Friday, May 16, 2014

Art Work 2013

Whoa.. this is one of the longest hiatus ever. My last posting was way back in June 2013. And basically that was the time where I was struggling with work, chased by datelines & the all evil monsters in projects
*Ok, ok Im exaggerating there*
My days were very stressful,
 nights were filled with teleconferences,
 other nights with nightmares,
some nights with code deployment the last till morning
then come some server activities
and weekends become like any other weekdays
I became a zombie

I don't know why but at that point of time, it was as if the project (project's name can't be disclosed due to security reason..hehehehe)is the most important thing. Astagfirullah!
Like it's the most important to the moon & back, the entire universe and most important di 7 petala langit
(the Bahasa Malaysia in intentionally done)

By end of the year, once we have reached more than 90% rollout completion, things were a bit quiet..but this is one of my 2013 highlights
Ehem! Ehem! The Best Manager next to the tiger's PCEO really looks familiar ;p

I would like to dedicate this to my team (in no particular order) Mun Loong & gang, Mr Loh & TAM, En Dean, Bob & the gang, my Supertrainer, my zone Trainer, my SMEs, Joe & CSC's & CTC's FS, Cyrene (my idol), bosses, Lay Peng & those & everyone who directly & indirectly involved with the project. I wish I could thank each & everyone of you but the list would be very lengthy.

To my family, thank you for the support & understanding. Sayang semua big time. My son used to be skeptical about her mum being a bank employee "You are working in a factory, don't you? only factory operates 24 hours" ..katanya.

 My prayers to all of u May the Almighty bless you, Protect you, Guide you, Cure you, Provide for you, Alleviate your suffering & grant you every success…
Amminn YRA Thank you Allah set for this wonderful life. Alhamdulillah.


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