Friday, January 23, 2009

A very much belated Maal Hijrah and Happy New Entry

New Year comes with new resolution but I have been carrying the same list every year. I would like to add a few things to my list this year… to take care extra of my health and to be firm sikit (boss suruh!!)

2008 left me with many ups and down.. I must say the downside comes with a silver lining…(but whatever it takes, life has been sooooooo blessed). The major surprise is the one in tummy, after few solat hajat and river of tears, my prayers answered.

Haziq has been the apple of my eyes for 6 years
then comes Nazurah to shine my life
there was a cloudy moment passes by
I pray for another child to bond us back
My prayers is answered and insyaAllah we are on track

The opening of the Islamic calendar this year is very much disturbed by the situation in Gaza. Hearing the daily update on the progress is already leaving me speechless.. let alone watching the photos posted in the newspaper… My prayers for my muslim brothers & sisters around the world.


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