Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Jalan lagi....

I am 15kg more than my normal weight now... Feeling heavy and restless all over. Last week we went to Singapore (again?) and it was supposed to be my last long journey trip before delivery.

It was a last minute decision over the long CNY break that I joined my family for a 3 days trip to Pangkor. Waduh!! the journey sungguh capek sekali....
The traffic was really bad that it took us 9 hours to reach Lumut. What pissed us off is the drivers' attitude.. esp on using the emergency lane and cutting que. When contacted the local police their replied was " kami dah tak larat nak saman la , encik"..

Another incident-I was among the first to go on board the ferry with my other 20 adult & children in the family until a group of chinese cut the que & pushing me from behind, leaving the ferry attendant shouting like mad for them to make way for this cun pregnant lady. I was on my good mood until they started cursing in chinese (so happen I understand sebab dulu ada bofren apek...) I turned to them and said "kalau perut saya tak buncit pun saya akan tolak you balik" (it's just a matter of saying, I know I dont really mean it).

Morale of the story : Jangan sibuk nak jalan kalu pregnant.
Above pics: Bvlgari item in our suite @Ritz Carlton S'pore...


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