Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Me, myself & I

I was cracking my head all week long, worrying & trying to figure out how to overcome my swiping-the-credit-card habit & reposition my "loans". MY debt is increasing (hope my hubby is not reading this). I was upset by this debt until I came across the news in the paper.

It's about a boy, who is earlier involved in an accident and broke both legs. His parents brought him to the local hospital for a follow up check. On their way back, they met with an accident and it took both mother and fathers' lives. He is only 10. Within seconds he has became an orphan, and he is not the only one...so does his 6 year old brother and one and a half year old baby sister. That was the moment I realized that my "debt" thingy is only a small 'ciku" matter..

Just when I thought that I'm in trouble, there are people out there who is more unfortunate than me. I must admit that at times I am being blinded by the dollars and cents. "Your Gucci & Ferragamo is enough to feed an orphanage home for a month", I was once told. (Teruknye aku ni..)

For those who watched "Bersamamu" on TV3 which aired every Wednesday at 9.30pm, it is really an eye opener. During the holy month of Ramadhan, I have decided that I will no longer go for the branded items (err..., fake one , maybe?), I want to be a good person & a role model to my children!

I reminisce the day in the 80's when the country was hit by inflation. Our family income was less than RM200. Me & my brothers were still attending school. (I still cry to think how difficult time was).I hope the unfortunate will end up like me & my brothers, we may not be millionaires, but to think of where we came from, with Gods willing, we are lucky, very lucky.

No matter how difficult times is, rest assured that Allah swt is always with us.
Salam Ramadhan


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