Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Umrah : Another postponement of ultimate visit

I pray
I dream
I care...
I know that someday
I will bring my family there
My prayer for all pilgrimage safety while performing Haj
May our dream of performing the fifth pillar of Islam will be materialised

Monday, December 25, 2006


After having lunch at Chilli's last week, Alin accompanied me to collect the bimmer's road tax and then off to the Gynae for my detail ultrasound check up. When the Lab assistant was saying out loud "You are a very lucky person, it's hard to see a good friend accompany another friend to check up, but you are bless with one".
Couldnt agree more...

That reminds me, Alin & Elin 5 hour karaoke session was one of the contributor to the bad flood situation in our southeren region. Nur Afizah, next project?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2 weeks more to school, my dear....

Every morning my son will ask me "is it a school day yet?"..upon answering "no", he will tell me that it is going to be a wonderful day, the sun is shining brighter bla bla..(to think of it, he is only 5!)

During the last parent teacher day, his class teacher, Mrs keren was telling me how talkative my son was. What worries me, he is picky when it comes to friend. Accroding to Keren, Haziq will only make friend with English speaking children. Keren added that he likes counting but when it comes to reading, punyalah malas (just like the father kot?)

Last week in MH16 to Singapore, he was talking non stop from the moment the plane take off until it landed. Suddenly on our way out to the arrival hall, he ask me " Mana Ayah?"
.. in which I responded "aik, boleh pulak cakap Melayu"
"I purposely talk in English with slang just now because the flight is full of english" he replied

aduh.. pening kepala ibu.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Selamat Pengantin Baru to Zai. It is his second marriage & I hope that this one will last forever.

Roslan informed us that he just filed his divorce, for the second time. He claimed that he is still seeking for a perfect partner.

Along left his wife & 3 kids of many years. This is the most shocking news of all. Always known as a family man & a religious person. Truly a lesson to learn, I'm still not use to see him with another woman other than Kak Bai.

Azrul finally got married to Azreen. After a long "yo yo" and heaty relationship, they finally made it !!(I told you so..) It was such a lovely & lavish wedding...

Khalil has become a quiet person and is now taking care of his 4 kids after his wife left him. "He was such a good person, he doesnt deserve this, life is so unfair.." my hubby keep saying, still unbelieveable.

Tuhan swt will not put a person to test if one is incapable. We never know what actually happen, as an outsider we cannot put our comments, we are not the one experiencing it...
but it was truly an eye opener for both me & my hubby.
We never know what future lies ahead.
I believe Allah swt is with us.


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