Monday, December 28, 2009

Another closure

I am welcoming the new hijrah (Alhamdulillah, panjang umur..) and welcoming the 2010 with a new spirit. Some people blog when something BIG happen to them.. Well, same here. Some of the BIG event throughout the year can be concluded as such:-

  1. The year begins with my auntie's demise. Her loss felt till to date, especially when mak still visits her graveyard constantly. Al-fatihah to Allayarhamah Hairiyah...

  2. I am officially a mother of THREE!!!!! Hazim’s arrival in March was truly another moment in life.

  3. We no longer an Ampang resident! Setiawangsa is the place now, I'm adjusting to the new home slowly..

  4. I now value & appreciate every single cents in hand since ALL credit cards has been terminated (big achievement nih!).

  5. NO branded procurement…(errr.. may be because of item (3) above?) but many showered with many freebies, among them are Blackberry, iPod touch, iPod shuffle, Mont Blanc ..(bestnye kalau bule tukar jadi duit!)

  6. A year with full of reunions!! CBNers, UUM… I am so very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful people, wonderful friends.

  7. A one successful trip to remember! specifically the redang trip with cousins & brothers.. (& first time leaving one of my kids (Hazim) behind :(

  8. Other half leaving the tiger for another big opportunity (Alhamdulillah).. terasa tempias kali ni.

  9. I am officially out of the department and now with new lappy, new desktop, new team, same CIO!! This is one big career changed after 12 years…..but I am missing my old team painfully.

  10. This december also mark another record. We are still keeping the same cars.. ini biggest achievement jugak.. it has been 4 years now, a record! Congrats hubby kerana tidak melunaskan hobi menukar kenderaan anda tahun ini. (My ‘No’ to the sport rim still stands yer..)

  11. One of big bro move to middle east.. really feel his absence and the mode of communication is via skype, fb & emails..shared his big achievement of becoming a ‘haj’ but missing his presence dearly.

Praise to the Almighty for this years’ achievement, Alhamdulillah syukur.. those are the significant ones, there are also little things that blessed our life.

Apa azam baru? No,…I don’t have any..I am still carrying the same old piece of paper that I have with me for the past 15 years. Cuma dengan harapan doa untuk kesejahteraan, keselamatan, kebahagiaan saudara islam dunia & akhirat. I just want to be better! Nana nak jadi orang baik :0

My apologies again to those facing hardship upon reading my blog. It is unintentionally done.. it was probably coming unconsciously from my heart, not from my mind. Please do not berserk. Forgive me.

Terima kasih TUHAN swt, for blessing me with this wonderful LIFE and for keep bringing JOY to my life. Syukur.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Twilight Zone

"I cannot believe I am actually watching this"
"Buduh nye pompuan ni, so selfish!"
"OMG people actually paid to watch this?"
"Lembab nyer citer nih..."

Above are among the statement by my other half while watching the latest vampire box office, New Moon..Kesian dia (and other audience sorround him, hi hi hi... )

All in all,
1. it is such a heavy love story drama (tiada unsur lawak langsung!), sesuai for lovebirds (like me!)
2. Oooooh, I do enjoy watching Jacob's six packs *drool* ;p
3. Agreed with other half, Bella tu memang selfish, she is so feeling-less (tak senyum, tak nangis, tak gelak?)
4. The ayat-ayat cinta script sangat sesuai for mat2 jiwa,casanova or 'ladies' man to further improvise their 'mengayat' skill.

Note: Hubby dearie, put aside the movie, I had a wonderful evening with you despite my runny nose. I am already looking forward to the next monthly date with you :-)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

School Holiday Part 1

Boy1: Pets name?
Mom: Gary

Boy1:Favourite pastime?
Mom: Jellyfish hunting

Mom:Krusty Krab

Mom:Goofy Goober (singing "I'm a goofy goober yeah..")

Mom: Patrick

Boy: Cooks? Instrument?
Mom:Crabby Patty, spatula

Boy1: Favourite word?
Mom: Darn it! B-o-r-i-n-g...

Boy1: Rival aka Orang jahat? Mr Krab's dotty? Krusty Krab cashier?
Mom: Plankton, Pearl, Squidward..

Man: sudah la tuh... This is not Bikini Bottom.


"..Muhammad Haziq?..Cikgu salah murid kot" was our disbelief statement (underestimate anak sendiri?)

Congrats anak ibu.. hope you like the 'reward' from ayah. Hadiah tu kira 2 in 1 lar yer (sekolah kebangsaan + sekolah agama)

The 5th Pillar

Performing haj is one BIG checklist for most muslims. Alhamdulillah, my brother in middle east almost completing his haj in Mekah while I was writing this.

I have a very mixed feelings upon receiving his text on Friday morning before he left for the holy land. Syahdu & sangat sayu……
The long-hour family skype-ing session a day before his departure causing teary moment to us back home.
Praying for his safety and haji mabrur.. InsyaAllah. For those who knows Abang Lan, he is known as a kind hearted person…(so does my 2 orang lagi abang tuh!) please forgive my brother if he has any wrong doings, maaf zahir & batin and halalkan makan minum..Supaya amalan ibadatnya diterima Allah & may Allah swt bless us all. Amin.

Most of my family & friends have witness kaabah with their very own eyes, alhamdulillah. I am praying hard for my turn..and the same goes to you readers too (kalau da pegi, hope for the 2nd, 3rd or fourth time, may be?), insyaAllah.

One way communication (skill?)

