Sunday, March 04, 2012

Editors in the house

Dear Readers,

REF : Appointment of Chief Editors for ""

Reference to the above title, this is to inform that with the unofficial appointment of Chief Editors of this blog, future contents of posts is subject to the following :-

1) All posting will be filtered and sanitized before publishing
2) Only approved posting will be published
3) Upon publishing however, if Editor may finds the subject/content still inappropriate/unsuitable, the posting may be edited or deleted.

The writer of this blog acknowledged that this guideline (especially Item 3) may be contradict to her policy which mentioned in one of earlier posting. She, however has taken this matter into consideration upon sensitivity and interest of all readers.

All comments are welcome and rest assured that the objective of this blogger is to continue writing and at the same time to mitigate all the possible risks from surface as an outcome of her masterpiece.

We thank you for visiting this blog.
Peace Yo!!


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