Sunday, February 26, 2006

Family gathering

Found this photo in my hd. Bollywood gathering in 2003 at Menara KL. (mind the graphic coz it was scanned from normal hardcopy pics)

Me, my cousin(s) and the joker in the middle..

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Weight issue

2006 2004

Notice how big Haziq is? I remember how skinny he used to be. He started gaining weight after taking his asmathic medicine when he was 2 years old(not only getting heavier, hyper too). Well, good news is, mommy also facing the same issue dear. My bonely structured now covered with flesh but the bad news is... everything in the wrong places lah...

I love my figure the way it is..(Nazri loves it too, he he) but I wish to firm, tone up here and there a bit.

As for Haziq, I hope he will slim down a bit. His padaetriction, Dr Kumari told me that it is okay for him since he healthy and "actively" moving. But my fear for him to keep his "chubbyness" till his adolesent which may lead to future unhealthy lifestyle.

Keep moving.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I need a break

Venice, Italy 2005

MAS travel fair will be held this weekend and I am praying hard that Nazri would take us for another holiday. Since he is with the new job, we are not able to outline any holiday plan lagi (except for Bandung in April) Haziq is hoping for Hong Kong while my priority is still the Umrah plan.. we had to cancelled the New Zealand in Jan coz of his new job (Nazri's was forfeited)

In 2005 we have conquered UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium,Holland, Bali, Langkawi and series of weekend in Port Dickson.

This year? Ohh.. yes ada, weekend in Singapore.

Our second "home"

Haziq at sentosa Island

The Malaysian issues (i.e water, bridge etc) with our dearly neighbour, Singapore, does not become any better..Somehow I am now visiting the country more often that I could ever imagine. (The 5 hour journey to be with my true love seems like forever)

Be it the Singaporean being proud of their goverment, the education system, the so-called English speaking people, the MRT (?), the cleanliness bla bla bla .. but the fact is, we are so very lucky to be Malaysian. It is inappropriate to discuss in this forum, but if you experience it, you will know how what I mean..

Malaysia Boleh!!

Thy Neighbour

Imagine this..beautiful home, strategic location, friendly neighbour...
Last week I had a makan2 at Kak Nor's place, this is the first gathering for 2006 after the last raya street party & BBQ. These people are superb! we are all from different background and this has enable us to exchange knowledge (from work to SX18 tips?). I must admit that they are succesful in their field, else you wont be seeing Mercz, Honda, bimmer, Chevy, Fiat or V6 along the lane.

Thank u Kak Nor for the food & Laila for the souvenir from New York...and Elisya, happy birthday dear! Not in picture; Lina, Zana, Gloria (Denis's wife) & Kak Nin..

My little angel

Haziq has been performing his solat daily. It started one nite when he is about to sleep, out of a sudden he stood up & say "I think there's something wrong ibu, I havent pray.. I got to pray.."

Though he is only four and the only ayat for prayer he could recite is "bismillah" & "amin", his intention really touched my heart.

I promise to instil good akidah in him & pray that he'd become anak yg soleh..amin

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cover up

Family potrait Feb 2006

I notice that some people tend to treat people with tudung differently.. Frankly speaking, I have nothing against women not covering up. I must admit that I, myself, are far from perfect..

Good example was during my visit to Ferragamo Starhill, not only they were unfriendly, their gesture indicates as if I've entered the boutique mistakenly. (I've switched to Ferragamo KLCC for my annual one-branded-shoe-a-year shopping since I'm a regular there). I encountered the same when I was in Gucci's in LaFayette in Paris, but NO, that is different case, I am a foreigner there and in addition most French have this 2nd class treatment towards Asian..

I am currently the only tudung wearer amongst the cousin (both mak & bapak side). You see, where I came from the ladies are long haired, fair, slim figure and up to date dressing (ye ke?).. So when I decided to cover up 8 years ago, I was automatically "dropped" from most of the night outings & hu ha hu ha activity and they, to the extend addressing me as "ustazah".

So you people out there, treat everyone fairly. Irrespective of race, religions, cun or tak cun. Remember that!

Friday, February 10, 2006

here we go again

I've decided to give blogging a another try after getting pissed of a remarks made by a S'porean in my fotopages.

Since I was famous of being latecomer champion in the office for the year of 2005, I've decided to change! and so far things work out well... alhamdulillah tak lambat lagi. (Well, after numerous warning from boss, I think it's about time...)

While I was updating my boss on a project today, he responded " Dont tell me that this is the best a Senior System Analyst can deliver bla bla "... but I wasnt offended by his remarks, he must have noticed that I have not been contributing off late, I used to called out names from my workstation asking for update but I guess I am more more reserved now (or "malas" is the best to describe?). I guess not having Nazri around have changed my entire mood, I no longer find work exciting,...

At times I wonder why would someone like me with Business Degree end up in IT??..I should be sipping coffee out of my coffee bean flask watching the bullish stock market, growing more money just by phone calls away!!!(Alin, u must agree on this, remember our plan?)

Good morning teacher

We decided to send Haziq to school. So proud of my little angel. I was skeptical thinking that being the only child has made him a spoilt boy. He somehow become teacher Kieren's pet that every morning I had to remind him where his seat is (he'd normally drag his chair next to Kieren's).

According to teacher, because of his English speaking, she placed him next to Brian's..the malay boy beside him complaint that my boy never speak Malay. In relates to this, once a kid asked me " Auntie, anak auntie ni melayu ke org putih?" When asked why he replied "Dia asyik speaking english jer" Dunno why Haziq is really into english speaking..Nazri & I practise "rojak" at home (well, we do not come from english speaking family like most of our friends). Could it be the one mth in Europe?

Well done boy!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The thing called LOVE...

1996-"patho" time

Really miss Nazri, never actually thought that he'd accept the offer by CB S'pore. Haziq & I are slowly adjusting to our new daily schedule.
If it's not because of the commitment I'm currently enggaged to, I'd quit my job and join him there.

Haziq & ibu miss ayah so very much.

2005-Ayah and ibu


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