Thursday, July 14, 2011

T@lentcorp-mari pulang ke Malaysia saudara, saudari

"I had never contemplated staying abroad ... Malaysia is home (to me)," says the affable Johan Mahmood Merican. In so many ways, the 37-year-old is the ideal person to be tasked with retaining and drawing talent back to Malaysia. As the recently-appointed head of Talent Corp Malaysia Bhd, that is exactly his mandate.

As I was writing this, I am almost finished reading a book written by Ustaz Hasrizal “Aku terima Nikahnya”. There is one chapter in his book, where he has written about how challenging life is back home in Malaysia compared to living abroad.
He was reminiscing about the quality time he had with his family during their stay in UK and Scotland in comparison to the life in “tanahairku’. This post is about T@lencopr and life Malaysia.
“ It’s almost 9.00pm there and you are still in the office?” asked my brother who called me all the way from middle east. Yes, life is not a bed of roses and I had to carry the guilt conscience with me every day to them…”them” are referring to my children and my parents. I owe them big time! I carry the title “mother” with me, yes, Roles & Responsibility Roles=Mother, Responsibility=Work (?) *sigh*

Friends living abroad have time to walk in a park, travel to other countries for holiday, showered themselves with branded item (since income ratio is still affordable to purchase the luxury stuff) and many more. On the other hand, I have always console myself by saying…I have my parents less than 5 minutes drive, asam laksa few blocks away, sunny weather all year round and teh tarik round the clock!

T@lentcorp aims for drawing talent Malaysians to balik kampung, to serve our nation as we strive together to collectively make it a better place for all. They even established a special package programme for them and following are the latest :-

1) An optional Flat Tax Rate of 15% for Employment Income for five (5) years.
2) Tax Exemption for all personal effects brought into Malaysia.
3) 2 locally assembled/manufactured Completely-Knocked-Down (CKDs) vehicles tax-free.
4) Foreign spouse/children given Permanent Resident (PR) status within six (6) months upon submission of complete application to Immigration Department of Malaysia.
5) Foreign born children or children already studying in an international stream overseas are allowed to enroll in any international school of choice in Malaysia.

Whoa…!!! after all the ‘luxury’ life abroad, the government even created a welcoming pack for our expat friends.

T@lentcorp has identified that 3 buckets that attracts Malaysian working abroad :-

a) economic (higher pay),

b) professional development

c) macro-issues such as public transport, education for their children and all that.

Looks like people like us who have been loyal to the country has to work even harder to compete with this expats once their are back....

Reference to Item (3) - Abang Lan, we are looking forward for the X6 itu.

Pix : Gambar oversea ala2 expat family wannabe..hihihi...


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