Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mental development

2010 begins with hectic schedule.. Too hectic that even a visit to the loo is getting lesser. Hadoi, if it is gonna be like this all they way, I'm going to age faster than I should be.

Blogging put on hold but I still drop a line or two in fb.
Thanks to mobile technology (bb & 3gs to be exact), photos uploading made easy.

It's still a long way ahead. Still a law abiding citizen..
Praying for more good things to come, insyaAllah.
..and to continue to start each day by appreciating, being grateful to the Almighty swt for all the blessing.
Alhamdulillah... Thank you Yoi for reminding us to be thankful with what we have.

Friday, January 08, 2010

School Holiday Part 2

Haziq: Lets play riddle ibu! Dalam banyak2 jam, jam apa yang paling panjang?
Mom: dunno?
Haziq: jam- batan (jambatan)

Haziq: Jam yang bule sikat?
Mom: jam-bul *dalam hati: aik! Bukan aku ke yg bagi soalan ni dulu?*

Haziq: Jam yang paling busuk?
Mom: Jam-ban

Haziq: Jam yang bule makan?
Mom: Jam-bu

Haziq: Ok! Ok.. English version lak, what kind of die is shining?
Mom : (ape punye soklan ni?)..huh? I give up..
Haziq : Die-mond (diamond)

Haziq: Edible sand?
Mom: sandwich !

Haziq:*sulking* tak mau main lar..
Dad: ibu ni.. !Kan aritu da bgtau how to answer..

Thereafter, I either gave up or pretend not knowing the answer to the following riddle by Haziq seperti yang dijanji...
Q: Strongest black?
A: Black belt

Q: Talking black?
A: Blackberry

Q: Singing black?
A: Black eye pea (kang aku jawab black dog bone kang nangis plak)

Q: Delicious black?
A: Black forest

Q: Hardest black?
A: Black metal

Q: Hottest black?
A: Black pepper


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