Saturday, January 20, 2007

Salam Maal Hijrah 1428

Selamat Tahun Baru..
Semoga dilindungi Allah swt dunia & akhirat. Amin

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My soulmate is coming back

What do you call when a person has to loose his hefty income just to be with his wife and child(ren)? Itu lah namanya cinta....

Ayah finally tendered his resignation on his 1st year annivesary with CB singapore. Even the counter offer make me drool, his decision is final. Reason? To fullfil his promise which was made in 2005 that he'd return to accompany me should I get pregnant (after 6 mths? better late than never).

Welcome back love, (sure I'll miss those sweet, lovey dovey sms that I received daily when we were apart)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Walk the talk

It's time to receive the free diary again..the start of a new year is often a time for reflection and resolution. Time to re-visit unfullfilled promises made the previous year and time to make amends before these promises lapse into oblivion.

It has always been the same new year & maal hijrah list that I have been carrying since my childhood (in fact the piece of paper with the priority listing has turned yellowish to reflects how old it has been-it is too personal to share but covers life and hereafter).

To think of it, it is about time that I added the below to my list (last time does not apply maa....)
be a good wife (solehah) to my hubby
be a good mother (mithali) to my children
settle all the debts

A cute handwritten note on the footnote of the list caught my eyes, which sounded like this " Note to myself: Ingat Tuhan, ingat family, ingat diri, ingat mati"

By the way, my hubby reminded me to remove the "outside" M'sia holiday plan from our 2007 wish list, "there wont be any until our daughter reach at least 1 year old" he said..

Alhamdulillah, thank to Allah swt and all the well wishers. Life has been great. Syukur for the blessing. Lets make 2007 less about "us" but more about "others: :- the one in need, respect the older.

P/s : Honey, remember the silver RX8 that overtook us yesterday? hint hint..pls dont remove it from the wish list.


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