Couldn't find a better way to pass this message to other half.. (but I know you do drop by once in a while babe) :-

Dear hubby,
1. An apology for the over limit data utilisation in my per-data-usage hp bill$$ (mati haku! Lepaih u upgrade plan I nanti, Ok la bang)
2. If you wonder, I still cannot decide between BB and 3Gs (can I have both of them like you?) and I am aware that the expiry offer date is almost ending.
3. Sorry that I broke your 'cari makan' shade & you know I can't afford to replace it...(it wasn't me! your dotty yang terduduk atas tu masa I pinjam-refer below pix moments before it was broken)
4. Err... what was the Marc Jacobs, Tods and Hermes conversation all about just now?(acah jer..)
5. You might want to re-consider the 21 hours flight..(you think our kids will behave thruout the journey?)
6. Why you always buy something for yourself on your birthday? Buy something for me oso lar..(Anyway, hope you like the little gift)
7. And I will still say 'NO' to your proposal on the sport rim which almost equivalent to my one year bonus (though I don't have to contribute a single cents)
8. Yes dear, the CV has been submitted ;p (Wonder why you never ask..dulu dok asyik tanya)
9. Whatttt?!! You really think I'm pregnant? Alamak!...kesian Hazim. (Note: Fakta ini masih belum dapat disahkan thing for sure, budak Hazim tu comel sgt!!)
Tu dia!!... lepas dah semua yang terbuku di hati.. He he he...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fast Track

Have you been on a driver-less PUTRA or STAR LRT in Kuala Lumpur recently? (For those who knows me, I have stopped using them for a while after this ONE nasty incident 7 years ago..)jeng, jeng, jeng!
Anyway, that’s beside the point..just wanna share few tips:-

1. ”Kak Nana, psst! psst! Tak boleh rebut2..sekarang kena que lar”.. Whispered one of my colleagues from behind when I have this muka tak malu acting sebijik macam student matrik rebut bas Sala during unidays in UUM, Sintok.
I was surprised that EVERYONE adhered to this one rule..
semua orang beratur dengan tertib untuk menaiki LRT semasa waktu puncak (peak hours). Caya lah..!

2. If you are going down the escalator to reach the station, make sure you stand on the left..(but if in London underground it would be on the right). This is to give way to the impatient passenger (like me!) or people who in a hurry to manually walk/run down despite the automated moving staircase.. This too, amazed me.. ! majority able to comprehend to the signboard that says “
Sila berdiri di sebelah kiri anda untuk memberi laluan kepada penumpang lain”

3. Another tips in LRT; ALWAYS, ALWAYS give your seat to the needy (preggies, senior citizen, disable people, toddler). So far during peak hour, most passengers obeyed to this request. However,
kadang2 terasa nak ketuk kepala mat-mat atau minah-minah yang tidak reti bahasa walaupun ada orang yang LEBIH memerlukan tempat duduk itu (sangka baik: minah & mat itu sendiri tak larat?).

4. NEVER fight or argue with your girlfriend/boyfriend in LRT.. (This includes using handphone) You may become the main attraction in the already pack (macam tin sardine) train.. Believe me, though others may look like they ignored the situation, those 2 ears can hear everything! “You sayang kat dia atau I, baik you cakap cepat..kalau tak jangan jumpa I lagi” shout one lady with one hand pinching the guy..(damn! I have reached my destination before the drama ends..)

5. BEWARE! of “peraba”.(sex maniac?) & pick pockets!!! they are everywhere.. find a place where you are less ‘exposed’.
Contohnya (refer pic):- bersandar ke dinding sambil memeluk knapsack laptop di bahagian hadapan anda...

6. Have Touch n go, will travel! It is better to use one (if you have any, else top up your MyKad) rather than having to que for tickets.. (thanks to alin milo for this great tips)

7. Unlike busses, LRT reach it’s destination fast.. focus on announcement of each stop, ensure that you are on the RIGHT train or you may end up like this one girl who took STAR to go to Ampang but ends up in Bukit Jalil (sapa tu? Sapa tu?)

9. Don’t sleep, litter, or luvvy duvvy with your partner…for God’s SWT sake,
ini adalah kenderaan awam! Jadilah penumpang yang bersopan.

10. Lastly kindly ignore the ‘penumpang jakun’ (like me!) who eagerly wanted to stand at the front of the driver-less train. (Syok hokay dapat tgk depan!)
According to a friend, you can easily spot the first timer or non-frequent passenger,.. ye ke?

Malaysia Boleh!

p/s: Jangan main-main, saya naik LRT rasanye lebey dari 5 kali tahun ini tau

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hiatus mode

Blog collecting webcob.. Blogging put on hold!

Systems going live,
Many proposals to be written,
budget submission dateline,
kids just recovered from exam fever,
another reunion is due,
other half starting outbound trip again (nak ikut!),
Passport renewal,
Qurban lembu,
2010 holiday plan..
Kiddies need more attention,

California or Davos? U decide babe....

Pics: Gambar penyejuk hati with Swiss mountain background..*hint hint*
Cuti susah nak approve ni...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ya ampun!

1. Tarian Pendet : Cannot think who is the idiot behind the publisher of the paid channel that 'accidentally' aired the classical dance as Malaysian traditional/cultural dance in their documentary. Shouldn't one filter, review or perform due diligence before publishing it? Tak buat proper study ker? Kan da marah kawan tu..

2. Batik: They claimed that it is their batik! To me both country produce the material but Indonesian batik design is far different from our local batik.

3. Manohara Odelia Pinot : This could go on forever, no fairy tale stories but neither would I wanna know about the beauty nor the prince! But she politically use the right timing to create sensation to the already-at-stake relationship between the 2 country.Indonesian public, of course, showed great support for Manohara. I think that the reason she went there was again, to gain easy sympathy among the provoked Indonesians, and that she wanted to widen her support ground. She is such a beauty, no doubt!

4. Maid: Well, aren't we famous of being maid abuser after the Nirmala Bonat incident? Like my bibik said, it is truly an isolated case. According to her, (from experience lar) a day seems to be like forever when you have an evil employer and time flies if you have a good one. (She ended her remarks by saying "Macam udah tak percaya saya sudah 3 tahun kerja sama adik, rasa sekejap betul!) *wink wink*apakah maksudnye itu? (Terima kasih bibik kerana membantu tugas harian saya)

5. Bendera (Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat): Even though this group of Indonesian is being provoked by the small stuff (tarian pendet, Batik & Manohara to be precise!) we shouldnt take their threatened lightly.

6. Cinetron: Who could forget the daily Indonesian series that glued Malaysian to the TV screen, I did follow one (Intan) and my mom definitely hooked to the current aired on both the b-u-d-u-h paid TV & TV3.. You name it, Solehah, Upik Laura, Matahari, .. (and even other half called himself Rado! great influence nih)

7. Negaraku: I am too young to figure out which Indonesian song that our national anthem originates from, wallahualam...Terang Bulan?

