Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Umrah : Another postponement of ultimate visit

I pray
I dream
I care...
I know that someday
I will bring my family there
My prayer for all pilgrimage safety while performing Haj
May our dream of performing the fifth pillar of Islam will be materialised

Monday, December 25, 2006


After having lunch at Chilli's last week, Alin accompanied me to collect the bimmer's road tax and then off to the Gynae for my detail ultrasound check up. When the Lab assistant was saying out loud "You are a very lucky person, it's hard to see a good friend accompany another friend to check up, but you are bless with one".
Couldnt agree more...

That reminds me, Alin & Elin 5 hour karaoke session was one of the contributor to the bad flood situation in our southeren region. Nur Afizah, next project?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2 weeks more to school, my dear....

Every morning my son will ask me "is it a school day yet?"..upon answering "no", he will tell me that it is going to be a wonderful day, the sun is shining brighter bla bla..(to think of it, he is only 5!)

During the last parent teacher day, his class teacher, Mrs keren was telling me how talkative my son was. What worries me, he is picky when it comes to friend. Accroding to Keren, Haziq will only make friend with English speaking children. Keren added that he likes counting but when it comes to reading, punyalah malas (just like the father kot?)

Last week in MH16 to Singapore, he was talking non stop from the moment the plane take off until it landed. Suddenly on our way out to the arrival hall, he ask me " Mana Ayah?"
.. in which I responded "aik, boleh pulak cakap Melayu"
"I purposely talk in English with slang just now because the flight is full of english" he replied

aduh.. pening kepala ibu.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Selamat Pengantin Baru to Zai. It is his second marriage & I hope that this one will last forever.

Roslan informed us that he just filed his divorce, for the second time. He claimed that he is still seeking for a perfect partner.

Along left his wife & 3 kids of many years. This is the most shocking news of all. Always known as a family man & a religious person. Truly a lesson to learn, I'm still not use to see him with another woman other than Kak Bai.

Azrul finally got married to Azreen. After a long "yo yo" and heaty relationship, they finally made it !!(I told you so..) It was such a lovely & lavish wedding...

Khalil has become a quiet person and is now taking care of his 4 kids after his wife left him. "He was such a good person, he doesnt deserve this, life is so unfair.." my hubby keep saying, still unbelieveable.

Tuhan swt will not put a person to test if one is incapable. We never know what actually happen, as an outsider we cannot put our comments, we are not the one experiencing it...
but it was truly an eye opener for both me & my hubby.
We never know what future lies ahead.
I believe Allah swt is with us.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Birthday dear...

Happy Birthday encik Nazri
Makin hensem makin berseri
Bila la nak balik kerja kat KL ni
My tummy is getting big setiap hari

I love you...

P/s : U may find find the jiwang bday dedication in ur mail.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Belated Wish : Eid Mubarak in Brisbane

Due to the busy hectic office work, the morning sickness and the last vacation prep, I forgot to wish my friends and family SELAMAT HARI RAYA and Maaf Zahir Batin. Please forvige me for my wrong doing and I want you all to know that you people are very IMPORTANT to me.

To ALL my friend, wherever you are, my prayer is always with you. I may not remember your full name or even how your name is correctly spelled and may be we havent meet for decades, but believe me you are always on my mind.

Selamat Hari Raya.

p/s: thanks honey for the nice angle of the above photo which was taken in Dreamworld, my tummy is barely noticeable.

Another break

Just returned from 7days trip to Brisbane and 2 days in Brunei.. What a break! Gold Coast was a 0-k-a-y. The thing Haziq like most in Aussie is kangaroo, koala and dolphin. On the other hand, I am surprised that things are much cheaper compared to Singapore (the kiasu). So that explains the additional 3 luggages and 2 big painting that we brought back.

I learnt that Brunei is as expensive as Singapore. Surprisingly the town is really small (I knew it was small but I never expect that it is that small).

BTW of all the places that I have visited, nothing beats Switzerland.

I wish to go to Bangkok and Jakarta before the delivery (honey, I hope you are reading this) and most important is I want to see Kaabah before 2007 ends. Again, this is subject to health and finacial (with Gods permit), insyAllah.

Dedicated to my hubby,
I would like to thank you for the all-expense-paid-vacation and for understanding that I am currently broke (irrespective of the M'sian CI which hit 1007 yday). So please wonder no more about the balance of foreign curreny in my wallet (USD, AUSD, SGD and Brunei) since I have gone to the money changer yday to have them exchanged to MYR. Should you wonder of my craving this time, I'm happy to extend the below (again) for your reference:-

1) LV
2) 350z
3) Chesterfield

Love you
Your fat wife

Sunday, October 08, 2006

CGG-Cover Girls Gemuk

Pada satu hari tiga orang pompuan (cun) go for bun hunting (something that they had been doing since college day"..their conversation goes like this...

