Sunday, October 08, 2006

CGG-Cover Girls Gemuk

Pada satu hari tiga orang pompuan (cun) go for bun hunting (something that they had been doing since college day"..their conversation goes like this...

Cun1: Nana tu pakai u-zap tak kurus pun
Cun2: Yer la, sama jer. makin buncit ada la.
Nana: Woi, org pregnant lar..

So my other 2 fren, you can have my title (DDG-Drop DeaD Gorgeous, CCG & ntah aper2 lagi yg korang selalu create). Well, dont forget that the handsome astronaut hunk story that I told you, it's true!

Photo taken few weeks before puasa, opening ceremony of Ariff's Boutique


My 5 year bubbly son is sooooo... talkative, you'll be amazed upon hearing his story telling, the exagerated version of Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood etc.

Dialogue 1
Haziq: What are you doing ibu?
Ibu: (Cooking) I'm cycling.
Haziq: No you are not, you are cooking. Ibu do you know that flour comes from wheat, do you know how to plant wheat?bla bla...
Ibu: Can you be quiet for a minute?
Haziq: Is it a minute yet?

Dialogue 2
Haziq: Do you know that Dora the explorer can speak spanish?
Ibu: No
Haziq: She can speak very well, you know, bla bla.. monkey in boots.. bla bla piglet..bla bla
Ibu: Tidur la Haziq...,please, ibu ngantuk ni, esok kerja..
Haziq:Abracadabra (pretending his finger like a magic stick), make my mommy awake, make her eyes open wide .
Ibu: Abracadabra!!Sleep!!

Dialogue 3
Haziq : Ibu do you know that cow milk can make ice creaam bla bla...harry & bucket of dinasour..bla bla
Man 1: Anak akak dari tadi tak berhenti2 cakap, dia tak penat ke?

Dialogue 4
Haziq : Ayah, ayah tau tak...spoiler, bla bla , modified, lepas tu kan..bla bla (for at least 10 mins non stop)..ayah dengar la ni!, I'm not finish yet...then the car has Nitrogen Oxide or people call it Nos, and then..bla bla
Ayah : Ibu, did you talk this much when you had him in your tummy?

Dialogue 5
Ayah: Haziq, do you know why kulit ibu tak putih macam kita?
Haziq: Why ayah?
Ayah: Because when she was small, dia main mercun das & it exploded while she was holding it.
Haziq: Was it painful ibu?

what a blessing.. (and thank you for the compliment ayah..)

Hot wheels

Few weeks before I found out that I 'm pregnant, we had an eye for a new toy...went for a test drive, but the plan was later scrap off since we had to put some saving for the new baby arrival...(insyaAllah)

So when my hubby ask me "ibu ngidam aper this time, steamboat, coca, siput sedut ?" I told him that I still have wet dreams about RX8, so that's when he spontaniously said "K-H-E!" (our decent version for "kepala hotak engkau", the gurau2 version lar).

Betul la, teringin ni, tak tipu.


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