Apa bapak-bapak dan ibu-ibu mampu tangani masalah ini? Usah bikin report, ini urusan kantor pihak yang berwajib. Kita seharusnya bekerjasama kerna kita ini serumpun!

p/s : Remember the downsouth Kiasu Land? They imported rambutan from Johore, peeled and process them then..tadaaaaaa... it becomes SINGAPORE LYCHEE in a can!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

No pork! No lard! err, halal meh?

I am a foodies goodies, (ya, saya seorang yang suka makan). I love to try new places, not necessarily it has to be fancy, 'warung' is also included. So when the booklet on upcoming 2009 Chef United MIGF (Malaysia International Gourmet Festival) was handed to me, I quickly flipped through the pages looking for the must-try-restaurant AND on the lam-alif-lam-ha status (Surprisingly there was only ‘pork free’ indicator available-Hadhari la katakan) .

You see, I began to be a 'vigilant' halal person on the food that I consume starting on my first pregnancy. (We muslim believe that not only the food has to be 'halal' but the source of income that we pay for the food must also be pure (suci-putrity; alamak! I am indirectly servicing a conventional bank, macam mana tuh?)

When I had Haziq in my tummy, I didn’t have any of that ‘finger lickin’ good brand AT ALL after watching this one video aired by TV3 (PPIM raided the chicken farm, it was damn filthy and the sembelih was inappropriate-yucks!)

Then during preggie with Nazurah, it was Japanese craze. The latest pregnancy with Hazim was different, I didn’t have this big appetite or crazy crave like I used to EXCEPT for Fatty Crab!. To overcome this, the other half (being a syariah compliance person) had a friend to flew down a box of fresh crab all the way from Sabah and then directly sent to a nearby Siamese restaurant before it landed on my dinner table (supaya saya tidak teringat kedai Fatty Crab itu! walaupun tak sama, I appreciate hubby's effort and yes, saya tidak makan lagi fatty crab itu hingga hari ini)..another craze was my friend’s mee udang (dunno how on earth boleh mengidam when I had never taste any of her cooking?… whether it is just me being over exaggerated, but mee itu di masak dengan penuh rasa kasih sayang, thanks liza merican, I like!)

There was a famous Yong Tau Foo shop in MRR2, so when a friend suggested the place for dinner, I promptly ask “halal ker?” her reply was “hey, orang pakai tudung ramai makan kat situ lar!” For a moment it felt like a bee had stung my butt (macam tak ada tempat lain), I was thinking, I am wearing tudung, so if I dine at a non muslim’s stall, does this mean I will lead other muslim's approval to dine there? Ini tak boleh jadi nih..

My brother used to say that during ol’ times there wasn’t many choice, as such, the malays would go to any non-muslims stall as long as it doesn’t serve babi. But now, we have so many options, we even have Chinese muslims restaurant, why would we still opt for one?

I haven’t fully studied how a restaurant can gain the halal certification in Malaysia (InsyaAllah will immediately do after this). One thing for sure, even though they don’t serve pork or use wine in their cooking but still server liquor (to the non-muslim?), they won't get the halal certification.

A friend once ask how can I feel ‘less’ guilty(?) by dining at any foodcourt or at this one famous eatery at Ampang Park, my reply was (1) There is a halal cerification on the meat producer, (2)I always ‘kepochi’ asking the waiter about the cooks/chef and to be sure that it does not contain any liquor or any of that 'piggy' stuff (though it has stated so). InsyaAllah, sekurang-kurangnya mereka yang tanggung? wallahualam. There was one time we even called upon the chef at this six star hotel in the kiasu land to ensure that we had specifically choose only the vegetarian and seafood on the buffet platters (and that French chef memang baik to cook a separate omelette for us)

When I am writing this, I started thinking of the restaurant & my favourite diners (sucikah tempat2 itu?):-
Tamarind Hills: superb surrounding, fusion & thai food, truly a table for two; Carlos : love the fajitas, hate the smokers, Chilis: all timers favourite, minus the liquor, Kampachi and Rakuzen: heaven for Japanese food; Tony Romas: the ribs ada halal certification, but after discovering that it is BUFFALO ribs, I turn to the prawn servings. Hard Rock Cafe: nice atmosphere, tengah makan masih teringat nak joget macam masa dulu2!, Rebung; siput sedut masak lemak itu memang sedap, slurppp!

Then come this memories of my outbound trip (memang nak pengsan sebulan tak dapat makan laksa): -
London : lucky to have a friend with malay maid & kudos to Malaysian hall food; Paris: croissant, bread! bread! (dan siput?), Venice : plain pizza with cheese, Swiss : Egg, egg with croissant and salad, Germany: fish and chips, Amsterdam : kebab! (tapi kena careful of jewish kebab, though no pork but ayam tak sembelih), Brussels: roti lagi! Bali : McDonalds (but I almost took babi masak kicap during one tour!), Bandung: heaven! Ikan gurami, Jakarta: only had pizza at the mall after stumbled upon sate babi & sate kodok kat food court, Brisbane/Gold Coast: kebab and Malaysian restaurant truly a saviour, Singapore: Lau pa sat punye chicken wings, lontong & nasi padang!

Do you know that girl, the fisherman’s daughter from east coast who scored many A’s in SPM? She doesn’t eat out, the family eats nothing except the mother’s cooking. According to the father, air tangan ibu memang banyak khasiatnya… especially when it is accompanied by doa & dzikir, subhanallah! (Let alone being skeptical about halal & haram kan?)

Being a working mother, there is limited time for me to cook and to be honest, I only know to cook simple dishes i.e masak lemak kubis, ikan bilis dgn kentang goreng cili, udang goreng cili.. (masak cili jer la den, kawin ngan org ada darah minang nih!). When I read about Nur Madihah, rasa insaf nye.. my new resolution is to cook for the family whenever possible. Saya berazam untuk belajar masak demi keluarga saya!