Cun1: Nana tu pakai u-zap tak kurus pun
Cun2: Yer la, sama jer. makin buncit ada la.
Nana: Woi, org pregnant lar..

So my other 2 fren, you can have my title (DDG-Drop DeaD Gorgeous, CCG & ntah aper2 lagi yg korang selalu create). Well, dont forget that the handsome astronaut hunk story that I told you, it's true!

Photo taken few weeks before puasa, opening ceremony of Ariff's Boutique


My 5 year bubbly son is sooooo... talkative, you'll be amazed upon hearing his story telling, the exagerated version of Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood etc.

Dialogue 1
Haziq: What are you doing ibu?
Ibu: (Cooking) I'm cycling.
Haziq: No you are not, you are cooking. Ibu do you know that flour comes from wheat, do you know how to plant wheat?bla bla...
Ibu: Can you be quiet for a minute?
Haziq: Is it a minute yet?

Dialogue 2
Haziq: Do you know that Dora the explorer can speak spanish?
Ibu: No
Haziq: She can speak very well, you know, bla bla.. monkey in boots.. bla bla piglet..bla bla
Ibu: Tidur la Haziq...,please, ibu ngantuk ni, esok kerja..
Haziq:Abracadabra (pretending his finger like a magic stick), make my mommy awake, make her eyes open wide .
Ibu: Abracadabra!!Sleep!!

Dialogue 3
Haziq : Ibu do you know that cow milk can make ice creaam bla bla...harry & bucket of dinasour..bla bla
Man 1: Anak akak dari tadi tak berhenti2 cakap, dia tak penat ke?

Dialogue 4
Haziq : Ayah, ayah tau tak...spoiler, bla bla , modified, lepas tu kan..bla bla (for at least 10 mins non stop)..ayah dengar la ni!, I'm not finish yet...then the car has Nitrogen Oxide or people call it Nos, and then..bla bla
Ayah : Ibu, did you talk this much when you had him in your tummy?

Dialogue 5
Ayah: Haziq, do you know why kulit ibu tak putih macam kita?
Haziq: Why ayah?
Ayah: Because when she was small, dia main mercun das & it exploded while she was holding it.
Haziq: Was it painful ibu?

what a blessing.. (and thank you for the compliment ayah..)

Hot wheels

Few weeks before I found out that I 'm pregnant, we had an eye for a new toy...went for a test drive, but the plan was later scrap off since we had to put some saving for the new baby arrival...(insyaAllah)

So when my hubby ask me "ibu ngidam aper this time, steamboat, coca, siput sedut ?" I told him that I still have wet dreams about RX8, so that's when he spontaniously said "K-H-E!" (our decent version for "kepala hotak engkau", the gurau2 version lar).

Betul la, teringin ni, tak tipu.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Bahasa Melayu

As a person raised in full "lingua franca", hard for me to imagine having a child who refuse to talk in "bahasa ibunda" (err.. I mean BM). My worry is towards people perception, some even think that I force him to speak english. I reminisce the moment in pasar malam where I actually had to pinch his back, constantly reminded him to talk in Malay to the man selling ayam percik or the mak cik yong tau fu.

I had this neighbour who only speaks nothing but English to their children, as a result the language their good at beside English is Indon (influenced by the bibik). The kids at the lorong will laugh when the children says things like " mau pulang" or "enggak mau". I also have cousin who force the son to speak in english regardless to whom the kid is having conversation to. Too good to be truth, I have nothing against those who were originally brought up with "english" sorrounding this but it sound so unnatural to some people! macam fake ajer bunyinye esp yg mak bapak paksa.

What I dont understand is, when we went to our relatives house in Spore, Haziq will speak Malay! (when I thought that was the ONLY moment I need him to communicate in English) I admit that mine is not as good as most of my friends. I remember my mouth was wide open upon hearing friend's conversation (to name few; Harrie, Zel, Normi etc) during my school days. Not only my grammar was poor, my vocabulary is worse..let alone the pronuonciation. Pheww!!But I was lucky, befriended to them is what encourage me to improve my English.

Last week Haziq corrected me when I've mistaken an otter to a beaver (he recognize them by the tail). The truth, Otter is the only word I knew beside "memerang".
Errgghh.. lega that I let this out. Nak cakap dengan Haziq banyak kali pun dia kecik lagi & buat tak paham, he scores 90 in his English..Bahasa Malaysia? tak payah cakap la....buat malu je. Nasib baik ustaz ngaji tu bule cakap English.

To Haziq, English people pun makan nasi sayang.... (ibu da tak larat asyik2 kena masak spaghetti)

Thursday, September 14, 2006


It was a such wonderful moment, Haziq put his hands on my tummy and whispered

"Good morning adik, assalammualaikum...please be a boy adik, please.."

