Friday, February 25, 2011

This I promise you!

Never have I curse in my life. Yes, one of my big 'pantang' is cursing (mencarut). Honestly, I just couldn't even re-quote it alternate to it would be spelling the word out. An example:-

"OMG she actually said ba-alif-ba-ya tadi!".

As I have reach my late 30s (mak aii! tua nya aku!) I do not recall cursing people intentionally (unintentionally ada ke? jika ada saya minta maaf). InsyAllah I will carry this value to my grave..(bukan susah sangat pun, right?) You will hear words like 'mangkuk' once in a while from me but when I overheard my eldest telling the younger sister "You idiot, dumb!"..phuh, makcik rasa macam nak makan orang!

Mintak maaf, I just cant tolerate people who bad mouthing or cursing. I am far from perfect myself but it's not that hard refraining yourself from spitting those dirty words out. Don't make it a habit. Preventing verbal violence is everyone's duty. We should start with ourself, kan?

I will learn to deal with the jibe of ill mannered people who would blindingly make obvious comments about other people or even me.
So my son... MANNERS MATTERS! Ibu doakan anak2 ibu dilindungiNya selalu dan dijauhkan dari perkara yang tidak baik, insyaAllah.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

To my sisters....

Dedicated to my sisters (you know who you are), this too shall pass, insyaAllah

Into each life
A little rain must fall sometimes
It help us to appreciate the bright sunshine
and creates colourful rainbows for all
But what if it pours and pours without restraint?
Causing countless suffering and endless pain?
That is the time to learn
The virtue of patience
and always believe
Allah is always with us

My prayer with you girls.


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