Haziq used to say “My mommy cooks the best spaghetti in the whole wide world” (budak ni kaki bodek, mak dia bagi dia maggi ayam pun dia kata mak dia paling best). But when the other half compliment my first attemp on Seafood Aglio Olio, (he said it was far better than his favourite eatery) my feeling was like “OOOh, I’m worth it” he he he..
Aper2 pun, my mother cooks the best laksa in the world!

Note : Besyukur atas nikmat Allah untuk deria rasa dan rezeki ini. Semoga kita sama-sama memanfaatkannya untuk hanya perkara2 yang halal, insyaAllah.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Magnitude 7.9

I was faithfully writing a proposal in the office when I had this 'shaky' feelin..

After few minutes, Nurul urgent everyone to leave the building (saw some people running around at the lobby).

Apparently it has been confirmed that there was an earthquake in Indonesia (thanks to Tuan Khairul for his suppa-de-duppa update, phuh!).
When I was updating this, there were 5 people at my department who hesitance to leave the office (I'm included). Some of other major buildings in the golden triangle has requested their tenant to evacuate the building.
Ada gegaran susulan...JOM BALIK!(Unta? Berbaloi to die for?)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


p/s: Fuyoo....!!! Nonoi cakap ini barang mahal...ngeh ngeh ngeh!
*evil grin* :p
(tapi harga Nikon itu bule dirunding ka?)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Raya crave

  • Raya : Had a good one except that MAJOR damaged done to other half''s wallet. Most expensive raya ever. Terima kasih Tuhan swt (dan suami) atas rezeki kali ini. Shopping? I will repent.. for real (Ya Allah, please give me strength)

  • Still on raya: Glad that abang Lan came back for raya. Mak was happy until 5th day of raya when he depart back. We promise mak that we will be flying off to visit abg Lan at middle east next year IF Allah's (and financial) permits..inshaAllah.

  • Passing: Al-fatihah to Atuk Rusdi who passed away two days before Eid. Al-fatihah

  • Life: happy with hubby's new success story, alhamdulillah. Like ustaz said, "kejayaan pun adalah satu dugaan, Allah nak duga how far we'll get carried away with it"... Subhanallah

  • Work: Busy with system migration .. (this was written kat opis la pagi2 sabtu nih, nak nangis pun ada..)

  • Hutang? InshaAllah bayar hutang puasa soonest possible, partly motivated by fidyah sponsored by hubby.

  • Bola? Macam teringin nak join hubby support Man City

  • Tennis? C'mon la abang Nadal, janji buat come back.. bagi sayur itu Del Potro!

  • Breakaway!! Please refer to Item (2) above.

  • Crave : I wonder why I have this crave over the thing that I used to dislike; stilletos, jimmy choo to be specific? (mabuk ape haku nih? pakai pump shoes pun da tergolek), ramen noodles (da dapat semalam! cheap & tasty), LV (dulu cakap the monogram is one ugly design), DSLR (funding still in progress), BB (yeay!), kuih tart (ingat tak lawak '8' kuih ini?), lagu2 Indon (I like! Influenced by Alin & Raja Azura)

    Sharing is caring.. on the last ramadhan's tazkirah, ustaz mentioned that it is useless for those who attend but did not share the knowledge with others. Dia cakap; "sampaikan! sampaikan! kan Nabi SAW cakap sampaikan walaupun satu ayat! tak guna datang kalau tak share ilmu, baik jangan datang!" ... I wanted to share BUT (1). What if information that I passed on is inaccurate? (2). Riyak? Nanti kata berlagak pulak, initial posting pun sedara mara bule misinterpret, nanti ni lagi la ~remember PakCik Gani told mak that her niece(u know who you are) crying teresak-esak sebab cousin cun ni sembur dia (?)eee takut! bukan patut I ker yg nangis psl story itu? Cian hubby I..

    Anyway, I will share the knowledge yg mana ingat, selit sikit2 dlm each posting untuk kebaikan bersama. InsyaAllah
    1. Sometimes

      Sometimes Allah breaks our spirit to save our soul.
      HE breaks our heart to makes us whole.
      HE sends us pain so we can be stronger.
      HE sends us failure to makes us humbler.
      HE sends us illness so we can take care of ourselves.
      Sometimes, ALLAH takes everything away from us so we can learn the value of everything..

      p/s: Beautifully composed..received this from a friend for raya greetings.Selamat Hari raya. Maaf dari saya.

      Wednesday, September 16, 2009

      Raya migration

      How to fully enjoy raya when I have to work on Saturday, 26th Sept for system migration?

      Christmas? they declare embargo period, even big meetings are cancelled but raya time not important. Reason : There are non-malays that can support the migration during the festive season. Haku?
      How to implement 1Malaysia nih?

      An apology to my team (and others that had to come back that day). I will be on site as well (tak buleh la haku nak pi open house hari itu). Looks like kita di jajah inggeris lagi.

      Have been very loyal for not taking any Raya leave for the first 10 years (until took a day off last year). And my name will be on top for standby during the early years since I'm local.

      adakah berbaloi?
      Macam Nami kata "sudah makan pengat" (sendiri mau ingat)..
      at least I have a job.. I am grateful for what I have, alhamdulillah.

      Saturday, September 12, 2009

      Yang paling dekat..

      One morning after sahur Mak was crying thinking of her belated sister.. (al-fatihah untuk bibik Hairiya) and coincidentally that nite I hardly close my eyes thinking of the tazkirah day before. The tazkirah was about 'mati' & ustaz was saying antara benda yang paling hampir dalam bulan Ramadhan adalah 'mati'.

      Rasa sayu bila teringat balik the things that used to haunt me..;
      ..who will take care of my children when I'm gone?
      ..sapa nak bayar hutang2 ku, ganti puasa ku?
      ..sapa nak tanggung org2 di bawah tangunggan ku?
      ..will I be able to repent before the time come?
      ..adake amalan untuk bekalan?

      To other other half ;terima kasih kerana maafkan dosa2 dan membayarkan fidyah ibu.