Yes, it is another blessing..
I am pregnant.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

My baby

Note ; Especially for my son Haziq, ibu cherish every laughter, every prayer and every song that you sing to me. you are still, the best thing that ever happen to me.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

1) No remedy

It has been a while that I have not cried for others but myself. I am very much disturbed with the things happening around us. As I was going through my daily routine, flipping through the net and newspaper on the latest update of the Middle East, my heart sank and my tears dropped when I saw this.

Never have I imagined that while I was happily playing on the beach with my family, my muslim sisters and brothers on the other side of the world is actually fighting for their life and their country in the name of Islam.

May Almighty Allah strengthen the resolve and give the Muslims victory over this case . I will continue praying to Allah as part of my contribution to fight against the global rise of anti Islamic for the safety of muslims around the world.

2) A student once more

I decided not to attend the office’s line dancing lesson and to quit gym for a while. I knew I’d feel bad if I am capable to attend the less important thing but not able to manage my time in attending the Islamic related. I remember deciding not to pursue my masters (MBA) because I know those were not the area of knowledge that I am hunger of.

So, do not be too choosy, as learning as much as possible about Islam (fiqh, syariah, tafsir, whatever that we can afford to attend) is still very important even if we know our life may end soon and that we may not be able to apply the knowledge we gained. This is because attending Islamic lectures is considered as a great ibadah and is also another way of obtaining Allah s.w.t’s blessings and forgiveness. There are so many hadiths talking about the benefits of sitting in such gatherings…” a dying cancer patient once quote (he has returned to God swt early this year)

3) Apostate

The Lina Joy issue was really an eye opener for me; someone who was well educated and equipped with basic Islamic studies is now challenging her belief of many years. My tears dropped heavily as I read her mother statement.
(Ya, Allah lindungilah kami, jauhkanlah keluarga ku dari musibah sebegini…)

That was Miss Lina, someone who is outspoken, highly educated ;incapable to keep her belief in Islam. What about me? My children? My family? My neighbour and my friends?…

4) Back to life

To Allah do belong the unseen (secrets) of the heavens and the earth, and to Him goeth back every affair (for decision):then worship Him, and put thy trust in Him: and thy Lord is not unmindful of aught that ye do.(Hud: 123)

I am no angel.. only an ordinary wife, mother, daughter and hamba Allah who carry many sins and seeking Allah swt forgiveness and mercy. I hope we can be saved from HIS punishment. InsyaAllah.

Alhamdulillah, God willing and with my mom’s prayer, my life is blessed with so much happiness, health and wealth. But have I performed my duty as a muslim faithfully? There was no single moment that this guilty conscience leaves me.

I owe it all to Allah swt for keep answering my prayers.
(Ampunkanlah dosa-dosa kami, Ya Allah)

You Raise Me Up

You Raise Me Up
When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.
p/s I am helping Haziq to memorize the above for his school concert.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Giant Garoupa is coming

Just got back from Redang.. subhanallah! the clear ocean really amazed me!! My skin has now became sun- kissed-tanned with a bit of gold reflection (ala macam Beyonce sikit2).

I guess aged has caught up with me, I get tired easily while showing off my swimming skill to Haziq. (Apparently my hubby is not!)

With the recent visit to Terengganu, there are only 2 more places for Haziq to complete his journey throughout Malaysia. Watch out Sarawak and Perlis, Haziq is coming!!

(By the way, if the fact that Haziq was made in Kuching is considered as a point, we only owe him one more place jer...)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Relationship Manager (RM) and IT Project Manager (PM)

What happens if is RM collaborate with PM under the same roof?
The RM will deal with all the "communication required items" whereby the PM is more on managing the resources (maid) and the household budget (banking trsansaction).

This patnership demands a very high expectation. The PM who is currently managing the dollars and cents couldnt find any systematic solution to it and end up with an excel file...!!

Managing resources? The one-month-old-burnt-blouse and the spoilt Zara shirt is the latest addition to the living proof.

Based on the above you will know which title I belongs to.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Single Child Syndrome-SCS

Haziq told me about not-so-nice story from school. I am getting worried about the situation. The main reason I sent him for pre-school at 5 years is because I want him to socialize and mingle with other kids. (Having had to leave him in school was tough enough for me... )

Apparently not only he is loaded with his schoolwork at home, the spelling and the semester exam is enough to stress a 5 year old kid. (I should have agreed with Nazri that it is too early for him)

The story is like this, Haziq has an allergy and will vomit easily. On Tuesday, he vomitted in his classroom "I was on my way to the toilet ibu but tak sempat", he explained. Guess what the teacher did? He was sent to the principal office and was lectured by Mrs Wong that should he puke again in future, not only he has to clean himself, but also the classroom. He was also detained in class and was only release 10 minutes after school ends.

They called my father about it and they think that Haziq's vomiting is HABITUAL and he did it on purpose. When atuk responded on Haziq allergy and he is seeing a specialist and under medication, they just dont accept it!

