not only he has to clean himself, but also the classroom. He was also detained in class and was only release 10 minutes after school ends.

They called my father about it and they think that Haziq's vomiting is HABITUAL and he did it on purpose. When atuk responded on Haziq allergy and he is seeing a specialist and under medication, they just dont accept it!

Since what Haziq reported to me aligned with what my dad told me, I decided not to confront the teachers until I have discuss it with my hubby on Friday. Meantime, Haziq will be absent from school.

My thinking
1) Detained class?
2) Principal office?
3) habitual?

Haziq has not been taking breakfast for quite some time since he fear that the food will come out. What say you?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bulletin Utama

I dont even care,
to whom Siti Nurhaliza is getting married to (?)
how much money will be spend on her wedding

I dont even care,
what my boss had to say about my work
how much bonus and increment other people are getting

I do care,
about Israelies invasion in Lubnan
on number of civillian died in the war

I do care,
about what future lies ahead
is it better or is it bad
will I be able to see
how will my grandchildren be

p/s: influenced by daily news..


Monday, July 10, 2006

A month of giving and receiving

My hubby bought an XBOX 360 (for Haziq?yeah right) and got me an Osim u zap (no laughing, I want to use it for my flabby arms) and he bought himself a 42 inch plasma to replace our tv which was unrepairable after being struck by lightning. Since they were purchased in S'pore, he manage to save him some RM due to the price difference.

Giving? Lots of love from me & Haziq to the man of our life...

Thank you again my love..

Happy 5th Birthday Haziq

we had a big celebration for Haziq's birthday this year. There's satay, roti jala, bihun hailam, mee rebus, chicken nuggets, beef burger, fruits, karipap, jelly, chocolate muffin and Mr Ronald McDonald.

The best part, the moment we opened the cake Haziq was complaining "why did you put a Gallardo ibu? I told you I want a Murcielago or Enzo"..come one dear the cake cost me RM300 and ibu couldnt find a nice murcielago on the internet.

I'm very happy that the children are entertained by the games organised by the hostess from McD's and not forgetting our own made pinata! The children actually act like anak2 ayam to collect the goddies & coin from the pinata. cute!

Happy birthday again Haziq, ibu doakan anak ibu sejahtera dunia & akhirat. Aamin
Love you "English boy"!!

My maid is pregnant

Married for 2 weeks but she is in her 4th week now....
It's either I'm stupid or I'm dumb.

God give me strength, come to my assistance

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I wanna horse and a murcielago

We took Haziq to Kiara Equestrian club for Land Rover test drive. It turn out that he is more attracted by the horsey over the machine. Thereafter we went to Hartamas Square for makan & so that he could see the fancy cars kat situ. While having his meals, he become entertained for every evo, skyline, lamborghini & RX8 that passes by.

I guess that's how he came up with the statement "I think I wanna horse & murcielago for my birthday! a real one, not the tipu one"

Tunggulah Ayah cap duit byk2

Behind the wheels

The journey to office took longer after Jln Raja chulan & Sultan Ismail route change back to 2 lane. I normally leave the house at 8.20am & able to sign in before 8.45am but the current situation is simply X#@$.. I now have to leave home at 8.00 which means missing breakfast with Haziq!

Cruisin at 160kmph thru the Ampng KL elavated hway (AKLEH) is totaly an experience. (My hubby reached 200kmph during the trip up north) ..

While watching the Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) Haziq told me "Ibu, dont try this with ayah car, its dangerous..As usual I'm always impresive by 350Z ..(hint hint).Guess I'm the only one still in love with Asian muscle, Haziq has now choose Gallardo, Murcelago & Enzo over skyline & Evo. My hubby eyeing for Boxter (Italian invented the fastest machine, remember?)

I still dont get about the majority woman drivers.. ..i.e not switching the signal lights , driving slow in the fast lane, kedekut nak bagi jalan..but my main concern, they jeorpadize other motorists, kesian ngan org naik motor..

UUM: My turning point

I've been busy..very busy and the weekend was fully occupied starting from my Spore trip, Nonoi's wedding, PD reunion trip (and Yanti's wedding..he he), kenduri kesyukuran at my place, then the trip to Kedah for Ina's wedding and this Saturday another function at home.. HAZIQ's 5th birthday!!!Penat nya...

And to celebrate that I took MC today.. (had a diarrhea actually nye...)

By the way we went to UUM during our trip to Kedah..
"it's like walkin down memory lane", my hubby said.
And he added "cuma it was with different people (girls), instead of my wife" and I responded "sama la..". and we had a good laugh (org lain pun buat cam tu ka?).... The best part, passing by his ex-girlfriend hse in Alor Setar.. and Haziq break the silence by saying "why is that house looks like a haunted house?"and I replied sarcastically "coz dulu ada hantu duduk kat situ".

We always wanted to visit Sara & Iffil in Kulim..tapi tak de rezeki lagi kali ni..


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