Sunday, July 08, 2012

Back From Hiatus... For a while

Life is wonderful. A blessing indeed. Alhamdulillah. Clock is ticking too fast. I hardly have the time to write. Life at work is simply making me out of this world. I miss the moment where I could sleep at night without having nightmares related to office. (Normal kah aku?) I miss the time where I could perform prayers peacefully... A solat without having to rush in between meeting. I miss the time where I don't have to dread myself every morning to the 'war zone', I miss the time where everyone work together instead of for the sake of talking and updating (kerja lah woi!, stop using statement 'update at my level instead of working level', I have no issue to dirty my hand, so u should too. I miss the time where my kids could greet me when I arrived from office (they'd already asleep when I returned' I have been advised to learn a total shutdown once in a while, at least a day or two in order to re-charge my system. There have been signs that my body has already showing symptoms & reaction as I was pushing things to the limit. (iye ke?)ok,I have to manage this. After all it's just work. The bank will still operates in my absence. I have to re-prioritize. I'm not that important anyway.. Cuma seketul ciku amongst the durians! Yes, everyone wants to be durians & let them be. Hihihi.. Yang penting, deliver! So that's it. Forgive me God swt, Give me the strength, Please Ya Allah, please thickens my patience, Paved the way for me, Permudahkan Ya Allah, Protect us Ya Allah. Amin.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Editors in the house

Dear Readers,

REF : Appointment of Chief Editors for ""

Reference to the above title, this is to inform that with the unofficial appointment of Chief Editors of this blog, future contents of posts is subject to the following :-

1) All posting will be filtered and sanitized before publishing
2) Only approved posting will be published
3) Upon publishing however, if Editor may finds the subject/content still inappropriate/unsuitable, the posting may be edited or deleted.

The writer of this blog acknowledged that this guideline (especially Item 3) may be contradict to her policy which mentioned in one of earlier posting. She, however has taken this matter into consideration upon sensitivity and interest of all readers.

All comments are welcome and rest assured that the objective of this blogger is to continue writing and at the same time to mitigate all the possible risks from surface as an outcome of her masterpiece.

We thank you for visiting this blog.
Peace Yo!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In Time Like This

In time like this
When times are hard
I turn to my little sweethearts
When days are low, the sadness I'm trying to throw
When I dont get a smile in return, my heart feels like it is burnt

In time like this
When there's no one to turn to
To Allah swt I place my prayers
To help me to go through another obstacles in life

In time like this
When I hardly see the ray of light
Because of the stormy weather outside
I know there is still hope

In time like this
When it is possible to cry river of tears
When people are trying to make sense out of the nonsense
When fault finding is at it's best
I promise I wont break

In time like this
I promise to change
I promise to work hard
I beg forgiveness from everyone (please forgive me...
for every hardship and sadness that I have caused

In time like this
I count my blessings
To even the small unthinkable things
That bring tremendous happiness in life
Thank you Allah swt

p/s: Gambar tiada kena mengena with posting, hihihi...

Hari ini sangat2 this a sign of depression?

ingat kawan2, depression is not a sign of weakness, it means that you have been strong for too long! Sharing is caring.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Blog collecting webcob (again)....
God swt has been answering my prayers, alhamdulillah BUT, I havent been a good servant, a good girl, a good wife, a good mum, a good daughter.
I have been put to test, again :-(

Please bear with me everyone...
Especially to other half, mum, dad, me thru this
Need all the support to keep my sanity.

(Wah, sound so serious ni. Don't bother to find out. I will reveal in upcoming post if time permits..jeng! jeng! jeng!)


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