      Today another passing came to my ears, being a budak cengeng,I just can't help this teary eyes upon hearing that Sara's arwah sis-in law just gave birth before her passing. Semoga Allah menempatkan mereka yang telah pergi dikalangan orang2 mukmin yang beriman dan semoga mereka yang masih hidup diberikan panduan dan pedoman. Amin

      Friday, September 11, 2009

      Ramadan Day 20

      Ramadhan is coming to an end. , dimanakah saya?:-

      1. I have religiously wear baju kurung to office thruout Ramadhan.. rasanye decent enuff to attend the daily tazkirah..(layak kah saya masuk Wanita Melayu aka sopan dan ayu contest itu?)

      2. To date I only missed 2 tazkirah (alhamdulillah). Pray that I will be able to implement the things that I have learnt from the ceramah. There are a lot of knowledge that I have gained and I also accidentally meng "amin" kan to the ustaz when he was praying (doa) for the male audience & female's other half to expand their network (kawin 2?)

      3. No major damaged to wallet (yet). I was at Low Yatt yesterday looking for Nazurah's DVD gadget & notebook cooler for Haziq until I stumbled upon this... (Cis! ada ke patut canon buat promo for EP1 besar2-an kat foyer tuh!) I believe 'setan memang kena rantai bulan puasa' else the credit card itu memang tercedera coz I realize I did perform more than one tawaf round the booth.

        (Hey EP1! aper pandang2?)

      4. No LV (yet)! manage to refrain the temptation. But I bought mak a Liz Claiborne handbag for her birthday (to match the purse that I her gave last month). Damage: Minimal. (Below pics: membuat lawak depan kedai LV-abg Joned hanya menggelakkan bila dapat mms ni)

      5. Buka puasa buffet.. turn down vendors' invitation.. ramadhan is family time & thanks to hubby for paying the iftar at Dewan Perdana Felda for parents & PIL (equivalant my budget to bibik one month salary). BTW I managed to organize 2 buka puasa at my place-love family gathering!

      6. Puasa- as usual, lembik as ever. Haziq was far better than mine, he hasn't missed a single day & has been performing his solat faithfully. Praise to the almighty and credit to the ustaz yang ajar ngaji for his advise to my son. Terima kasih to hubby for the daily puasa insentive to both of us.

      7. Abg Lan has left to middle east, alhamdulillah mak is beginning to accept the fact & we keep her occupied so that she doesn't think much. Thanks to notty nazurah for keeping her nenek 'busy' and kudos to the technology which enable mak to skype-ing with my brother.

      8. Alhamdulillah.. another achievement for hubby.. dapat jugak rasa tempiasnye *wink*wink*. (Congratulations dear, you lar husband paling charming dalam dunia..wohooo!!!)

      9. Finally, mendoakan semoga Ramadhan kali ini lebih menjadi baik dari tahun lepas & semoga dapat dipertemukan pada Ramadhan akan datang. Also prayer for all to accept my apology & ukhuwah serta hubungan persaudaraan yang lebih baik. Amin.

      Thursday, September 10, 2009


      1. Want to recap some sweet moments few weeks before Ramadhan, I bump into my ex-UUM mate.. one of the gathering is an accidental meeting with the Mia's. Yup! I was so terkejut beruk excited to see them (tapi kumpulan Mia ni cool ajer, tak nampak teruja pun). Imagine how big Pavi is and of all places we bump into each other is at Tepanyaki.

      2. Speaking of coincident, it was the moment that both Harrie & I were talking about Mr. Mia when he suddenly appear before us (Iffil/Sara : mail me if you wanna know what it is all about..) Had lunch Kak Lyn Sukma (ye, your 2nd LV memang cantik*jeles*) & later joined Niena & Liza.

      3. Anyway, love meeting you guys, though it wasn't a plan one (it was supposed to be their BFF meeting). And I swear it was the first time that I had to ponteng skip work in my 12th year career. Big credit to my team who never failed to cover amazed their 'kepala'.

      4. Had another ex-UUM gathering at KLCC. I must admit that I finally agreed with a friend who used to quote this 20 years ago; "..people changed Huslina!". I realized that I was a bit quiet that day, but Alin was even more silent than I do. Kesian kita, we were supposed to go for our melalak singing session.

      5. It's not that I don't love reunion; it's just that some things have changed. By the way I met another ex UUM in Sunway (I swear that I do remember their faces but I couldn't recall their names). Surprisingly they recognize me because I don't change (ehem!) except for the tudung.

      6. Speaking of tudung, there were one or two incident in both reunions touching the topic. (It's OK people...a good reminder for myself too) but my message to them; merokok merbahayakan kesihatan..I care for you all, babe!!.

      7. A cousin finally got engaged, alhamdulillah. And to date I was the 'cheapest' dowry/hantaran amongst the female cousins he he.. (Nonoi; jangan gelak!).

      8. All in all.. there are people that you can talk or do about anything in the world, this includes merapu-ing, bun hunting (I like!) , rapping, joget shuffle dan sebagainya..but there are people that you have to be mindful with. (Harrie; don't worry, you'll get used to it)

      9. Tapi kawan2 saya memang cun, maintain!!

      Note to myself: kembalilah ke pangkal jalan.

      Tuesday, September 08, 2009

      wordy wordy

      Have you ever surprised how sharp tongued can some people be? For those who knows me, ‘cursing’(or cakap melayu maki!) is one big pantang & truly a one trait that is a NO, NO compromise!. It is truly an ear sore upon hearing some people cursing others, be it the makcik nasi lemak raising her voice to her foreign assistance or some drivers raising their middle finger to the law breaker motorcyclist.

      I believe there are other alternative than having to said ba-alif-ba-ya or the big ‘F’ word . My favourite would be ba-wau-dal-wau-ha (yup, I spell them instead of saying “bodoh” out loud). "Bangang" is also in my vocabulary but me & hubby favourite terms would be K-H-E (my in law gonna kill me if they know the meaning, he he..)

