Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bulletin Board

I may be busy..but I do peep thru the daily newspaper to catch the latest update..(especially the disturbing one). This is written during lunch hour in the office simple because I had another brain-freeze-moment in which my thinking refuse to work.

Dumping babies
Wahai perempuan2…this is one of God’s SWT greatest creation & blessing to us. If you think that you are incapable or can’t afford to take care of them.. please find other proper means (i.e legalise adoption etc) of giving the innocent baby. (I wrapped my babies around me whenever I think of this. Yes, bukan sahaja penyu menangis… saya pun menangis!)

Dear Encik Wee, I managed to peep thru your youtube. I also watch your respond to the press in TV where you mentioned “..if I found something wrong in my country, I just cannot keep quiet and Okay about it..” Let me rephrase in Bahasa..Memang ada banyak kelemahan dalam system Negara kita…sesungguhnya Encik Wee, mencarut dan memperlekehkan agama/bangsa lain bukan la salah satu darinya. You have just worsen the situation instead of fixing them (or is that your objective in the first place?). Personally, as someone who attended a multi racial school, your act is a disgrace & truly unacceptable. Sangat memalukan! If you want to fight for something, do fight like a warrior & instead of posting your video with cheap languages itu, please find a proper avenue and please, make sure you do some homework or fact finding first. To note that I also do not represent the minority of Malay who attack you back with another abusive language BUT I condemned your supporters who are making fun of other’s religion! Saya mendoakan semoga hati anda dibuka untuk perkara yang baik2 Encik Wee.

Kiasuland veteran hero
Yes Tuan Lee, we acknowledged your popularity for being invited to the prestige international interview/talkshow. This however, does not permit you to have less respect for your neighbor.. As a citizen, I do accept some of your critics positively for my country improvement.. but honestly, it is not proper for someone who lives in bungalow to comments the interior of his neighbor’s terrace house just by peeping thru from the garden. I swear that I live in a better condition than majority of the minority community in that country). The RTS (Rapid Transit System) to the kiasuland plan is on, so I heard. Semoga ini mengeratkan silaturahim kedua-dua belah pihak J

Wah! Index now is at 1477.84! That’s high! hence I need to adjust my ‘own’ index accordingly…no handbags, no new car, no! no! no!
Time to save…I need to do some homework on Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) & National Key Economic Area (NKEA) before I share my story on economic views.

Cosmetic tycoon & 3 others murder
Have been following the case and quite shocking upon the discovery of this brutal murder. To add salt to the wound, there are people who takes advantage and trying to politically link to the already sensationalized case in the country. Some dares to use the ‘racism’ issue… Race does not dictate one’s character..except for the Israelis yg sediakala jahat itu!! Coverage of this case has attract worldwide press (not forgetting the little emperor country down south itu).

Jakarta, Bendera & Maid
The Indonesian anti Malaysia group, Bendera has again launch the ‘ganyang’ Malaysia due to the claims that this Negaraku country immigration mistreated their fishermen who was caught fishing in the Malaysian waters. The leaders of both country have been trying to find ways to improve the situation. The recent discovery of a maid abuse in Penang 2 days ago however will potentially ‘stir the stagnant water’ again.

My unfortunate muslim brothers & sister
In Pakistan
the flood that has destroyed land, cattle and leaving people homeless…My prayer (and small ciku monetary contribution)..I share the grief with you brothers & sisters
In Palestine
Hitler once quote
“I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was annihilating them”..
Macam dah tak sanggup dengar cerita penderitaan mereka…but nonetheless, I will never stop praying for them.

That’s all the news for today’s folk… let’s perform our a muslim, as a law abiding citizen, as a Malaysian, as a mother, father, daughter, son and as a human who basically able to assess and react rationally in our day to day activity.
May Allah swt bless us eternally.

OK. Sambung kerja.

Monday, September 20, 2010

My raya story

Eid has always been the moment that I look forward to. Simply because of the colours and the family reunion.. (and as usual,I was still stuck at the office the day before raya.. being the only Malay, my body is the only physical evidence of my presence, but my mind & soul was already with the kids)

This year was a totaly different routine for both me and my other half. Father in law is currently bed ridden and can no longer walk to perform the Solat Aidilfitri...Semoga cepat sembuh Abah! To MIL, mama : thank you for taking care of abah patiently.

I just miss those younger days where raya routine is about visiting the elderly.
Where the morning start of with the mandi sunat aidilfitri(which we still practise still today-doubt that the cousins with hairdo perform this...saloon tak bukak pagi2).
Then it'll be solat aidilfitri at the famous masjid keramat,
then visit to rumah nenek Amanah, then visit kubur atuk at Taman Keramat & Ampang,
Then to rumah nenek Ima at lorong kiri 13, I can never forget the orange colour house with spacious land itu..
Then the journey of rombongan rumah ke rumah starts...(penat seh!)

Although the celebration is now difference, we still practise the tradition and shall passed to our next generation, insyaAllah. I would also like to instill to my kids that not everyone are fortunate to celebrate raya like us.. It's about sharing...(I guess they still too little to understand-the abang doesnt want to share duit raya, the sister gave away her duit raya (generous budak ni, mana duit2 dia pegi pun tak tau) and the little brother only wants the angpow packet and throw away the notes *haih*

All in was a short ramadhan, short hari raya..tak puas rasanye. Abang Lan & family pun da balik (enjoy your Europe trip, I still envy the Jungfraujoch & St Moritz trip itu..)

Syukur for the blessings...and just cant wait for the official announcement before I can share the good news with others (Note : ini tiada kena mengena dengan pregnant).

To Muz & Nonoi: congrats for the rumah raya...
To Faiz & Titi: for the kete raya 5 series itu...
To Azura my friend: for the Audi4
To my nephew Iqmal : for the D90 tu!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Farewell Ya Ramadhan...A Sahlan Eid Mubarak

Ramadhan feels too short this time
I wasn't able to fully take advantage this round..
Too occupied with my duniawi official work (syukur la kamu wahai ya suri rumahtangga..)
Alhamdulillah I only missed one tazkirah, though

(but the set back was it was my favourite ustaz Badirul Amin)

Ramadhan has ended
But what lessons did I learn this time?
"Ya Allah, sekiranya ini Ramadhan ku yang terakhir, jadikan lah ia Ramadhan ku yang terbaik.."

A short reminder to us..

To take benefit of 5 before the 'other' 5

1. the youth before the old age
2. the health before the sickness
3. the wealth before the poverty
4. the free time before the pre-occupation
5. the life before the death

I'm grateful for all your blessings Ya Allah,
..amongst them is for being able to see the lovely faces everyday


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