Since what Haziq reported to me aligned with what my dad told me, I decided not to confront the teachers until I have discuss it with my hubby on Friday. Meantime, Haziq will be absent from school.

My thinking
1) Detained class?
2) Principal office?
3) habitual?

Haziq has not been taking breakfast for quite some time since he fear that the food will come out. What say you?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bulletin Utama

I dont even care,
to whom Siti Nurhaliza is getting married to (?)
how much money will be spend on her wedding

I dont even care,
what my boss had to say about my work
how much bonus and increment other people are getting

I do care,
about Israelies invasion in Lubnan
on number of civillian died in the war

I do care,
about what future lies ahead
is it better or is it bad
will I be able to see
how will my grandchildren be

p/s: influenced by daily news..


Monday, July 10, 2006

A month of giving and receiving

My hubby bought an XBOX 360 (for Haziq?yeah right) and got me an Osim u zap (no laughing, I want to use it for my flabby arms) and he bought himself a 42 inch plasma to replace our tv which was unrepairable after being struck by lightning. Since they were purchased in S'pore, he manage to save him some RM due to the price difference.

Giving? Lots of love from me & Haziq to the man of our life...

Thank you again my love..

Happy 5th Birthday Haziq

we had a big celebration for Haziq's birthday this year. There's satay, roti jala, bihun hailam, mee rebus, chicken nuggets, beef burger, fruits, karipap, jelly, chocolate muffin and Mr Ronald McDonald.

The best part, the moment we opened the cake Haziq was complaining "why did you put a Gallardo ibu? I told you I want a Murcielago or Enzo"..come one dear the cake cost me RM300 and ibu couldnt find a nice murcielago on the internet.

I'm very happy that the children are entertained by the games organised by the hostess from McD's and not forgetting our own made pinata! The children actually act like anak2 ayam to collect the goddies & coin from the pinata. cute!

Happy birthday again Haziq, ibu doakan anak ibu sejahtera dunia & akhirat. Aamin
Love you "English boy"!!

My maid is pregnant

Married for 2 weeks but she is in her 4th week now....
It's either I'm stupid or I'm dumb.

God give me strength, come to my assistance

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I wanna horse and a murcielago

We took Haziq to Kiara Equestrian club for Land Rover test drive. It turn out that he is more attracted by the horsey over the machine. Thereafter we went to Hartamas Square for makan & so that he could see the fancy cars kat situ. While having his meals, he become entertained for every evo, skyline, lamborghini & RX8 that passes by.

I guess that's how he came up with the statement "I think I wanna horse & murcielago for my birthday! a real one, not the tipu one"

Tunggulah Ayah cap duit byk2

Behind the wheels

The journey to office took longer after Jln Raja chulan & Sultan Ismail route change back to 2 lane. I normally leave the house at 8.20am & able to sign in before 8.45am but the current situation is simply X#@$.. I now have to leave home at 8.00 which means missing breakfast with Haziq!

Cruisin at 160kmph thru the Ampng KL elavated hway (AKLEH) is totaly an experience. (My hubby reached 200kmph during the trip up north) ..

While watching the Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) Haziq told me "Ibu, dont try this with ayah car, its dangerous..As usual I'm always impresive by 350Z ..(hint hint).Guess I'm the only one still in love with Asian muscle, Haziq has now choose Gallardo, Murcelago & Enzo over skyline & Evo. My hubby eyeing for Boxter (Italian invented the fastest machine, remember?)

I still dont get about the majority woman drivers.. ..i.e not switching the signal lights , driving slow in the fast lane, kedekut nak bagi jalan..but my main concern, they jeorpadize other motorists, kesian ngan org naik motor..

UUM: My turning point

I've been busy..very busy and the weekend was fully occupied starting from my Spore trip, Nonoi's wedding, PD reunion trip (and Yanti's wedding..he he), kenduri kesyukuran at my place, then the trip to Kedah for Ina's wedding and this Saturday another function at home.. HAZIQ's 5th birthday!!!Penat nya...

And to celebrate that I took MC today.. (had a diarrhea actually nye...)

By the way we went to UUM during our trip to Kedah..
"it's like walkin down memory lane", my hubby said.
And he added "cuma it was with different people (girls), instead of my wife" and I responded "sama la..". and we had a good laugh (org lain pun buat cam tu ka?).... The best part, passing by his ex-girlfriend hse in Alor Setar.. and Haziq break the silence by saying "why is that house looks like a haunted house?"and I replied sarcastically "coz dulu ada hantu duduk kat situ".

We always wanted to visit Sara & Iffil in Kulim..tapi tak de rezeki lagi kali ni..

