Thursday, March 30, 2006

The pressure is on..part 1

Stress free life - Haziq and business mate

The project I'm currently involved is making me senseless (ape tu?).. RD, LU/PU, NDA, FS, UAT, .net, cluster, token ring, router, domain and all the technical jargon has started playing in my dream again. The programmers we are working with are Philiphinos (their english reminds me of my neigbour, Denis).

Taking leave more than 2 days are forbidden to the project team till end of year due to the tight dateline.. and guess whose the Project manager?..

think of the bright side Huslina, KPI's, bonus, increment, project allowance...

25th March 2006 Happy Birthday Ibu

Me on my birthday My birthday gift

My 33rd birthday was a helluva celebration.. thank you to the 2 gentlemen in my life (hubby & son). I love you so very much..
We had a great weekend at a resort and hubby send me to Spa as a bonus gift...rejuvenating!
To those also born in March, Happy Birthday!! esp to newborn Danish(25th!!), Abg Lan, Syahmi, my friend Sara & Alan.
p/s: I'm counting the blessing, Thank you Allah swt for this wonderful life..alhamdulillah

F1 - big boys toys

I was in my 7th month pregnancy
with Haziq when I first witnessed "live" F1 in Sepang, thereafter we took Haziq with us when he was 2 years old.. (I caught a high fever when I got back contributed by the whole day exposed in the sun. That was it, I decided a no go no more.. )

So this year we only watch it thru the big screen at BMW's Marquee near Mandarin Oriental, boleh la with the free flow of food & drinks (bonus for those taking liquor?)

..but nothing beats the live roaring of the F1 engine!! so we decided to put some saving for a grand stand seat in Sepang next year, InsyaAllah..

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ultimate Driving Machine

Haziq is going crazy over the fast machine (must be influenced by 2 Fast 2 Furious?). His favourite is still the Mitsubishi Evo series, RX8, Maseratti and ntah aper2 lagi yg I could barely pronounced. His PSP and PS2 is mostly loaded with nothing but the racing game.

By the way, Nissan Fairlady 350z would be perfect for me (I mean apart from driving your bimmer ayah, he he..)

Back to real life, just renewed the Waja Road Tax yesterday, the Mitsubishi Grandis is expiring next month and I think the bimmer need waxing.

My son misses his dad

After being with his ayah for 4 days, Haziq cried when it is time to part. We have been sending Nazri to the station/KL sentral almost every weekend and it had never happened before.

Haziq was very quiet on theway home and I could see his teary eyes every now and then.
He insist that I carry him up to my room and cried on the bed. After a while he said " It is so boring ibu, ayah is not here..can we go to S'pore?"

..and I found myself crying too..

Message from Haziq

Haziq wants me to post the above drawing in this blog for his ayah in Singapore. He wants me to tell his ayah that he misses him sooo very much and he is looking forward to go to the upcoming F1 event with ayah.

p/s: Ayah, Haziq wrote his name himself (but I spelled out "a-y-a-h" for him). Despite telling that his writing and drawing is perfect, he was unsatisfied over the love curve that he insist that I re-shape it. By the way, when u are back, dont forget to mention that you noticed the Evo-9 pics with the fancy sport rim.


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