Monday, April 12, 2010

My girl is 3!

To the sweetest girl
In all of the land
May your birthday baby
Be happy & grand

Nazurah is the name we give
The name symbolizes a leader
You presence wash away all the grieve
And I know my love for you is forever

I am so thankful
To have a daughter like you
There’s no other in this world
That can fill your shoe

You are my caring & giving
You are a real joy to behold
Watching you as years pass
As your talents unfold

You leave memories & contentment
Throughout these years
As this quite often
Bring my happy tears

Praise Allah the almighty
I am grateful for my family
May our life be blessed eternally
And for all to live happily

Happy Birthday to my darling daughter Nazurah
Ibu & ayah love you so very much (same goes to the boys too!)
Terima kasih Tuhan swt for this wonderful life, alhamdulillah.


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