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My hubby UUM reunion

We were at Tiara Beach, PD last weekend for my hubby ex-UUM reunion. I think the committee did a good job, a very goog job indeed. Imagine they manage to gather 45 sintokian for their batch(so in total that would end up almost 200 of us including of wives and children)., All the event, telematch and dinner was properly organised.. BRAVO to Yasin, Khalil & gang...(The event also gives me opportunity to meet Lisa since Azmi is one of the committee)

I was surprise to see how some of the ex-UUM (and wives) expanded from a "S" to " XL". During a prize giving ceremony, there was a guy who receive the life achievement award after successfully reduce from a "XXXL" to an "M" size, everyone was so impressed with him. Based on the slide show of photos taken back then in UUM, I must say that it was a total extreme makeover for him. Used to clad in thick glasses and was easily mistaken for Harrie's hubby from behind...but now, phewww!!! He deserved the award...

By the way there was also another UUM batch having a reunion at Tiara and I heard that theirs was an expensive one...

As for me, despite of having high fever during the stay..a visit to the resort SPA was a rejuvenating experience...

Hidup UUM

Monday, June 12, 2006

Yanti? I give up

Remember my poems for Yanti? Well, Nonoi wasnt the only one busy for the wedding preparation this month, Yanti is getting married next week. Period.

It's not the marriage that bothers me (at least I dont have to make noise over her "dracula bitten neck"), it is her attitude that disturb me. I am with the assumption that she is trying to make me sack her instead of she quit herself. Imagine, the guest toilet was filthy, very filthy that I reminded her 3 days in row to wash.. come day 3, no action taken so I decided to clean it myself while she was singing in her room.

To my surprise, the next day my neighbour called me at work telling me that she oveheard Yanti raise her voice to my mum. When I called home, my parents has already left my house with Haziq. Mak told me that Yanti was angry that mak clean the fridge when Yanti was watching TV (which I instructed Yanti to do a week ago). According to Mak, she slam the dishes in the washing basin and lock herself in her room. Yanti later became more angry after finding out that the toilet has been clean up (she only notice it in the noon? I clean it at 12.30 am!)

What I was so dissapointed was, I actually tried to "jaga hati" (couldnt find the best English vocab for this), I will do the housework silently if I'm not satisfied with her output. Money has been easy for her (i.e "kakak, mintak RM100 nak beli baju kawin-I lost track how much she owe me), cuti was never a problem (and even have a previlige for a day outing on weekdays). She is the ONLY maid that made me cry (coz I didnt know what to do!cant believe that people are actually doing this). Watching TV? she can narrate back the daily drama series (You named it, citer melayu, indon etc) she even brave enough to ask us to change the channel just to ensure that she wont missed an episode. Believe me, I am not making up stories, my cousin (Nonoi's bro) who slept over the weekend was shocked when she asked him to stop playing the PS2 in the family hall so that she can watch TV.

When last week she asked me whether I still want her to work with me lepas kawin, I responded that I was the one should be asking her whether she can still do the work (how can she forget that we just renewed her permit last February? and we did ask her first before the renewal!). She actually has the nerve to answer, "rumah ni mana ada kerja, semua kakak & nenek dah buat!" and I told her " ye ke ? habis tu kenapa tempat baju haziq tak kemas, fridge tak cuci, bawah kerusi & laman rumah tak sapu, botol susu haziq biarkan tak cuci... " she answered "itu saya lupa".

Yanti reluctant to do work after 8pm and will only resume work at 6.30am the next day (irrespective whether the guest at home or not, sama saja).
Probably my neigbour was right about me being too nice to her.

Think of the bright side, this is a small "ciku" problem...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

counting my blessings..

My heart sank when I read this
I am thankful to God swt for lending Haziq to me and for giving me the oppurtunity to be a mother..I really am.

I am amazed for the parents who wonderfully took care of their child to his/her last breath.

To Sara & Iffil, Salbiah & Bob, .. your strength, courage and devotion really amazed me. You have poured love, lots of love to your child before they return to God swt.

Believe me, God has choosen the right people.
Al-Fatihah for belated Mariam and Muhammad.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Selamat Pengantin Baru Nonoi & Muz!

Everyone is busy with Nonoi's wedding and frankly speaking, even though I'm so very happy over my closest cousin's marriage, at the same time I feel sad cause she will no longer be spending as much time as we used to be. I remember how we (me & the other female cousins) used to ignore her presence during our childhood days just because she is always protected by our belated nenek. (We will always find ways to defend her sister, Titi)

Things change as we become older. The two sister, Nonoi & Titi, become closer and have individually developed their own personality...they even share stories and keep each other secrets. Titi, who used to be the "naughtier" one has changed to be a quiet person after she met Faiz. I am so impressed how Faiz turn this girl into a woman. Nonoi on the other hand, become more closer to the family and take charge of the siblings. I remember asking her what makes she change her lifestyle..she responded to me with one word, "responsibility".

