Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You talk big, I talk talk

I have this ‘pantang’ against those who like to “talk big”.. my mother always disapprove this one attitude in me..
(She is more like “ let other people have glory at times..~ to me she let it happen ALL the times)
So I tried my best not to show my disagreement by not saying the thing I REALLY wanted to say.. (This is especially to elderly)

Woman 1: Your house is ok, but I’ll never get myself committed to a long term loan and I’d prefer to purchase a house in cash
Nana : Of course you do, you kan banyak duit
(Inner voice: Is that why you are still renting one?)

Woman 1: Hello auntie, we stay in Damansara, Ampang is lame..
Nana : Auntie cant afford one dear, rumah situ mahal
(Inner voice: First: it’s kota damansara aka sg buloh not Damansara heights, Second: my house is more expensive than yours, Third :you don’t even own the house)

Woman 1: *checking out the wnq5200* We never set our eye on german made cars, we prefer Italian
Nana : *just smile*
(Inner voice: just because you own neither one, must you say it out?)

Woman 1:*showing off the expensive piece of metal on her wrist*
Nana : yer, cantik sangat, mesti mahal ni
(Inner voice : haven’t you check out mine?)

Man 1: Kita org baru balik Brisbane, is a nice city tapi Switzerland tu even better, I was told that the country full of green, that what I was told
Nana : ye ke? Bestnye!!
(Inner voice : aku da pergi dua-dua la ngok!, err..excuse my language)

Man 1: She is an IT consultant in which she will assess, evaluate & manages problem reported by end users,
Nana : *Turn to the wife* ‘you keje helpdesk ye?
Wifey : err.. aaa..
(Inner voice :Nak tipu org keje IT)

Man 1: Oh, can you re-schedule the event, our boy has to attend piano class, taekwando, etc which located at Damansara every Sunday..bla bla
Nana : (duh?)
(Inner voice :It’s not my gathering, why did you ever bother telling me to re-schedule when the host is your uncle?)

Lady 1 : Anak you sekolah kat Keramat? I send my boy to Tropicana to ensure that he is not surrounded by naughty pupils
Nana : *Senyum siput*
(Inner voice : My friends who send their kids to private school pun tak berlagak macam dia ni, by the way I attended Keramat school, I hold a degree, you?)

And I know even if I didn’t say it out loud, I still regret that those statement ever cross my mind. I notice that these are the little stuff that bothers me and I can see mak is also disturb by the situation. ..(Astagfirullahalazim, forgive me God swt, I have the 'riyak' value unnecessarily)Isk..jahat betul aku ni…Tak baik tau, …
Why lar I ever related to this kind of people.. (why lar u wanna show off when you know I have no interest) Is it because we have the kiasuland bood flowing in us?

In relates to this, wonder no more about the little emperor who talk big when the country only paying 3 cents for 1000 gallon of fresh water from JB, (and Malacca had to pay 30 cents for the same quantity!!)

p/s : wonderpet, wonderpet kami datang...!(Nonoi: swimming trunk? good one! he he..)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Go Green....

I found myself standing speechless when the green on my back patio was chopped off.. gondol!
Today at the office toilet, I wipe my tears off and told myself "It's a small stuff!"
Above pics: other people's green and..can you spot the 'gondol' house?

p/s: tapi apasal sedih lagi lagi eek?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Don’t sweat the small stuff

The above title written by Richard Carlson somehow has influence my day to day. It’s a book that thought you how to keep from letting the little things in life that drive you crazy. This is especially for those who is in the midst of incredibly hurried, stress-filled life (am I included?).

We were guided how to enjoy the present moment, let others have glory at times and lower our tolerance to stress. We were told to write down our most stubborn positions and learn to “soften” them, to trust our intuitions and live each day as if it might be our last (like how the Muslims were taught).

My problem is, how do I categorize the “small stuff” ? Some guide for readers (esp female) out there on my definition of “small stuff”:-

a. When the Waja has a dented on it’s side?
It’s a small stuff
When the bimmer has a hairline scratch?
It’s NOT a small stuff

b. When the kids accidentally drop your Rolex ?
It’s a small stuff
When the kids accidentally drop his Panerai on the wooden panel?
It’s NOT a small stuff

c. When you found a woman sending sms to your other half?
It’s a small stuff
When the same woman send horny sms for the past 6 months?
It’s NOT a small stuff

d. When the boss is getting credit from the top management for your effort?
It’s a small stuff
When the same boss keeps getting credit for your sweat for the past 10 years?
It’s NOT a small stuff

e. When the boss is an hour late for a meeting without any valid reason?
It’s a small stuff
When you are 10 minutes late for a meeting due to car breakdown?
It’s NOT a small stuff

f. When a woman claimed that your other half is playing naughty sms with her?
It’s a small stuff
When the same woman responded to your naughty hubby sms and admitted their relationship??
It’s definitely NOT a small stuff, roll your sleeves ladies; we are going to get sweat!!!

A story of a loyal employee

2nd June 2009..Mark the 12th year annivesary of my service with the bank. I remember 12 years ago, on my first day of work ..I walk into the department in my innocent look, clad in baju kurung with the wind brushing through my long hair, (phuh! sure an eye-catcher punyer lar, he he..!!!)

It was the moment that I feel like an adult aka someone important because my service will be used by one of the top financial instituition in the country. My first impression when I set my foot in the IT department was "Mak aii!! tak ada sorang pun yg hensem ker? everyone looks like a computer geek" ..and that was the moment a lady stood up and said "wei guys, continue your work, she is enggaged lar.. no longer available"..what a turn off (she told me she recognized that I'm hooked by looking at the ring)

Time passess by..from being the youngest in the dept, I have now become one of the senior (Kak Nana!)..One may ask "Your 12th year? why lar? You need to make a move..there's a lot of PM opening out there with good perks"..

Why 12 years?
a) The bonu$$$ and increment used to be sooooo good (top performer tuh!! ye ke?)
b) ESOS was good, (I bought a house with using the money)
c) I got stuck in the comfort zone
d) everyone knows my name
e) I got pregnant everytime BIG opportunity knocks on my door

On the other hand, imagine this:-
* After many donkey years, the furthest trip ever is to Port Dickson & hechtic support in Kuching during puasa month (even some junior dah pegi states!)
* I still have to face the people that I cannot 'tahan'
* Change is the only constant here

Like my other half was saying "Happy working..someone is going to grow old with the unta"


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