      I pray that I don’t have to use/say any of the dirty words throughout my life. Well, I admit that I do use them for the Israelis Jew who continuously hurt the Palestinian people (they burnt the Palestinan dates farm ‘ladang kurma’ during this ramadhan, screw them!) Alhamdulillah, hubby share the same and I have never once hear any of those words from him.. (hopefully belakang pun tak ada lar)but he likes to say ‘bangang’ during his ‘handy-many’ or ‘bob the builder’ whenever the DIY project facing hiccups… (ha ha.. blame the manufacturer dear,.)

      I am writing this because I read a friends’ fb status which mention, that these people (sharp tongued) bearing invasion of poor character….
      BUT be mindful, cursing not necessarily put harm to others, there are also non harsh words which can emotionally cause stress to others i.e “ibu hitam!” (thank you sayang). Ini pun boleh mengugat emosi sekiranya seseorang itu wake up in the wrong side of the bed.

      I don’t see how cursing can satisfy one.
      Try this, so far it works…
      When a motorist speeded and you almost hit them;
      Instead of saying “woi, nak mampus ka??” say this instead;
      "Ya Allah, dia bawak laju sure dia tak tahan nak pergi toilet"

      When you heard rumors about you,
      Instead of publishing them in your blog (he he..) try this
      "Ooh, this people really care for me"

      When the boss raises his voice to you in front of the whole department,
      Instead of arguing back, tell yourself this
      Dia ni period kot” or if it still doesn’t work, go to the toilet and be a weepy baby
      Err.. this works for me everytime (proof: good bonus, good increment!)

      But my dear adik Nurul quite disagree with my above statement, she said "Kak Nana, instead of saying anything, you just pray to Allah swt for them to change, its for their own good anyway" (InsyaAllah dik!-I learn a lot from the juniors).

      You see, I have a great team members in the office. Words such as gemuk, panjang, botak, pekak, nyanyuk, pendek, kecik has become a daily vocab… Can you guess which one is being used to reflect the team leader? (well, they started it, I just follow them)

      Note: Yang baik datangnya dari ALLAH, yang buruk, salah dalam blog ini sesungguhnya atas kelemahan saya sendiri. Harap maafkan kesalahan saya.I didn’t say I am right or I never said that others are wrong. I make mistakes too, yup… lots of them.

      Mana dia..

      Mana anak ibu
      Yang sulung putih kulitnya itu
      Comel pipinya kulitnya gebu
      Sampai orang sangkakan ibu dulu pembantu

      Mana anak ibu
      Satu perempuan yang petahnya mulutnya
      Tak tahu duduk diam tingkah laku
      Jadi tunggang langgang rumah jadinya

      Mana anak ibu
      Si kecil bam bam pipinya itu
      Harinya penuh senyum selalu
      Manjanya dia terlebih-lebih

      Wahai anak-anak ibu
      Janganlah nakal janganlah sedih
      Ibu doakan bersama kasih
      Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh
      Solat jangan dilupa bila waktunya
      Agama jadikan pedoman
      Ilmu jadikan panduan
      InsyaAllah hidupmu dirahmati Tuhan

      Tuesday, August 18, 2009

      Same scenario, different time zone

      Pics taken during Raya 1982 @ 9 years old (Can you see my head behind Abg Lan, peeping out from the car?

      When I was 6
      MOM : Makan! Makan ! kalau tak makan nanti lambat besar (while chasing after me around the house, forcing me to eat)
      Now at 36!
      HUBBY: Woit! Hujan pun sudah berhenti lar.. tak habis2 makan lagi?

      When I was 6
      MOM : Cepat mandi! Nak masuk waktu maghrib nih..
      Now at 36
      BIBIK d MAID : Adik tak mandi petang yer (alamak!)

      When I was 6
      MOM : Baca buku, nanti cepat pandai
      Now at 36
      HUBBY : Stop reading lar wei, your kids are turning the house upside down

      When I was 6
      MOM : Makan nasi sampai habis..kalau tak nanti ayam mati (?)
      Now at 36
      ORANG2: Oit! Jangan la makan bagi habis, ingat la orang belakang..

      When I was 6
      MOM : Tu la tak mau makan pasai tu badan kurus
      Now at 36
      ORANG2 : Makan kuat tapi tak gemuk2!(*malu*)

      Thursday, August 13, 2009


      Just a little reminder that "September" is just round the corner (jika dipanjangkan umur, InshaAllah. What's special in Sept? I'am sure looking forward to this:-
      -Ramadhan (hope another record breaking puasa this year) & Raya!!!
      -write off another hutang (big one!)
      -Birthdays (mak & bapak, nieces, nephews)
      -and finally oooooh! ooooh!..... *wink*wink* (Hi babe: You look good in your Ed Hardy~bodek sikit)

      Kata Permata Hati

      Ustaz Asri Quote:-
      Sesuatu yang baik, belum tentu benar. Sesuatu yang benar, belum tentu baik. Sesuatu yang bagus, belum tentu berharga. Sesuatu yang berharga/berguna, belum tentu bagus.
      Fikiran yang terbuka dan mulut yang tertutup merupakan suatu kombinasi kebahagiaan.
      Semakin banyak Anda berbicara tentang diri sendiri, semakin banyak pula kemungkinan untuk Anda berbohong. Jika Anda tidak bisa menjadi orang pandai, jadilah orang yang baik.

      Note: Let us pray that we are included in the 'orang yang baik' circle, or at least working hard to be one. Al-fatihah untuk mereka yang telah pergi InsyaAllah semoga hari-hari mendatang kita akan jadi insan yang lebih BAIK. Amin

      Another passing

      I had an 'overwhelming' *sebak* on the 13th August…sebak for few reasons.. one of them, in grief upon hearing the passing of Ustaz Asri, the lead singer of the famous nasyid Rabbani. 8 years ago, while conceiving Haziq, I admire Ustaz Aqil sooooo… much that I own a collection of his CD’s . However after his official transformation to a commercial singing ustaz, I have turned to Ustaz Asri. (Still in disbelief of his demise) I am a fan of the series of dzikir in Astro Oasis channel which also aired Ustaz Asri. (He also contributed his poem in this channel-hope they will continue to aired this)