Nonoi was the one who looks after me when I was warded in the hospital and was the one to accompany me during my hubby's absence. I was so happy when she introduced Muz to us, I must say he'd gotten our instant approval. To me Muz is not only a good looking kinda guy (ehem..) but that was not the fact why we like him. it is the "5 times a day" that caught our attention and in fact I was even feeling overjoyed when I found out that Nonoi was learning to recite Quran with Muz's mother.

I am so blessed to have a cousin like's not that I don't appreciate my other female cousin, but Nonoi always make me feels good to be me.

To my cousin Norlina Ithnin,
I am praying the best for you. Remember that marriage is not about being a perfect wife or husband, is about becoming one..the learning never stops..and dont forget the word "patience" . By the way, you really surprised us with your "cover up". I reassure you that you will never loose your beauty upon wearing hijab(and be reminded that Arianie mentioned "dont just wear tudung like Kak nana!")
To Muzri, Please take care of my little cousin because we really treasure her..
God swt please bless this marriage..Amin.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Down with gastrics..4th time of the year

I'm on mc today(3rd mc for 2006).. was on bed all day with my notebook on and constantly on line to do office work..(do I have a choice?)

I am totaly restless & praying that I dont have to undergo another endorscopy next week..

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Wonder why suddenly I'm posting so many photos in my blog?he he.. Just testing my new desktop with 17 inch LCD and it's Canon 3 in one printer.

Well actually, ayah bought the PC for Haziq..(Haziq hardly let me use it..) so I'm sharing the WIFI thru my notebook aje..

Abang Joned

No one would ever ever predict that I will end up marrying that used-to- be- skinny- boy- who- was- once- my- so- called "pet-brother"..

I love you my hunny bunny

Catch this!

Just for the record, I was once on the FRONT page of most of the local newspaper..I remembered not keeping the complete newspaper cutting coz I didn't like what the reporters wrote about me (i.e aspire to become a doctor & talk about wawasan 2020?) That was the day I realized that not everything printed in the paper is true.


can you spot which one is Haziq's mommy?..(useful tips: more "hairy" would be ayah)

Blast from the past II

P/s : Notice Bonzer's cousin makeover?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Another summer day
Has come and gone awayIn Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home
Maybe surrounded byA million people I
Still feel alone
I just wanna go home
Oh I miss you, you know
And I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two"I’m fine baby, how are you?"
Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you deserve more than that
Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I’m lucky I know
But I wanna go home
I’ve got to go home
Let me go home
I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home
And I feel just like I’m living someone else’s life
It’s like I just stepped outside
When everything was going right
And I know just why you could not
Come along with me
That this is not your dream
But you always believed in me
Another winter day has come
And gone awayIn even Paris and Rome
And I wanna go home
Let me go home
girl #1 : kak Nana, since when are you into slow tuned aka michael buble? what happen to linkin park & your upbeat thingy?
Nana cun : since involved in the project lar, need something to cool down the heat
girl #2 : ala excuse her la... she became "jiwang" after the hubby left for Spore, tonite is "malam jumaat" maa..
Nana cun : (scratching head)
p/s :To my sis-in law Kak Mona, thank you for introducing Michael, no doubt he has a great voice

Monday, May 08, 2006

Bloody Monday

My son's nose was bleeding badly resulting from crying hysterically after his father left for Singapore last nite. .. and today it happened to me. Luckily it took place in the office surau while I was taking wudu'. Actually I feel dizzy since morning (no, I'm not pregnant but how I wish..) and has already been advised to take mc for the day.

anyway, my plan to go home early was not materialised and I was the second last person to leave the office..worse still, haziq was already asleep when I reach home.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blast from the past

I was driving home from work today when the radio actually played "I love your smile" by Shanice. It reminds me of my younger days in UUM. (The driver beside my car must think that I'm insane sebab gelak sorang2)

Still remember how
..Ida Harlina taught us "menari pump" in Alin's room,
.. Alin spoiled Monzar's mini,
.. tolong Sara cuci kereta (I know you are reading this),
.. Harrie with her lipstick and glam baju kurung
..Zel's bday celebration at KFC (Jim's love at first sight)
..Nana (sapa tu?) jatuh kat longkang B4
..abg Joned kacau daun

and many more citer kelakar yg I can relate to my kawan2 but facts:-
1) I got married to abg Joned (thank u Paipon)
2) Sara kawin dengan Iffil
3) Liza tak kawin dgn Paipon
4) Paipon tak kawin dgn Alin
5) Zel kawin dgn Jim (as expected)
6) Harrie bukan cousin bonzer
7) Alin was never involved in the Milo advertisment
8) Pijat is not Piji's sister
10) Nana budak cengeng!! (tak yah citer la...)

SDLC=system development life cycle

If I agreed to the "life is a roller coaster principle", I must say that tonite I'm at the downside of it.

How many times do we realize that the things we had said has actually hurt someone, badly? I do, most of the time & then silently try to take responsibility of it...and feeling guilty all over.

