Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy fathers day, ayah !!!

Haziq made a beautiful card for ayah and while nazurah post a smile during the special day..
Me? I was too busy jogging around the neighbourhood.. but manage to prepare "special" breakfast for the family. Haziq was telling everyone that " My mommy made the most special breakfast in the whole wide world today!!!"
Happy fathers day...

Back to work

After 65 days at home, many session of post natal massage & treatment, after16 kg off (4kg more to go), .. time to head back the office...

waaa..... ibu miss haziq & nazurah !!

Around the world

while uncle Nazmi is visiting Dubai, auntie Alin in Bangkok and nur Afizah in Spain, Nazurah first "oversea" trip is ..... to Ayah's former workplace, the kiasu land.


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