Friday, May 11, 2007

One month old Nazurah..

Hope you like the gift from ayah my princess...

Stokke Xplory

"..the award-winning stroller, Xplory has not only been recognized for its looks, manoeuvrability, safety, and comfort. But become the preferred stroller of the modern family, of celebrities, and stars.."

Red party

Happy birthday Fariez Armani..
p/s : auntie Nana is breaking the pantang already by attending the red party.

Nine years...and counting

Despite patah kaki due to confinement, I manage to organize a small party (menu: sate, KFC, nasi lemak, mee goreng, fruits etc. Thanks to my brother sebab tolong belikan though it was a last minute arrangement)

Happy annivesarry love!!

Thank you to all

My appreciation to all visitors and well wishers.
The number of family & friends visiting in hospital is truly UNEXPECTED.. (lucky we took the biggest room, punyalah ramai..)-thought it only happen on first delivery ajer.

Thank you for the "rombongan from office" who visited at home.

Thank you all for the prayer & gifts (the baby toileteries is enough for 5 yrs usage!)

Thank you for the emails, sms, phone calls and not forgetting the angpow.
My special thanks to Dato Ashar, labor room midwife, nurses and the maternity ward staff (hope you enjoyed the pizza & donuts). Thank you for the great patience in assisting me going thru the labor pain..

Thank you to my hubby for being by my side thru out the delivery & for the "laughing gas"..
I thank Allah swt all for all of you. I am so very lucky to be sorrounded by wonderful people.

Pix : Some of the gifts yg sempat ambik gambar (before kena bukak by abg haziq..)


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