On the other side, it hurts to re-think of how I get offended by other people remarks. From scale 1 to 10, I rank myself a 7 and personally, it keeps getting better. (Frankly speaking, how bad can it goes compared to what I have gone through before...). I still do keep things to myself but I understand that it has a limit and has a probability to explode one day? (imagine: huslina meletup!)

It is so hard to please people and I dont have the capability to make everyone happy.

God give me strength, come to my assistance.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

2nd May 2006 - 8th Year Wedding Annivesary

Today is our 8th annivesary and for the first time we are not celebrating it.. I feel down all day long and even a bouquet of flower with lenghty wording from Nazri couldnt cheer me up.

To my dearest Nazri, Thank you for the wonderful 8 years and I'm praying the best for you, always. Though we are distance apart, you are always in my heart. I miss you so very much. May God swt bless our family and shower with good health, wealth and prosperity. Please forgive me for not being able to be a good & perfect wife (but it wont discontinue me from trying my best).
I love you.

Monday, May 01, 2006

milo oh milo

my good friend Alin called last week asking about hd recovery utility..(next time jangan lupa back up & verify dulu before formatting your PC dik..)

To the other cover girl Nur Afizah aka Pijat, selamat menunaikan ibadah umrah next week. Always praying the best for both of you. Cover girls forever!!! and also congratulations to both of you upon your graduation from the interior design course.

Sorry lah couldnt arrange for our monthly "bun" hunting lately, busy bangat dgn urusan di kantor...

p/s : photos taken in 1993 masa our visit to UUM

29th April 2006 CEC's sports day

Haziq first official sports event... he was the silver medalist!!! Thank you to teacher Keren for all the support and assistance. Ibu & ayah loves you sayang...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The pressure is on..PartII

I am going crazy over this project!! it's not that I cannot bare with the work's my boss!!!
during my presentation to project director & stakeholder this morning, my own boss not only did not put an effort to support me, menjatuhkan lagi ada la..

but being the only female in the room which was dominated by ageing (old) senior management men has given me an advantage.... I was backed up by the stakeholder!!

p/s : really miss going home early

Friday, April 21, 2006

house chores..

When I first got married, my plan was to stay home , "produce" & raise at least 4 kids. However due to financial constraint, I employed a maid to "accompany" my parents to takes care of Haziq.
I've always promised myself that I will treat my assistance like one of the family members..tapi....
(bacalah my malay poem dibawah ala2 indon...)

yanti oh yanti
kakak sudah bilang,
baju cantik cuci di tangan,
bila menyapu pasti bersihkan,

yanti oh yanti
baju kakak banyak yg hilang
ada juga baju perlu dibuang
kerna warnanya turun gara2 terkena warna skirt kamu yg terang
baju abg & haziq beli di oversea juga rosak
baru dipakai sekali sahaja pulak

yanti oh yanti
kakak sudah bilang
bila dirumah tolong pakai baju yg sopan
no spaghetti strap dgn hot pants yg ketat dan dada nya berlubang
malu lah dgn org yg datang

yanti oh yanti
bila balik dating dgn pacarmu tolonglah ingat
sudah 2 kali bagi amaran
kalau jumpa lagi di leher kamu, awas kakak kahwinkan
abg nazri kata jangan sampai ada yg melahirkan

yanti oh yanti
stor dan bilik haziq sudah kakak kemaskan
toilet masterbedroom juga baru dicuci
air didapur sudah dimasak
pinggan di sinki bersih sekali
habuk di siling juga tiada lagi
tukang cuci kereta juga sudah digajikan
ada apa lagi yg boleh ditolongi?

kakak memang tak pernah meleter
kerna lebih suka buat tugasan berat
tapi akhirnya diri kakak yg penat ..WAAAAAA.....

p/s: never blamed her when she said I am her longest employer ever. She admitted that kak Nana ;baik, tak pernah marah, kerjanya senang (she only looks after haziq less than 4 hrs a day) baik hati pasal duit , senang mintak cuti etc.
As long as I am capable insyaAllah ok but my neighbours (and their maid) are complaining already.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Titi, Nana & Nonoi

It is 4am M'sian time & I was supposed to finish my assignment since I have CS sytem topology presentation to the central bank (BNM) auditor and TM5 project update to the internal policeman (audit la tu..) .The mood is not here lar...

