Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My hubby UUM reunion

We were at Tiara Beach, PD last weekend for my hubby ex-UUM reunion. I think the committee did a good job, a very goog job indeed. Imagine they manage to gather 45 sintokian for their batch(so in total that would end up almost 200 of us including of wives and children)., All the event, telematch and dinner was properly organised.. BRAVO to Yasin, Khalil & gang...(The event also gives me opportunity to meet Lisa since Azmi is one of the committee)

I was surprise to see how some of the ex-UUM (and wives) expanded from a "S" to " XL". During a prize giving ceremony, there was a guy who receive the life achievement award after successfully reduce from a "XXXL" to an "M" size, everyone was so impressed with him. Based on the slide show of photos taken back then in UUM, I must say that it was a total extreme makeover for him. Used to clad in thick glasses and was easily mistaken for Harrie's hubby from behind...but now, phewww!!! He deserved the award...

By the way there was also another UUM batch having a reunion at Tiara and I heard that theirs was an expensive one...

As for me, despite of having high fever during the stay..a visit to the resort SPA was a rejuvenating experience...

Hidup UUM

Monday, June 12, 2006

Yanti? I give up

Remember my poems for Yanti? Well, Nonoi wasnt the only one busy for the wedding preparation this month, Yanti is getting married next week. Period.

It's not the marriage that bothers me (at least I dont have to make noise over her "dracula bitten neck"), it is her attitude that disturb me. I am with the assumption that she is trying to make me sack her instead of she quit herself. Imagine, the guest toilet was filthy, very filthy that I reminded her 3 days in row to wash.. come day 3, no action taken so I decided to clean it myself while she was singing in her room.

To my surprise, the next day my neighbour called me at work telling me that she oveheard Yanti raise her voice to my mum. When I called home, my parents has already left my house with Haziq. Mak told me that Yanti was angry that mak clean the fridge when Yanti was watching TV (which I instructed Yanti to do a week ago). According to Mak, she slam the dishes in the washing basin and lock herself in her room. Yanti later became more angry after finding out that the toilet has been clean up (she only notice it in the noon? I clean it at 12.30 am!)

What I was so dissapointed was, I actually tried to "jaga hati" (couldnt find the best English vocab for this), I will do the housework silently if I'm not satisfied with her output. Money has been easy for her (i.e "kakak, mintak RM100 nak beli baju kawin-I lost track how much she owe me), cuti was never a problem (and even have a previlige for a day outing on weekdays). She is the ONLY maid that made me cry (coz I didnt know what to do!cant believe that people are actually doing this). Watching TV? she can narrate back the daily drama series (You named it, citer melayu, indon etc) she even brave enough to ask us to change the channel just to ensure that she wont missed an episode. Believe me, I am not making up stories, my cousin (Nonoi's bro) who slept over the weekend was shocked when she asked him to stop playing the PS2 in the family hall so that she can watch TV.

When last week she asked me whether I still want her to work with me lepas kawin, I responded that I was the one should be asking her whether she can still do the work (how can she forget that we just renewed her permit last February? and we did ask her first before the renewal!). She actually has the nerve to answer, "rumah ni mana ada kerja, semua kakak & nenek dah buat!" and I told her " ye ke ? habis tu kenapa tempat baju haziq tak kemas, fridge tak cuci, bawah kerusi & laman rumah tak sapu, botol susu haziq biarkan tak cuci... " she answered "itu saya lupa".

Yanti reluctant to do work after 8pm and will only resume work at 6.30am the next day (irrespective whether the guest at home or not, sama saja).
Probably my neigbour was right about me being too nice to her.

Think of the bright side, this is a small "ciku" problem...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

counting my blessings..

My heart sank when I read this http://viruspadu.fotopages.com.
I am thankful to God swt for lending Haziq to me and for giving me the oppurtunity to be a mother..I really am.

I am amazed for the parents who wonderfully took care of their child to his/her last breath.

To Sara & Iffil, Salbiah & Bob, .. your strength, courage and devotion really amazed me. You have poured love, lots of love to your child before they return to God swt.

Believe me, God has choosen the right people.
Al-Fatihah for belated Mariam and Muhammad.


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