      Snippets from Ustaz Asri's blog:-
      Aku adalah pengejar syurga akhirat, bagiku dunia ini adalah tempat mempersiapkan segala sesuatu untuk meraih syurga akhirat; aku yakin bahawa syurga akhirat tidak akan pernah dapat aku raih kecuali aku boleh menikmati syurga dunia terlebih dahulu. Maka rumah dan keluargaku adalah syurga dunia paling indah buatku. Tempat kerja syurga dunia harianku. Tetangga, masyarakat,dan bangsa adalah syurga duniaku yang lebih luas. Ke manapun dan sampai bila-bila pun syurgaku selalu bersamaku

      August also mark the anniversary date of me covering my head (tudung). I pray that I will be a more faithful and proper hijab wearer despite the many obstacles that I had gone thru (tapi apalah sangat this obstacle banding dengan Aiesha di Germany). Family & friends: doakan saya yer..
      Honestly, I do feel out-of-place at times i.e when hangin out with fashionista fren, cousins, hubby's colleague? but hubby re-assured me that I look fine with my ‘comot’ tudung.
      To my friend Haryati, June & Hezi, congratulations dear on your new look. To Nonoi; I salute you for being more proper than this makcik. To Kak Niza & Aida; you started to wear tudung much later than I do but more proper & attractive tudung wearer (I admire your effort in the tudung business…, dakwah jugak tu!)

      P/s: I may be blogging LESS after this; one of the reason, because I have met up with boss yesterday & informed him that I don’t have work to do and secondly due to the revised proxy limitation settings that will be applied to office internet access.

      Sunday, August 09, 2009

      While they were sleeping

      I received an email from a friend last week (Thank you Nur Afizah!), honestly, it is the type that I would usually scan briefly before hitting “delete”. But this message, started with a simple question that caught my attention. “Have you ever watched your parents while they were asleep?”

      Coincidentally, a week before that mak also ask me similar to that..”..pernah tengok bapak waktu dia tidur? Kurus kan da tak macam dulu? Nampak sangat da tua..”. It’s easy to watch bapak sleep cause he at time takes nap in between his daily routine of picking up his grandchildren from school but mak hardly sleep during the day (nite? I'd normally dozed off before her).

      I like to watch my children while they are asleep. It’s like a therapy to me..very calming, very soothing, peaceful.., cuddly , sweet smelling & all of it but I don’t really watch my parents while they were sleeping… be it mak, the woman who takes care of my (& my children!) daily needs, constantly nagging (scolding?) for the name of love; or bapak; the man who works to ensure that his children get the best education and protect his grandchildren from being scold by their parents :)
      Nazurah at 2 months ~safe & sound

      Have you ever watch your fathers’ body that is once big (‘fleshy’ would be more suitable for bapak) but now the big is withered and weaker, grey hair covering his head…or how about our mother whose soft hands that used to cuddle us when we were a baby…now it is dry & rough bearing evidence that she faced just for us.

      Oohh..they have aged! and they are ageing just as much as I am ageing. Like the writer said “ I suppose that I have always subconsciously thought that my parents would always be with me, never growing old..”

      I am sharing this with you, especially those who still have their parents to remind our self to appreciate what we have now. (To my other half; honey, I do enjoy every snoring moment while you were sleeping… he he he)

      Doa for parents

      Allahummagfir lii dzunubi wali-waalidayya warham humma, kamaa rabbayaani shag-hiiraa

      O Lord, forgive me and my parents. O Lord, show mercy on them as they have nourished me when I was young.

      Maksudnya : Ya Allah! Ampunilah bagiku segala dosaku dan juga dosa dua ibu bapaku dan kasihanilah mereka keduanya sebagaimana mereka memelihara dan mendidikku di masa kecil.

      Thursday, August 06, 2009

      In a nut shell

      I could die watching the clock ticking (yang teramat lembab!) till it’s 5.45pm. Update: So far things are still in order.. Systems performing well. I need something to kill time!! Bengong la aku dok makan gaji buta hari-hari kat opis nih.

      Where to start?

      There’s 4 death cases yesterday, most of them came up with a statement “..ingatkan demam biasa..”. So I pray hard that the fever that we all are having is purely ordinary fever.

      Rock Kapak Konsert?
      Yes, this mother of three went to the concert at Bukit Kiara with other half for head bangin’. Thru out the concert, I only knew 2 songs and keep on saying “woi! Aku tak tau nyanyi lagu ni!”. And oh yes, I still have the energy to stand thru out the concert like old time sake.
      OOhhhh.. this has been haunting me day & nite. I still owe MARA about RM3K for the computer loan during uni days. They have been very nice to let me re-shedule the installment & even said something like this to hubby “ Encik hutang sikit pun sangat prihatin nak bayar, graduate yang pergi oversea hutang beratus ribu tak ambik berat langsung”. (Mine was converted to 100% scholarship.Thank you MARA!). Aper2 pun hutang mesti dibayar… (err, sorry to uncle Ithnin despite having to receive the statement to date-da anak 3 pun tak abis lagi).
      I was taking my wudu’ when a friend from behind cynically said "woi! Cepat la, solat lambat2, waktu dzohor da nak habis ni, ambik wudu lembab2 lak”. Everyone was looking at me & we laughed. To think of it, she has a point…So from now on (insyaAllah) I will avoid "sandwiching" the 2 prayers (dzuhur & Asar), be it at home or in the office.
      Or shall I put it overbudget? Yup, partly contributed by my lil' girl who broke her nenek’s glasses (cost me RM500!), the many simultaneous quit & assessment rent, Indah water and the b-u-d-u-h paid TV who increased the sports channel by RM12 (that has to be multiplied by 2 for me!). My phone went kaput-send for repair (duit gak tuh).

      I still think of sambal tempoyak and siput sedut @ rebung in Bangsar (yummy). No more Tony Romas, had enuff buffalos’ ribs (remember who had to pay RM600 at the restaurant? Hint!hint)!, Chilli’s fajitas-checked..Ikea’s meatballs? Loving it!! Laksa & rojak (I miss Penang!), Cendol also sudah. Must have before puasa :- coca steamboat, Kampachi @ Park Royal,
      What a craze?(One was asking ; ada cake in the oven eh? Gila! Hazim is only 5 months!)
      Slowly trying to adapt & love the place (except that we hardly go back). Number of break-ins also increase especially at our lane..Nah! this is the guy captured by CCTV (muka pecah rumah eeh?) Wonder what has he done with hubby's Tag collection :(.

