Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A house yet to be a home

There have been pouring question from family & friends on the new place... A common one would be "..best tak duduk situ?.."

Well my honest reply "Best, TAPI...in comparison to the Ampang house,

..it doesnt have an auto-gate
..the 4 toilets way too small, toilet seat & the sinks look cheap :(
..it does not equipped with solar heater, centralised water heater & copper plumbing thruout the house
..the family hall at top floor can only fit the 2 1/2 seater (ampang top hall can fit 1+2+3 bulky sofa!)
..there is less than "sekangkang kera" land to plant my favourite pearl grass
..definetly no room for my koi fish pond
..the ampang master bedroom is bigger
..it doesnt have a storeroom to house the eye-sore stuff!
..it doesnt have a room on the same level with the living hall, causing inconvenience for the elderly to perform solat
..there's too many unecessary pillars
..the road & the porch land is slanting, too 'senget' & no room organize gathering, kenduri or bbq

well, there is so much thing to say for the house that cost us more than half a million! (which means another set back-longer tenure!)and there is definetly no budget to fix the above (if it can be fix lah)

but most of all..it doesnt makes me feel like a HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

there u go! that's how I responded 'politely' on my love for the new place

p/s : dah tak larat nangis dah, totaly out of tears tapi syukurlah masih ada rumah...


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