Thursday, December 06, 2007

Al Fatihah

It has been raining throughout the day
I was on my way to a meeting when I received the news
Raja Aiman, youngest son of Zarinah (kak ina) has passed away peacefully after a battling with cancer.

I reminisce 2 years ago where he cried alongside Kak Ina when his father was place in the graveyard.

A mothers love, truly unconditional love.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Mommy's big boy & Daddy's little girl

Time flies, my boy will be completing his pre-school next week and my little girl has two teeth now..

They have grown so fast, how I wish I can watch & enjoy every minute of them.
Some of Haziq's recent achievement :-

1) Champion in Great Eastern Mall Halloween Costume Contest
2) Runner up in lantern making contest in CEC (not bad being the only Malay contestant)
3) Succesfully performing the Joget Lambak for CEC concert at RISDA Hall
4) Flying colours in final exam (Haziq can now read, count, sing and dance too!)

As for my little angel, she can now sit and begin to roll over..

May Allah protect & bless my children eternally. Amin

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Me, myself & I

I was cracking my head all week long, worrying & trying to figure out how to overcome my swiping-the-credit-card habit & reposition my "loans". MY debt is increasing (hope my hubby is not reading this). I was upset by this debt until I came across the news in the paper.

It's about a boy, who is earlier involved in an accident and broke both legs. His parents brought him to the local hospital for a follow up check. On their way back, they met with an accident and it took both mother and fathers' lives. He is only 10. Within seconds he has became an orphan, and he is not the only does his 6 year old brother and one and a half year old baby sister. That was the moment I realized that my "debt" thingy is only a small 'ciku" matter..

Just when I thought that I'm in trouble, there are people out there who is more unfortunate than me. I must admit that at times I am being blinded by the dollars and cents. "Your Gucci & Ferragamo is enough to feed an orphanage home for a month", I was once told. (Teruknye aku ni..)

For those who watched "Bersamamu" on TV3 which aired every Wednesday at 9.30pm, it is really an eye opener. During the holy month of Ramadhan, I have decided that I will no longer go for the branded items (err..., fake one , maybe?), I want to be a good person & a role model to my children!

I reminisce the day in the 80's when the country was hit by inflation. Our family income was less than RM200. Me & my brothers were still attending school. (I still cry to think how difficult time was).I hope the unfortunate will end up like me & my brothers, we may not be millionaires, but to think of where we came from, with Gods willing, we are lucky, very lucky.

No matter how difficult times is, rest assured that Allah swt is always with us.
Salam Ramadhan

Friday, September 07, 2007

Art Attack

When the mat salleh boy in haziq's art class ask him of his race, Haziq told us that he answered them English instead of malay. Reason? he said because he speaks fluent english and has mat saleh looks. nazri's response was "like mother like son".

Pix: Haziq & cousin, Nurul; the only Malaysian in last week's session.


The traffic was bad, Alin said I should be thankful coz since I'm in the car, "at least bule dengar anuar zain(her boyfriend) nyanyi" Alahai, I'm sure abg anuar is tired by then. So after 1 hour, I'm still at Jln Sultan Ismail, I end up taking this photo..(title : syok sendiri)

Girls just wanna have fun

I missed the outing with my female friends last week. The 3 "kepala gila" girls went ahead with their crazy karaoke session without me coz I had some family enggagement.(Actually they are so jealous of my voice).

Anyway, To Nur aka Pijat, I am envy of your 2 month solo journey concequering Europe and the states trip , Alin ; I hate you for getting the 42 inch LCD for free & Roger, for your first class travel seat and your stays in the many Four Season Hotels around the world.

Pix: The singing session which lasted till 2am (thanks to my hubby for guarding the 4 anak dara & 1 mak dara)

Much a do about the weighty issue

People who know me or those who have seen me during my pregnancy will ask how did I loose so much weight in so little time, bla bla..

My typical answer would be “tak ada apa” or sometimes teasingly said “rahsia”. To be honest, I did not do anything.

