Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Will you?

It was an odd moment when I just had to spit this from my mouth...(Ni semua gara2 baca artikel "masih suami isterikah kita di akhirat?")

Will you re-marry if I'm gone?
Instead of answering, he ask me back 'will u re-marry should I'm no longer in this world?'

I refuse to answer back then
But I know my reply would definetly be'Yes, I will...'
I will re-marry....

Should there be a man that can be a father as good as you to our 3 kids..
Who will love them unconditionally like you do..
Should there be a guy that understand my intuition without me saying..
Should there be someone who can accept my weaknesses like you..
Should there be someone who can attend to my demanding needs like you..
Should there be someone who willing to live with my stubborness like you..
Should there be a man who can read my mind whether it's gonna be laksa, cendol or beef ginger noodle like you..
Should there be a man who can accept a woman who doesn't dress up or put on any make up..
Should there be a man who understand that I don't like to choose between Blackberry & iPhone like you..(nak dua2 gak...haih!)
should there be someone who can lead our jemaah solat like you do..
should there be a man that simply as sweeter than you
should there be someone who will never have ANY fight throughout the 10 years marriage like we do(and the list goes on.....)

Do you think there's anyone out there EVEN close of having your qualities?
I love you for loving me.. And I want you to be my soul mate dunia akhirat En Nazri..
May Allah bless our family eternally.. Kita merancang, Allah swt menentukan, kan?
We have been through high and low
and we still have each other... Thank you Allah!

Ya Ramadhan...Ya Kareem

Here comes the holy month..bulan yang ditunggu-tunggu..
The thing that most motivates me at work during this special month is the daily tazkirah & ceramah.. Alhamdulillah, havent missed a single day (when I'm at work lar)...and today's topic inspire me to write this..

I realize, as we grew older, priority in life has also change over time..
I'm glad that I still have people sorrounds me to keep me grounded, alhamdulillah.

I used to think that my half dozen of Ferragamo is my prize possesion
Now I dont even give a second glance at the boxes & they just stood there in the store
I wore them on my feet anyway & there's nothing special about that

I used to think that having had to buy the Gucci sling bag in Paris La Fayette boutique is one of the coolest thing that ever happen to me (lawaknye!? riyaknye?)
Now to me it is just a bag, nothing greater than that

I used to chase for a bigger house, with my garden and all
But I realize that I am already in my dream castle
and I should be grateful for that ..Ya Tuhan!

Nowdays I began to cherish little thing, some of them...
For being able to perform solat..which means I am at the best of health
For being able to spent time my family..which means I'm not alone
For paying my zakat regularly..which means I still generates income
and the list goes on...

and like yesterday when Haziq called to inform that he got 100% for Science, I was already grinning ear to ear in the office... and today when he showed me he got straight A's for all subject, I feel like I'm floating...syukur!

Both hubby & myself still waiting for the announcement... (penantian itu satu penyiksaan, huhuhu..)
Berkat Ramadhan...I believe Allah has greater plan ahead & He knows what the best for His servant. Praise the Almighty for this wonderful life....


Blog collecting web cob…again

Have been very busy and tied up with the current project, definitely leaving this space ‘status quo’ for a while..
also missing reading bloggers blog-Zura’s, Iffil’s, Rizal’s etc…
Spending on 12 hours at work on average (and the happiest moment would be lunch hour and time to go back!)
My favourite quote ..”Ya Tuhan….”

This too..shall pass.
Thank you to my family for being by my side through high & low..
Penat seyy,,….

Will make up to hubby & kids during family trip nanti, InsyaAllah...


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