Friday, June 17, 2016

Home mum..Working mum

There were much debate about working mum vs home managers (my term to full time housewife).

Honestly, Both play an important role to the family institution. Whilst I don't deny the fact that home managers task are very taxing, tiring, non-glamourous nor fancy and no break in between, I stand corrected that working mum too has its own challenges.

Office is no playground to some. We struggle, we work our ass, we get bashing from the bosses, the client/users counter part. And at the same time we held a very big responsibility to the downlines reporting to us. We take care of their well being, their charity and support their career path.

Performing solat on time is almost impossible if you are not brave enough to excuse yourself and walk away from all the stressful (unnecessary) meetings. But I pledge that this is the utmost priority. Toilet break is cut to the shortest time possible. Lunch break? Its an indulgence to have an out of office lunch with friends. Well this may not be applicable to the government who enjoy a 2 hours break on Friday but this one hour is the most looking forward moment for someone like me. Hardly leave home from the office while the sun is still up. However, Having the kids welcoming me , hugging me after a long day is a BIG reward (thank you anak2 ibu).

I salute to those women who has raised the bar by excelling both in working & managing house chores without any assistant (aka bibik).

Regardless if you are working or stay home mum, it will still the same mum that the kids will look for.

.. Homework, mum
.. Jadual sekolah, mum
.. Anak demam, mum
.. PTA meeting, mum
.. Pensil hilang, mum
Last minute arts stuff for school, mum.

Let's not argue who is more challenging. Lets strive towards being a better mum to our kids. Focus on our children. No need to debate over petty issue.

Whether you're worried, stressed or hurting, turn to the Almighty with full conviction. Talk to Him. May Allah ease our woes & suffering.

There, I said it.

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