It's just few changes in my dietary & lifestyle(upon having 2 children, I think it is about time for me to take care of my health and to be precise; to minimize the migraine and gastric attack-For the past years, I was hospitalized AT LEAST once a year due to gastritis)

To be honest, as per doctors’ advise and on my own research I have been practising the blow, with hope to mitigate the sickness (the slimming part consider as a bonus) :-

-Pray hard, be thankful, be happy -good for soul detoxifying
-cut down on solid food intake without having to skip the 3 meals daily
-a bowl of oat in the morning (to increase fibre)
-a bottle of prune juice daily
-an apple a day
-supplement : 4 capsules of JMD daily
-exercise IF time permits and for every meeting within the same building, I have ALWAYS use the stairs instead of elevator
-less masak lemak or chillies cooking

A religious person once told me that if you practice a task continuously for 21 days , it’d become a habit. It works for me.
InsyaAllah it should work for you too.

So from today, please don’t say I am thinner but instead the comments should be, "you look healthier" (you can add the wor "cun" to your statement if you want too he he...)

p/s: kurus sangat tak cantik la

Malaysiaku gemilang

My family (which means parents, brothers, sister in law, nephew and nieces) is famous for arranging last minute gathering. Last week for example, it was almost 4pm when we decided to check in Putrajaya IOI Palm resort just to watch the fireworks. Since limited rooms available, we decided to hit 2 executive suites.. (maids are included)

The fireworks? It was a spectacular show (that nite was by Italianos).. but the whole excitement was brought down by a 3 hour bumper to bumper jam to reach the hotel.
And that’s how we celebrated my eldest brothers’ birthday.

We also watched the Merdeka march at Dataran. The kids were very happy.
Abg Lan reminded everyone to wear red shirt to mark our group (acah jer, easy to spot sebenarnya)

It was mak & my niece, Yana ‘s & Nurul’s birthday on Sunday… Abg Lan called me at 2pm and come up with the idea that we should skip the normal celebration at restaurant, so.. BBQ’s at my place since (I have the utilities buffet tray, chairs, buffet tables,..etc). Since I am a frequent “makan-makan” organizer, it took me less than 2 hours (with bibik’s help, of course) to prepare the salad, mushroom soup, buns, drinks, mee hoon and setting up the table & chairs for 50 people. The rest of the family added the menu i.e nasi lemak, sandwiches, lots of kuih2, fruits, 3 b’day cakes.

Refer pix: Everyone agreed that we’ll leave it to uncle Lan & wife for future bbq thingy (esp the marinates, the grill part) since they are good at it. Clean & tasty!

Nazurah behaved herself (as usual) during the party. The point is, everyone had fun and birthday girl(s) were happy.

Happy belated merdeka to all. Malaysia boleh!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A vow

Most of my neighbors are housewife, recently another two more decided to quit their job. Being a working mother meaning spending less time with the children.

A full time mother raised me; my amenities were taken care of. My meals, homework and even school uniform are well organized.
I had understood the stressed faced by my son, Haziq. (My God! To think of it, he is only in his kindergarten years but even that I failed to perform my duties). I had to ask my parents to send him to school; I had to ask bibik to prepare his meals. I got home on average by 7.00pm during weekdays, by then he is left with only two hours to study and finish his homework with me.

I was in the office when these emotions came gushing like torrential rain, and without realizing it, tears formed at the corners of my eyes. My kids were still too preoccupied with other people. His parent is busy, too busy with their work! Haziq’s words this morning keep on haunting me, he told my husband “Ayah, please TRY to come home early today..”

Whenever I prepared breakfast or even cook a simple pancakes, my son would appreciate it by saying “ Ibu, you are the best mommy in the whole wide world”. (I wish I had recorded it every time he said that). Now with Nazurah’s presence, meaning less time with Haziq. This also means I now have two beating hearts inside of me.

Like other parents, I always want the best for my children, i.e the best education. During the last PTA meeting, of his classmate’s parents came to me and my husband and said “ my son cakap anak you kuat makan..”.I was telling myself “hey, it’s my SON that you are talking about!” but then again to think of don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff methodologies, I tend not to overreact. After all, there's no point arguing about another person's opinion. It's about personal sense and sensibilities. About our very own unique experiences. Hence perhaps it's better to reserve all the reminiscence among equals.

I guess I was being protective, over protective and fear that my kids will not be able to defend themselves without me.

My parents & in law have different ways of handling things, when I taught Haziq to inform the teacher if someone did something bad to him, my parents taught him to fight back. There was one time, he came back & tell me that he did exactly like what his nenek told him to do..”I told Megat; your mother is gemuk!”. (Surprisingly the atuk-nenek’s methodology works but ethically, I’d not recommend)

To my son Haziq,
believe me, Ibu have been there. I was made one of the greatest jokes in school, I was not the favorite niece that “those uncles and aunties” actually looked down and told me that I will never succeed (but you are lucky Haziq, you have the bestest uncles & aunties!).
With God swt’s willing, we made it! I have a beautiful family, my children are the best things that ever happened to me, I drive the bestest car,live in my used to be dream house, I have been around the world…
Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our lives, sayang. If Allah allowed us to go through our lives without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as what we could have been. We could never "fly"!

