Thursday, October 30, 2008

Man & Woman

Woman was made from the rib of man,
She was not created from his head to top him,
Nor from his feet to be stepped upon,
She was made from his side to be close to him,
From beneath his arm to be protected by him,
Near his heart to be loved by him.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Aren't you happy?

Upon reading a friend's blog on a topic of happiness Vs materialistic, it inspires me to write this. One can just be happy without having to be materialistic.. but one just keep hungry for more.

I knew someone who owns a dozen of branded shoes, wore a five figure value watch, drive a high end vehicle, have a pair of beautiful kids, live in a lovely home, has a superb family vacation and has wifey who is always proud of his achievement. Yet, this SOMEONE still needs another so called special/intimate-female-friend when he'd already knew he hasnt been spending enough time with the family.

Blame it on guy for not being satisfied with God's swt blessing (and he may be blaming on the wifey for not being able to be woman whom he wished her to be!) but I blame on the the bitch who have no respect for other man's woman & yet claimed that their relationship is "special" and even have the guts insulting her while his man was no where to defend her.

I was on my nerve upon hearing this. If I were in that wifey shoe, that woman would be DEAD by know.., (I'll ran into her if I was driving, it's a promise!!)

Arent you happy with what God swt has sent for you? (I dont think I deserve what I have considering the fact that I'm no angel, but I am so thankful, syukur for the answered prayers).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm back!!!!

Whereabout? What’s shakin? (mine's not!)

Notice that I haven’t been blogging for a while.. ?
Wanna know what am I up to?

yes I’m pregnant (wooohooo!!!)
surprisingly it doesn’t take long or any special medication this time, alhamdulillah.(nazurah is only 1 year & 4 mth when we found out ). The nausea is really bad that I find going to office is challenging enough. Thank God swt for the blessing.

we finally LOST the Ampang house, hard to let go but I do not have a choice. Bye bye home sweet home..Be it a river of tears, there is no way I can afford to have it back.

I lost myself in sadness, because I FOUND cik lita and cik coco..!!!!!!!
and she makes me called off my so called grand-10th wedding-anniversary- celebration.. :((just had to say that almost lost my dignity, though!)My one year planning was abandoned in a split seconds, my 9 years of dream to compensate the "immaterialised" item during our wedding was vanished with the wind. Morale of the story? What ever you do, do it moderately!

apart from above, I lost a camera, 1.5 mil rupiah in the last Jakarta trip.., folie folie bangles, 4 Nokia handphones within 6 months and I almost LOST my job!

Hubby was warded twice,.. but I guess I was the one MORE in PAIN compared to him.. my wound may be healed but the scar remain eternally..

I was engaged in another XL project with the previous group of hard-to-deal-people which requires me & my team to work extra mile to keep the momentum me and pushes me to troubleshoot & manage the risks even in my dream..

It does wonder.. not only it keeps me connected to my childhood friends, but also keep someone dear to me "connected" to the cause of my sadness..

Finally, I was busy downloading and practising the malay songs to compete with my other female friends for our regular karaoke sessions..(I was never a fan of malay/indon songs till to date-thanks to alin & azura!!)

But whatever it is, I still have this…..and this is what matters MOST.

It took me a while to think that what I did was wrong, I have millions of reasons to leave (yes, partly contributed by my own weaknesses, my own fault) but it took only ONE thing to refrained from leaving.

I am still looking for the 'silver lining" in the dark I was told...
God give me strength, come to my assistance. Thank you to all (you know who YOU are) for the prayers, encouragement and support throughout my "down cycle".. and my precious gems, Haziq, Nazurah & baby in are the BESTEST thing that ever happen to ibu..

Monday, May 26, 2008

It was me...

I have never thought that I have to go through the most difficult journey of my life
I have never thought that my patience will be wearing thin,
my river of tears will run dry,
that I have to fake my smiles all day long,

It took a while for me to pick up the pieces and move on
The thing is, I have yet to move on
God swt is great
It takes ages to build up trust
and took only suspicion, not proof, to destroy it

I have never learn anything from my mistakes,
let alone from others' advise
I took things for granted and lightly
The truth is hard to swallow
But dishonest was more painful

I just realize
After all this years, all this pain
I was told.. It is all about me

For I shall not pass that way again, ever!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

We've got a new tenant


Pix : Atuk inspecting the house.

A year passes by

Salam Hijrah.
Time flies!!Haziq is in standard one (and NO, he is not attending private school like what most people would expect me to do and he is also attending the sekolah agama in the afternoon. And no way hubby going to let him attending chinese school lile the cousins.

Nazurah has four teeth now and attached like she is glued to me.

I have lost couple of kilo's (oh! hubby gained some)
And yes, I am still holding to my resolution on not purchasing my favourite Italiano's brand, Ferragamo or LV.

I have been busy, was day warded twice. Me & my 3 bros has always been occupied we went to genting for the magic show, organising bbq, sungai trip and just got back spending weekend in concorde (3 days 2 nite; 5 rooms, meals included, on ME!).

Oh, forgot to mentioned, me & hubby's handphone; N70, N95 & motorola 3G were submerged in the pool during the outing. How? the best word is "not our rezeki".

2007 was a great year, rain & shine at the same time.
Shine for the beautiful baby girl and health through out the year.
Rain when the tenant move out and the failure of settling off the debts(ouch!)

In a nut shell, has been GREAT!
May Allah swt bless us all eternally.


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