      Still miss my old pearl grass…cant wait for the upcoming renovation schedule after raya.
      Hubby said no!no!no!.. H1N1 is unstoppable. The last thing to do is to visit the country with ba-alif-ba-ya as their makanan ruji (No HK!).

      Opportunity knocks.. About time to move on. The used-to-be boss PA (you know who) is not in talking term. Rule is simple, if you cant make use of em, leave em.
      Count down for abang Lan’s departure (ooh mak, jangan lah nangis). I hardly think of this, simply because I know nothing can stop them from leaving & dont think I am mentally prepared for this. Tapi heartbroken to hear mak weeping/crying after reciting Quran every morning..*sebak*
      Which mode?
      Have turn my pekak/silent mode again.

      Still hate the &%*@ Israelis who denied the Palestinian right to a homeland, labelled Palestinians as terrorists, massive attacks on Gaza , left the Palestinians helpless , incarcerated thousands of Palestinians in Israeli jails, and many, many more assaults and provocations. Screw them!!
      One karaoke session is due. Had a great outing with them last week (Miss u girls!)

      *argh*… this never failed to uplift my spirit…love my babies (bapak babies too). Never failed to amazed me.. my chubby son, my notty dotty & my bam-bam baby…I lurrvvv you.

      Alhamdulillah, syukur pada Allah for all the blessing.
      p/s : Hubby & I still have the thought of the 6 month old baby that we met at Gleneagles. Hope he is going to be OK..

      Tuesday, August 04, 2009


      A recent demise that involves many big names :- Michael Jackson, Yasmin Ahmad and the non stop article written about them has inspired me to write this. In relates to this, a friend fb status read “ what will happen to my children when I’m gone?” , got me thinking for a while. What will happen to me, my love ones & my children when it is due? I would normally have this feeling when the EDD (expected delivery date) is near…or while Im left alone in the labor room.

      The passing may be less painful and short for some (Subhanallah) , and for some can be in coma or bedridden for months.
      (I pray that I don’t have to be a burden to others during my sickness, )

      Who will take care of me if I’m incapable to take care of myself?
      Who will carry me to the bathroom if my legs can no longer support me?
      Who will read to me when my vision has gone impaired?
      Who will feed me when my hands are too weak to lift?
      Who will holler at me if my ears can no longer hear?

      Another thing that inspires me to write this:,
      I was carrying & trying to soothe Hazim at Gleneagles in one quiet corner (he has a very high fever) when I bump into a 6 month baby (who reminds me of Mariam..). He was brought by his aunt to GIMC to get a second opinion.. After a short chat with the aunt & nanny, I excuse myself & found myself standing facing the wall..~simply because I don’t want other people to see my teary eyes. Yes, I was almost in tears because I know I can never be as tough as them…(Sara & Iffil : Thank you for having Mariam)

      I am very lucky to have my hubby & family around me whenever my health is not at its best (sakit selalu-tu la, banyak dosa tuh!). It’s good to know that everytime I'm in labor (thru out all of them!) hubby always return to the room & said “ your abang2 is also waiting outside”. I know my children will be taken care of if I’m not around, InsyaAllah

      “Allah yang lebih mengetahui apa yang terbaik buat hambaNya…” I would like to seek an apology in advance from all..(Semoga ALlah swt mengampunkan dosa2 kita. InsyaAllah..Amin.)

      Pics from A blog written by a father on his son's passing. Very emotional, article & gambar2 yg sangat2 menyentuh emosi.

      British Overseas Citizen (BOC)

      Did you come across this in last week’s newspaper? This is about a group of Malaysian (or shall I call it ex-Malaysian?) who renounced their Malaysian nationality and claimed that they had acquired BOC status by virtue of being born in the two former British colonies before 1983 following an amendment to the British Nationality Act, which created a residual BOC category. Most of the BOCs are from Penang and Malacca who had been misled into giving up their Malaysian citizenship, but now find themselves stateless as they are not entitled to British nationality.

      What caught my attention was our Foreign Minister, Datuk Anifah statement “… renouncing their Malaysian citizenship did not mean they were “less patriotic” — as they could have been trying to find better jobs and better living condition for themselves and their children”

      I dare not say anything or have my one cent worth of advise publicly.. (Probably if I were in their shoe I’d do the same? Better jobs? Better living condition? At THIS moment, anything that involves distance apart a truly, No, No! But who knows I may have different mindset 2-3 years from now? By the way, Bibik2 Indonesia’s is totally a different case. Like Anifah said, despite Britain having more to offer, those who come home and see the durian trees would say — “thank God that I’m a Malaysian.”

      When the government of the little Emperor down south (the aka kiasu land) offers us the PR, it went directly to the dustbin..still remember my other half said something like "..Giler aper dia org ni?!)

      Apa-apa pun, we back in Malaysia are progressing ahead to support for 1Malaysia.. yup, I truly support anything that relates to unity as long as it does not require my involvement in the political world. Malaysia Boleh & Takbir!!!

      Hope that this BOC issue will end as a win-win situation..and especially tanpa menjejaskan nama Malaysia.
      and ooh, they have their own blog too:-

      Friday, July 31, 2009

      Drool baby, drool....!

      We just realize that Baby Hazim has started teething, itu pun after being told by the padetrician during the recent visit for his jab.. (and that explains all the drooling)...BUT wait,...

      he is not the only one drooling in the house..

      I thought I would never be bitten by the DSLR bug (bump into a lady with Canon EOS 450d tadi~pengaruh negatif nih!)or even a LV bagaholic (tu la, dulu dok kutuk2, la ni craving for one!)

      Arrghh..waduh, bisa gilak ni! total bummer...

      Note :
      ~Isn't the world would be nicer, the sun will shine brighter, if someone out there (hint!hint!) can come up with an installment plan for me?
      ~Is somebody's pocket going to be damaged/ripped off badly? Tungguuuuuu......!


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