I became lost words at time, leave me in utter silence, as if searching for the souls somewhere deep within. I am not sure whether my husband is thinking about the same thing.
About the future of our kids.

And the interlocked hands while on our way to work signified a resilient, albeit silent vow.

A vow to do our part as parents; and to give our best, no matter what…

P/s : Hari ini emotional sikit…this was written in the office, thinking of the kids at home.


laaa... mak sapa ni?
Pix: Nana checking out Haziq's optimus Prime Voice changer helmet and art class product for the day (the guitar)!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy fathers day, ayah !!!

Haziq made a beautiful card for ayah and while nazurah post a smile during the special day..
Me? I was too busy jogging around the neighbourhood.. but manage to prepare "special" breakfast for the family. Haziq was telling everyone that " My mommy made the most special breakfast in the whole wide world today!!!"
Happy fathers day...

Back to work

After 65 days at home, many session of post natal massage & treatment, after16 kg off (4kg more to go), .. time to head back the office...

waaa..... ibu miss haziq & nazurah !!

Around the world

while uncle Nazmi is visiting Dubai, auntie Alin in Bangkok and nur Afizah in Spain, Nazurah first "oversea" trip is ..... to Ayah's former workplace, the kiasu land.

Friday, May 11, 2007

One month old Nazurah..

Hope you like the gift from ayah my princess...

Stokke Xplory

"..the award-winning stroller, Xplory has not only been recognized for its looks, manoeuvrability, safety, and comfort. But become the preferred stroller of the modern family, of celebrities, and stars.."

Red party

Happy birthday Fariez Armani..
p/s : auntie Nana is breaking the pantang already by attending the red party.

Nine years...and counting

Despite patah kaki due to confinement, I manage to organize a small party (menu: sate, KFC, nasi lemak, mee goreng, fruits etc. Thanks to my brother sebab tolong belikan though it was a last minute arrangement)

Happy annivesarry love!!

Thank you to all

My appreciation to all visitors and well wishers.
The number of family & friends visiting in hospital is truly UNEXPECTED.. (lucky we took the biggest room, punyalah ramai..)-thought it only happen on first delivery ajer.

Thank you for the "rombongan from office" who visited at home.

Thank you all for the prayer & gifts (the baby toileteries is enough for 5 yrs usage!)

Thank you for the emails, sms, phone calls and not forgetting the angpow.
My special thanks to Dato Ashar, labor room midwife, nurses and the maternity ward staff (hope you enjoyed the pizza & donuts). Thank you for the great patience in assisting me going thru the labor pain..

Thank you to my hubby for being by my side thru out the delivery & for the "laughing gas"..
I thank Allah swt all for all of you. I am so very lucky to be sorrounded by wonderful people.

Pix : Some of the gifts yg sempat ambik gambar (before kena bukak by abg haziq..)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nazurah Nazri

Alhamdulillah..I have safely given birth to a healthy baby girl on 7th April 2007.
Syukur pada Allah swt for another blessing

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Count down....

I'm in my 36 weeks and delivery can took place anytime after 37th. My MRI result came back today & according to doctor I am capable for normal delivery this time (Haziq's was via emergency C-section).

Am I afraid?
Of course I do, for people who carry many sins like me have a reason to be scared.
I still remember when the doctor was saying that I am categorized under people who are capable to bear the pain (based on the contraction graph & the long hour labor pain)
& I also remember not even a tear drops during the PPH-post partum hearmorrage (or "tumpah darah" in Malay).

But things are different now, I have my children to think of.
I keep telling my hubby that should something happen to me, he may re-marry,
BUT I know, no one can replace being the best mother to my children & love them as much as I do.

Since I am busy travelling around and at the same time tied up with office work. This may be my last posting before giving birth.

Kindly forgive me, mintak ampun dan maaf and please pray for my safe delivery.

Happy Birthday to ME!!

