Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another routine, another norms

There are things in life which are strange in the beginning before it become norms. For example, for the first 2 decade of my life, without failed, I have always been with my mother during Hari Raya morning.
This however changed as I entered marriage life. Even though my parents and my in-laws resident merely 15 minutes drive from one another, it still caused a great impact on the first time.
I cried like nobody's business in the surau near in-laws before Aidil fitri prayers during the inaugural raya morning without mak :(

As time flies, this has become a routine. I no longer miss mak's absence and mak too has forgotten about how it feels to have me during raya morning.
I am glad that mak now has others to accompany her to the mosque (i.e mua's sister in law, nieces) I, on the other hand is still incapable to attend the raya prayer since the 2 younger kiddies are still too little to 'behave' themselves in the surau.

I am grateful, and I thank my other half for never failed giving me the opportunity to join the annual raya visit routine with the Hosnih's clan. But the visiting group however has now become smaller .. first without my siblings (when come to their spouse's raya turn..) .then the cousins Nonoi and Titi-Puberty tore us apart, they too are in the same shoe, we are now belongs to another family name in-laws. This year group is without them & I miss having them for raya.

Marriage has made us prioritze things differently in life . We have additional role & responsibility towards our other half and in laws. But I have never forgotten about the good times I had with these two gorgeous lady.

The reason I am writing this is because there are posibilities of change to my routine again next year..and I embrace the change positively this round before it too become another norms.
Whatever the routine is going to be, I wish all the people I love are still with me.
Arent we all blessed? Thank you Almighy for having me in this wonderful journey called life.

To Nonoi & Titi. While we have additional role to play (wifey, daughter in law, mum)& mostly now celebrating the festive season & outings with our other half & in laws, let's remind each other (especially me, being the only girl) should we failed to continue performing our duty as a daughter. I truly miss spending time with both of you crazy cousins though...don't you guys ever leave me in your prayer ye...*sebak*

Friday, September 02, 2011

Eid mubarak

Aidilfitri...datang lagi

Day 11th of Ramadhan (alhamdulillah)..the raya preparation begins for some. I've decided it'll be more for the kids this round. 

After sahur bibik pointed out to me 'dik, semua orang ada benda baru untuk hari raya, adik enggak punya apa?'.. I know she wasn't referring to the Baju raya (coz ours has arrived all the way from Jakarta!) but she must be referring to my brother's, mum's  new sofa, new furniture, house repaint, additional units of air conditioned etc...

I wanted to respond to her but I realize that it wasn't necessary. I am just grateful that I still can afford to 'support' my commitments. Cukuplah... I don't have to sweat the small stuff, I don't intend to have open house pun..hihihi (so jangan tanya ye kawan2) Not in 3 years time agaknya. I have prioritize things and even the spoilt staircase fix (wooden panel badly damaged by termites attack) is not in my list.
Nanti lah dulu..

Wait. I sounded so 'emo' today.. ! Ramadhan can be quite an emotional moment.. And I think I know why.. Last ramadhan was a tough one for me.. Syukur alhamdulillah this year was much better (thank you Almighty swt for your blessing) when things are smooth sailing, I'll reminisce how I have survived the rough ride... there has ALWAYS been a silver lining for every dark clouds... It is so damn true. Terima kasih Tuhan... I know I don't deserve this.

I feel blessed this Ramadhan...I still have the people I love around me.. I still have my other half, parents, in laws, kids, brothers (except for Abg Lan in Saudi), nephews, nieces and all. And yes, if this is fated to be my last Ramadhan... Make it my best Ramadhan ever Ya Allah....

P/s bibik: saya tak pregnant la.

I miss you

Owh... How I miss you

I just miss
Having another heart beat inside of me
Another soul accompanying me
When I'm having sleepless night
Talking to you my little sweethearts

I just miss
Having tiny little one in my arms
I pledge to keep them safe from harm
The sweet smell of their ears
Which always bring me to tears

I just miss
Having my babies around me
As they have now grown up
Flawlessly cheer my day
My pillar of strength they are
In their very own way

I am grateful to you the Almighty
For blessing me with these wonderful babies
Every night and day I pray
For You to protect my babies
Bless them, Ya Allah..
Bless them all the way


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