Thursday, January 17, 2008

We've got a new tenant


Pix : Atuk inspecting the house.

A year passes by

Salam Hijrah.
Time flies!!Haziq is in standard one (and NO, he is not attending private school like what most people would expect me to do and he is also attending the sekolah agama in the afternoon. And no way hubby going to let him attending chinese school lile the cousins.

Nazurah has four teeth now and attached like she is glued to me.

I have lost couple of kilo's (oh! hubby gained some)
And yes, I am still holding to my resolution on not purchasing my favourite Italiano's brand, Ferragamo or LV.

I have been busy, was day warded twice. Me & my 3 bros has always been occupied we went to genting for the magic show, organising bbq, sungai trip and just got back spending weekend in concorde (3 days 2 nite; 5 rooms, meals included, on ME!).

Oh, forgot to mentioned, me & hubby's handphone; N70, N95 & motorola 3G were submerged in the pool during the outing. How? the best word is "not our rezeki".

2007 was a great year, rain & shine at the same time.
Shine for the beautiful baby girl and health through out the year.
Rain when the tenant move out and the failure of settling off the debts(ouch!)

In a nut shell, has been GREAT!
May Allah swt bless us all eternally.


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