My hubby took me to lunch date at Equotorial's Japanese restaurant on my birhtday . Later that night I took my family for dinner at Cozy Corner(almost 30 of them, including in-laws). I had to cancelled the Concorde Shah Alam plan coz I was too tired to travel.. but I was happy coz everyone was there.
My birthday wish?
For my family to be happy and in the best of health (and weatlh).
You see, it's no longer about me that matters,. it's about others.

Birthday present?
After getting a brand new car in 2005, a handphone & Ferragamo in 2006 and being pregnant in 2007, I guess there's nothing more that I wanted. I am happy with the way things are.

Happy Birthday to me again.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Lego Bionicle

Haziq's new interest is the Lego Bionicle figurine, . (Note to my nephew Iqmal: try not to promote things that involved money to Haziq, this thing is costly dear.. and yes memang Auntie Nana work in bank but those are other people's money sayang)

Currently pending "Toa Napuru" to complete the collection. Other Haziq's collectiobles item; bionicle innaka teeth (refer pix), games, wallet, books & t-shirt. Second photo, one of the many many Bionicle pics found in our digital camera (taken by Haziq) , no wonder the memory is full ...



2/4/04 Friday
11.00am: Off to Lenga, Pagoh Johor
6.00pm: Left Pagoh to Jitra, Kedah

3/4/04 Saturday
2.00am: Check in Hosba Village
12.00pm: Depart for Penang
2.00pm:Check in

4/3/04 Sunday
11.00 am: Check out
2.00pm:Arrive in KL
8.00pm: Uncle Lan's birthday makan2

Pangkor Pics

p/s: Redang is still breath taking...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Jalan lagi....

I am 15kg more than my normal weight now... Feeling heavy and restless all over. Last week we went to Singapore (again?) and it was supposed to be my last long journey trip before delivery.

It was a last minute decision over the long CNY break that I joined my family for a 3 days trip to Pangkor. Waduh!! the journey sungguh capek sekali....
The traffic was really bad that it took us 9 hours to reach Lumut. What pissed us off is the drivers' attitude.. esp on using the emergency lane and cutting que. When contacted the local police their replied was " kami dah tak larat nak saman la , encik"..

Another incident-I was among the first to go on board the ferry with my other 20 adult & children in the family until a group of chinese cut the que & pushing me from behind, leaving the ferry attendant shouting like mad for them to make way for this cun pregnant lady. I was on my good mood until they started cursing in chinese (so happen I understand sebab dulu ada bofren apek...) I turned to them and said "kalau perut saya tak buncit pun saya akan tolak you balik" (it's just a matter of saying, I know I dont really mean it).

Morale of the story : Jangan sibuk nak jalan kalu pregnant.
Above pics: Bvlgari item in our suite @Ritz Carlton S'pore...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Salam Maal Hijrah 1428

Selamat Tahun Baru..
Semoga dilindungi Allah swt dunia & akhirat. Amin

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My soulmate is coming back

What do you call when a person has to loose his hefty income just to be with his wife and child(ren)? Itu lah namanya cinta....

Ayah finally tendered his resignation on his 1st year annivesary with CB singapore. Even the counter offer make me drool, his decision is final. Reason? To fullfil his promise which was made in 2005 that he'd return to accompany me should I get pregnant (after 6 mths? better late than never).

Welcome back love, (sure I'll miss those sweet, lovey dovey sms that I received daily when we were apart)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Walk the talk

It's time to receive the free diary again..the start of a new year is often a time for reflection and resolution. Time to re-visit unfullfilled promises made the previous year and time to make amends before these promises lapse into oblivion.

It has always been the same new year & maal hijrah list that I have been carrying since my childhood (in fact the piece of paper with the priority listing has turned yellowish to reflects how old it has been-it is too personal to share but covers life and hereafter).

To think of it, it is about time that I added the below to my list (last time does not apply maa....)
be a good wife (solehah) to my hubby
be a good mother (mithali) to my children
settle all the debts

A cute handwritten note on the footnote of the list caught my eyes, which sounded like this " Note to myself: Ingat Tuhan, ingat family, ingat diri, ingat mati"

By the way, my hubby reminded me to remove the "outside" M'sia holiday plan from our 2007 wish list, "there wont be any until our daughter reach at least 1 year old" he said..

Alhamdulillah, thank to Allah swt and all the well wishers. Life has been great. Syukur for the blessing. Lets make 2007 less about "us" but more about "others: :- the one in need, respect the older.

P/s : Honey, remember the silver RX8 that overtook us yesterday? hint hint..pls dont remove it from the wish list.


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