Friday, September 07, 2007

Art Attack

When the mat salleh boy in haziq's art class ask him of his race, Haziq told us that he answered them English instead of malay. Reason? he said because he speaks fluent english and has mat saleh looks. nazri's response was "like mother like son".

Pix: Haziq & cousin, Nurul; the only Malaysian in last week's session.


The traffic was bad, Alin said I should be thankful coz since I'm in the car, "at least bule dengar anuar zain(her boyfriend) nyanyi" Alahai, I'm sure abg anuar is tired by then. So after 1 hour, I'm still at Jln Sultan Ismail, I end up taking this photo..(title : syok sendiri)

Girls just wanna have fun

I missed the outing with my female friends last week. The 3 "kepala gila" girls went ahead with their crazy karaoke session without me coz I had some family enggagement.(Actually they are so jealous of my voice).

Anyway, To Nur aka Pijat, I am envy of your 2 month solo journey concequering Europe and the states trip , Alin ; I hate you for getting the 42 inch LCD for free & Roger, for your first class travel seat and your stays in the many Four Season Hotels around the world.

Pix: The singing session which lasted till 2am (thanks to my hubby for guarding the 4 anak dara & 1 mak dara)

Much a do about the weighty issue

People who know me or those who have seen me during my pregnancy will ask how did I loose so much weight in so little time, bla bla..

My typical answer would be “tak ada apa” or sometimes teasingly said “rahsia”. To be honest, I did not do anything.

It's just few changes in my dietary & lifestyle(upon having 2 children, I think it is about time for me to take care of my health and to be precise; to minimize the migraine and gastric attack-For the past years, I was hospitalized AT LEAST once a year due to gastritis)

To be honest, as per doctors’ advise and on my own research I have been practising the blow, with hope to mitigate the sickness (the slimming part consider as a bonus) :-

-Pray hard, be thankful, be happy -good for soul detoxifying
-cut down on solid food intake without having to skip the 3 meals daily
-a bowl of oat in the morning (to increase fibre)
-a bottle of prune juice daily
-an apple a day
-supplement : 4 capsules of JMD daily
-exercise IF time permits and for every meeting within the same building, I have ALWAYS use the stairs instead of elevator
-less masak lemak or chillies cooking

A religious person once told me that if you practice a task continuously for 21 days , it’d become a habit. It works for me.
InsyaAllah it should work for you too.

So from today, please don’t say I am thinner but instead the comments should be, "you look healthier" (you can add the wor "cun" to your statement if you want too he he...)

p/s: kurus sangat tak cantik la

Malaysiaku gemilang

My family (which means parents, brothers, sister in law, nephew and nieces) is famous for arranging last minute gathering. Last week for example, it was almost 4pm when we decided to check in Putrajaya IOI Palm resort just to watch the fireworks. Since limited rooms available, we decided to hit 2 executive suites.. (maids are included)

The fireworks? It was a spectacular show (that nite was by Italianos).. but the whole excitement was brought down by a 3 hour bumper to bumper jam to reach the hotel.
And that’s how we celebrated my eldest brothers’ birthday.

We also watched the Merdeka march at Dataran. The kids were very happy.
Abg Lan reminded everyone to wear red shirt to mark our group (acah jer, easy to spot sebenarnya)

It was mak & my niece, Yana ‘s & Nurul’s birthday on Sunday… Abg Lan called me at 2pm and come up with the idea that we should skip the normal celebration at restaurant, so.. BBQ’s at my place since (I have the utilities buffet tray, chairs, buffet tables,..etc). Since I am a frequent “makan-makan” organizer, it took me less than 2 hours (with bibik’s help, of course) to prepare the salad, mushroom soup, buns, drinks, mee hoon and setting up the table & chairs for 50 people. The rest of the family added the menu i.e nasi lemak, sandwiches, lots of kuih2, fruits, 3 b’day cakes.

Refer pix: Everyone agreed that we’ll leave it to uncle Lan & wife for future bbq thingy (esp the marinates, the grill part) since they are good at it. Clean & tasty!

Nazurah behaved herself (as usual) during the party. The point is, everyone had fun and birthday girl(s) were happy.

Happy belated merdeka to all. Malaysia boleh!!


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