On the other side.. my cousin Titi gave birth to a baby boy y'day and keep saying that the labor pain has made her decided not to conceive again. She was in pain only less than an hour!!while I had to go thru the contraction the whole day...(must be contributed by my sins, byk dosa tu)

My closest cousin, Nonoi is getting married in June (but she looks so confused & serabut, worried over unnecessary things-Nanti kita pegi SPA next weekend ye Nonoi... )

To my new nephew(s) Danish Ashzuin & Farish Armani (fancy nye nama dia org ni..hope the parents able to explain the meaning) auntie is praying that God swt will protect you, always.

singgah? porah!

the bridge is officially off!!! (however this is the first time I tend to agree with Dr M that the project should started 2 years ago). The pasir & air space was mentioned as the bottleneck (i.e the rakyat disagree to the 2 request,...who, in the first place agreed that we have to fullfill them?
(Since my Singaporean cousins are reading this blog, I cannot be too outspoken)

I read in the local newspaper on the issue between KRU (never was their fan) & Fandi Ahmad during a friendly football match in Kuantan in which Edry was spotted with a sign langguage after the super singaporean addressed him as "Melayu bodoh & orang kampung".
Never blamed Fandi anyway coz he was never raised in a "kampung" & married to a mat Salleh who still appear in FHM with less than 20% body area covered despite having 4 kids. On the opposite site, Edry still live in an elite bungalow area in "Kampung" Datuk Keramat.

Anyway, just to share the above with my hubby since he is now becoming "less malaysian" and more exposed to the lion city facts & in return my ears are now listening to more opening statement like " Kalau kat Singpore kan, this will be....."

Baby blues

Germany 2005
In the effort of trying to conceive another child, the 3 months medication period (after the laproscopy) is over. I am now trying to divert my focus to other things.. and leaving to God SWT 's hand to determine the future. Meantime I am counting the blessing and thankful for what I have.

Haziq is the best thing that ever happen to us and at least we have tried our best in getting him a companion (specificly, healthy baby girl)

So it is now time to hit back the gym, badminton & cycling...

trial period may be over, but I will continue my prayer..

Ibu-ibu & bapak-bapak di Bandung

The Bandung trip was fun (esp the shopping). Not only things are much cheaper than Bali, people are more friendlier, food are tastier and the weather is cooler. I hope my parents enjoyed the trip since it involved berjuta-juta (rupiah).

Nazri also couldnt help to notice that the ladies are fairer (tapi cannot beat his wife yg cun melecun tu..)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

feeling down

dunno what struck me today, just feeling untouched with the real world. It is probably about time for me to leave this kinda work to the newcomers..

Apart from work I am looking back into my past, the forgive and forget, the obstacle....

Other than the performing haj to mecca with family, I dun seem to find any other mission uncomplished (err..settle the debts? the puasa 'qada?). I have a good life, sorrounded by wonderful people around me, what else I could ask for?

Unfinished business? I guess I'm willing to let go and at the same time praying that all my sins are forgiven..I have, in my past time did the wrong things and must admit I still do.
These mistakes however has made me a stronger person in dealing the "issues of life", it has made me react to problems positively, I become more "kelakar" (compared to my dark ages where I broke down hysterically).

To sum up everything, I'm getting old (walaupun physically look young-perasan)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The pressure is on..part 1

Stress free life - Haziq and business mate

The project I'm currently involved is making me senseless (ape tu?).. RD, LU/PU, NDA, FS, UAT, .net, cluster, token ring, router, domain and all the technical jargon has started playing in my dream again. The programmers we are working with are Philiphinos (their english reminds me of my neigbour, Denis).

Taking leave more than 2 days are forbidden to the project team till end of year due to the tight dateline.. and guess whose the Project manager?..

think of the bright side Huslina, KPI's, bonus, increment, project allowance...

25th March 2006 Happy Birthday Ibu

Me on my birthday My birthday gift

My 33rd birthday was a helluva celebration.. thank you to the 2 gentlemen in my life (hubby & son). I love you so very much..
We had a great weekend at a resort and hubby send me to Spa as a bonus gift...rejuvenating!
To those also born in March, Happy Birthday!! esp to newborn Danish(25th!!), Abg Lan, Syahmi, my friend Sara & Alan.
p/s: I'm counting the blessing, Thank you Allah swt for this wonderful life..alhamdulillah

F1 - big boys toys

I was in my 7th month pregnancy
with Haziq when I first witnessed "live" F1 in Sepang, thereafter we took Haziq with us when he was 2 years old.. (I caught a high fever when I got back contributed by the whole day exposed in the sun. That was it, I decided a no go no more.. )

So this year we only watch it thru the big screen at BMW's Marquee near Mandarin Oriental, boleh la with the free flow of food & drinks (bonus for those taking liquor?)

..but nothing beats the live roaring of the F1 engine!! so we decided to put some saving for a grand stand seat in Sepang next year, InsyaAllah..

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ultimate Driving Machine

Haziq is going crazy over the fast machine (must be influenced by 2 Fast 2 Furious?). His favourite is still the Mitsubishi Evo series, RX8, Maseratti and ntah aper2 lagi yg I could barely pronounced. His PSP and PS2 is mostly loaded with nothing but the racing game.

By the way, Nissan Fairlady 350z would be perfect for me (I mean apart from driving your bimmer ayah, he he..)

Back to real life, just renewed the Waja Road Tax yesterday, the Mitsubishi Grandis is expiring next month and I think the bimmer need waxing.


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