Monday, March 29, 2010

BB.. What is that?

There are many abbreviation out there which have multiple meaning. For example, a 'HP' will indicates a vendor to an IT person while it means a loan product to the business team.

Another simple example one goes like this;

If you talk BB to Iffil, he may talk wonders of the mobile gadget

If you mention BB to Alin, she would happily tell you the difference between Elianto, Silky Girl or Face Shop
BB=Blemish Balm

If you saw a BB on my sms to other half, that means I'm being nice :) , I'm always nice what?

UKM undergrads who lives in BB means they are not staying in the campus vicinity
BB=Bandar Baru Bangi

The illegal DVD seller who gives a two thumbs up as a BB will make the 'hamsap' customer happy
BB=Barang Baik

Some of the naughty team in the office will send a big BB to a job request, which simple mean...
Boley Blah! (Don't ever practise this.. Bad manners nih)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010 of the many joy in my life

Happy first Birthday to the one of my sweetest boy
The two sweetest in all of the land
May your birthday baby
be happy and grand

For baby has brought pleasure
Into all our lives
I love you forever
May Allah the Almighty bless our life

Have no fear my boy
Proud parents will always pray for you
InsyaAllah, this life, you will make it through

I love you more than I have words
To express or say
May Allah be with you
Every night and day

Selamat Hari jadi Muhammad Hazim..
Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh..(Sorry for the last minute small celebration sayang,
If God swt permit, we'll have a proper one like abang & kakak first birthday when ayah is done with his classes & exam, insyAllah)
~ibu Haziq, Nazurah & Hazim~

Here and there

Last 2 weeks has been ultimately hectic.. Sangat-sangat penat! This is especially with flu and cold accompanying me.
Truly a month to remember. Despite having to spend quality time with kids during the middle east & Singapore trip, I miss them terribly at work.

Honestly, I am not one of the parents who would go for 2nd, or 3rd honeymoon. (As for hubby's official outbound trip, no matter how important it was, I would rather not follow him if the kids can’t come along). Like hubby said, a trip/vacation suppose to make us happy, but it would be pointless without kids because they are our happiness.

Many has suggest to leave the kids behind for holy land trip.. but Zalia in Riyadh has strongly encouraged, she even share some tips ..(InsyaAllah anak2ku, jika diizinkan Allah swt). Holy land is still on top of the list (still ‘menabung’ nih!)

Mission almost accomplished for trip checklist this year.. yup! Covered the 3 places in a month. Despite returning from Lion City the night before his exam, Haziq score straight A’s in his school test(Alhamdulillah) and he think he deserve the bumi kenyalang trip in April (in order for him to complete the ‘I-have-been-to-the-13 Malaysia state ‘..Haih.. have to review budget ni.

DSLR? Have to scrap off from this year’s list.. have contributed RM8K to Maxis (mangkuk) for the oversea phone bill.. The recent visit with one plastic friend (the only company credit card) truly challenging. Yup! One can brag about having debit card but reality bites, it doesn’t work most of the time (Hubby, jangan marah..hihi). Credit card is still a necessity when travelling. Even though you may not use it, a hotel deposit may became a hassle without it.

Errr.. lari dari topic lar. Iam stuck in the office, still reminiscing the precious momento with hubby & kiddies during the trip… Guess that is why cant focus much writing this time.
Oh dear God swt.. thank you for this blessing.

February gone

February gone too soon
Time flies too fast this time
But it was sailing fine
Because of many holidays
And the short working days

February gone too soon
was it because I was away?
In UAE, Kuwaiti land, KL and Singapore
The places that I have been wishing for
So 70% of checklist I have score!

February gone too soon
May be because March already peeping through?
Can’t even wait for another day
Especially because my birthday is coming
And wondering what will I be getting?
Life has been so blessed..syukur Ya Allah.


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