Thursday, April 27, 2006

The pressure is on..PartII

I am going crazy over this project!! it's not that I cannot bare with the work's my boss!!!
during my presentation to project director & stakeholder this morning, my own boss not only did not put an effort to support me, menjatuhkan lagi ada la..

but being the only female in the room which was dominated by ageing (old) senior management men has given me an advantage.... I was backed up by the stakeholder!!

p/s : really miss going home early

Friday, April 21, 2006

house chores..

When I first got married, my plan was to stay home , "produce" & raise at least 4 kids. However due to financial constraint, I employed a maid to "accompany" my parents to takes care of Haziq.
I've always promised myself that I will treat my assistance like one of the family members..tapi....
(bacalah my malay poem dibawah ala2 indon...)

yanti oh yanti
kakak sudah bilang,
baju cantik cuci di tangan,
bila menyapu pasti bersihkan,

yanti oh yanti
baju kakak banyak yg hilang
ada juga baju perlu dibuang
kerna warnanya turun gara2 terkena warna skirt kamu yg terang
baju abg & haziq beli di oversea juga rosak
baru dipakai sekali sahaja pulak

yanti oh yanti
kakak sudah bilang
bila dirumah tolong pakai baju yg sopan
no spaghetti strap dgn hot pants yg ketat dan dada nya berlubang
malu lah dgn org yg datang

yanti oh yanti
bila balik dating dgn pacarmu tolonglah ingat
sudah 2 kali bagi amaran
kalau jumpa lagi di leher kamu, awas kakak kahwinkan
abg nazri kata jangan sampai ada yg melahirkan

yanti oh yanti
stor dan bilik haziq sudah kakak kemaskan
toilet masterbedroom juga baru dicuci
air didapur sudah dimasak
pinggan di sinki bersih sekali
habuk di siling juga tiada lagi
tukang cuci kereta juga sudah digajikan
ada apa lagi yg boleh ditolongi?

kakak memang tak pernah meleter
kerna lebih suka buat tugasan berat
tapi akhirnya diri kakak yg penat ..WAAAAAA.....

p/s: never blamed her when she said I am her longest employer ever. She admitted that kak Nana ;baik, tak pernah marah, kerjanya senang (she only looks after haziq less than 4 hrs a day) baik hati pasal duit , senang mintak cuti etc.
As long as I am capable insyaAllah ok but my neighbours (and their maid) are complaining already.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Titi, Nana & Nonoi

It is 4am M'sian time & I was supposed to finish my assignment since I have CS sytem topology presentation to the central bank (BNM) auditor and TM5 project update to the internal policeman (audit la tu..) .The mood is not here lar...

On the other side.. my cousin Titi gave birth to a baby boy y'day and keep saying that the labor pain has made her decided not to conceive again. She was in pain only less than an hour!!while I had to go thru the contraction the whole day...(must be contributed by my sins, byk dosa tu)

My closest cousin, Nonoi is getting married in June (but she looks so confused & serabut, worried over unnecessary things-Nanti kita pegi SPA next weekend ye Nonoi... )

To my new nephew(s) Danish Ashzuin & Farish Armani (fancy nye nama dia org ni..hope the parents able to explain the meaning) auntie is praying that God swt will protect you, always.

singgah? porah!

the bridge is officially off!!! (however this is the first time I tend to agree with Dr M that the project should started 2 years ago). The pasir & air space was mentioned as the bottleneck (i.e the rakyat disagree to the 2 request,...who, in the first place agreed that we have to fullfill them?
(Since my Singaporean cousins are reading this blog, I cannot be too outspoken)

I read in the local newspaper on the issue between KRU (never was their fan) & Fandi Ahmad during a friendly football match in Kuantan in which Edry was spotted with a sign langguage after the super singaporean addressed him as "Melayu bodoh & orang kampung".
Never blamed Fandi anyway coz he was never raised in a "kampung" & married to a mat Salleh who still appear in FHM with less than 20% body area covered despite having 4 kids. On the opposite site, Edry still live in an elite bungalow area in "Kampung" Datuk Keramat.

Anyway, just to share the above with my hubby since he is now becoming "less malaysian" and more exposed to the lion city facts & in return my ears are now listening to more opening statement like " Kalau kat Singpore kan, this will be....."

Baby blues

Germany 2005
In the effort of trying to conceive another child, the 3 months medication period (after the laproscopy) is over. I am now trying to divert my focus to other things.. and leaving to God SWT 's hand to determine the future. Meantime I am counting the blessing and thankful for what I have.

Haziq is the best thing that ever happen to us and at least we have tried our best in getting him a companion (specificly, healthy baby girl)

So it is now time to hit back the gym, badminton & cycling...

trial period may be over, but I will continue my prayer..

Ibu-ibu & bapak-bapak di Bandung

The Bandung trip was fun (esp the shopping). Not only things are much cheaper than Bali, people are more friendlier, food are tastier and the weather is cooler. I hope my parents enjoyed the trip since it involved berjuta-juta (rupiah).

Nazri also couldnt help to notice that the ladies are fairer (tapi cannot beat his wife yg cun melecun tu..)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

feeling down

dunno what struck me today, just feeling untouched with the real world. It is probably about time for me to leave this kinda work to the newcomers..

Apart from work I am looking back into my past, the forgive and forget, the obstacle....

Other than the performing haj to mecca with family, I dun seem to find any other mission uncomplished (err..settle the debts? the puasa 'qada?). I have a good life, sorrounded by wonderful people around me, what else I could ask for?

Unfinished business? I guess I'm willing to let go and at the same time praying that all my sins are forgiven..I have, in my past time did the wrong things and must admit I still do.
These mistakes however has made me a stronger person in dealing the "issues of life", it has made me react to problems positively, I become more "kelakar" (compared to my dark ages where I broke down hysterically).

To sum up everything, I'm getting old (walaupun physically look young-perasan)


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